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Ascendant log
« on: November 20, 2012, 08:44:42 AM »
I left my toon vigiling in AP33 while I slept last night, and woke up to see I'd sorta achieved one of my all-time COH dreams, which was to be present for an Ascendant phone call.

(technically. I was logged in. IT COUNTS!)


Ascendant: Hi. Is this NC Soft?
Ascendant: Great. My name is Ascendant.
Ascendant: No, with an 'A'. D-A-N-T.
Ascendant: Great. Can I speak to whoever is in charge over there?
Ascendant: I don't understand... How can you not know who's in charge?
Ascendant: ((hold music))--and young and lovely, The girl from Ipanema goes walking, And when she--
Ascendant: Hello? Yes, I'm still here. Can I speak to--
Ascendant:((hold music))--But I watch her so sadly, how can I tell her I lov--
Ascendant: Hello?  Yes, I'm still here. I was trying to speak to--
Ascendant: ((hold music))--and tan, and young, and lovely, the girl fro--
Ascendant: Look, please stop putting me on hold.
Ascendant: Thank you. Alright, I just heard something about you shutting down the city?
Ascendant: Wait, that's true? How can you even do that? Are you supervillians or something?
Ascendant: Right... Ok... Sure...
Ascendant: What the hell is a 'realignment of company focus'?
Ascendant: Uh huh... I guess... right...
Ascendant: No, that still doesn't make any sense.
Ascendant: Look, let me explain something to you about this city's heroes.
Ascendant: We grew up in Paragon City.
Ascendant: We met our soul mates in Paragon City.
Ascendant: And one day, it's my hope--no, it's my belief-- that our children will have the fortune of growing up in Paragon City, too.
Ascendant: Like every other hero, I've spent every day of the past 8 years trying to save this city from disaster.
Ascendant: We stood up when the Rikti first invaded, and we've never stopped trying to fight for its survival.
Ascendant: Along the way, we've made friends that we'll value for a lifetime.
Ascendant: I've had the benefit of being a part of their lives, and the tremendous honor of of having them in my life.
Ascendant: Together, we've had spectacular adventures, and we've made amazing accomplishments.
Ascendant: We've inspired people to do good.
Ascendant: We've righted wrongs.
Ascendant: We've created charities and donated huge sums of money to sick children, brave soldiers, and victims of hunger.
Ascendant: But, most importantly, we've reminded people that when they look to the skies, they can always find hope.
Ascendant: I'll be damned if I'm going to let you take away the whole city.
Ascendant: To that end, I will make it my solem vow that I absolutely will not rest unt--
Ascendant: ...hello?
Ascendant: ...hello?
Ascendant: ...I can't believe he just hung up on me...
Ascendant: I mean, who even does that?
Ascendant: Who do you have to be to shut someone down just when they're getting to the good part?

Save City of Heroes: You'd have to be a very bad guy I would expect.
Ascendant: Yeah, you'd have to be something like the Grinch's role model or something.
Hour Thief: Ironic, how many villains could have been stopped if the hero just up and shot him while he was stuck in a monologue.
Save City of Heroes: That's silly. We all know that Monologue is the most powerful Hold power.
Ascendant: Well, sure, you could do that, but how will you find out all the details of their Evil Plan(tm)?
Hour Thief: Ideally, beforehand. It's much easier not to have to listen to him while strapped to a table with a laser pointed at your crotch that way.
Ascendant: Um... if you're strapped to a table with a laser pointed at your crotch, you're doing something wrong.
Save City of Heroes: It was all good until the laser.
Techno Babel: Actually, if you're strapped to a table with a laser pointed at your crotch, that simply means you're one daring escape away from beating the bad guy.
Save City of Heroes: .. or, seconds away from removing that embarassing tatoo.
Hour Thief: I'm going to guess Goldfinger wasn't the kind of philanthropist who'd remove embarrassing tattoos pro bono.
Techno Babel: But what if the embarassing tattoo is the very source of your super powers?
Ascendant: Look, the long and the short of it is what my Dad always told me: you don't have to outfight what you can outthink. Heck, I took down a Zeus Class Titan earlier today just by asking what's the proper syntax for reformmatting multilple Linux drives.
Save City of Heroes: 2 amazingly good points. Best reasons to avoid tables.
Hour Thief: You're preaching to the choir there, sir.
Save City of Heroes: Ah, the old Zeus Class Titan's famous fdisk bug.
Techno Babel: I think the malta call it the 'f this' bug
Ascendant: I know, right? But now my Tivo has a salvaged 27 TB disk drive.
Jarissa can't stay tonight
Ascendant: I can *almost* store all of the original run of Dark Shadows on it.
Save City of Heroes: My Tivo is demorecord.
Ascendant: Yeah, I'd go with that too, but it's my understanding that the service isn't availible everywhere in the city.
Kildare: Dang it, I see you all standing here.... once again I realize I'll miss this place
Save City of Heroes: We aren't going anywhere willingly.
Kildare nods
Save City of Heroes: Except the bathroom and too eat .... and the level up.
Kildare: lol
Save City of Heroes: Don't give up hope Kildare, but that dosen't mean we'll win.

Then there was a whole discussion about a potential new toon called Nervous Habit, but the discussion sort of went a bit sideways then, so I haven't pasted it here :)
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Re: Ascendant log
« Reply #1 on: November 20, 2012, 09:06:00 AM »
..Er..sorry. I meant to post this in General Discussion. That's what I get for boarding before having coffee.
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Re: Ascendant log
« Reply #2 on: November 20, 2012, 11:43:24 AM »
Ascendant is still made of win, I see. :)
We were heroes. We were villains. At the end of the world we all fought as one. It's what we did that defines us.
The end occurred pretty much as we predicted: all servers redlining until midnight... and then no servers to go around.

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Re: Ascendant log
« Reply #3 on: November 20, 2012, 11:54:19 AM »
I totally squee'd when I saw the log.  ;D
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Re: Ascendant log
« Reply #4 on: November 20, 2012, 07:31:47 PM »
HahahhahahhahhahhahahaAHAHAHAHAHAHAHahahahhaha*pthud* ow. *giggle*

This day started out really bad, this made it infinitely easier to deal with.

27TB hard drive *almost* being big enough for all the Dark Shadows run.

BWHAHAHAHAHAHHA! *pthud* owie. *Snerk*

Thank you Fi. ;]

2cp. ;]


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Re: Ascendant log
« Reply #5 on: November 20, 2012, 07:45:33 PM »
..Er..sorry. I meant to post this in General Discussion. That's what I get for boarding before having coffee.
Fixed!  :)
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Re: Ascendant log
« Reply #6 on: June 27, 2013, 12:33:04 AM »
Just fond this. I'm 'Save City of Heroes' in this conversation. It does go off the rails a bit right after this. RIP Ascendant/Tre Chipman.