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Article Guidelines Update
« on: May 28, 2009, 01:00:03 AM »
I did another round of fleshing out the Article Guidelines. Take a peek! I updated the Fiction and Naming Conflicts sections. Feel free to make minor tweaks on wording, but if you'd like to make large changes, please post here prior to doing so, in order to get consensus.

Please note! What I've updated is not set in stone AT ALL, I was just fleshing out the parts that were missing, to get some groundwork to start this post. This is where you come in and agree or disagree, then we hash it out, then we do some more fleshing out or changing.

Please also note, Mission Architect content may or may not be moving off of the Portal at some point in the future. I simply included it at this time because this is the only place for multi-server content at the moment.

Previous discussion on the guidelines was located at paragonforums' Fan Content section, which is locked since moving over to this forum.
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