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Title: Super Lady Girl
Post by: Xev on July 21, 2015, 05:52:55 AM
Lady Girl, she's the Wonder Girl. Super Lady Girl, she is awesome cool.

This would be the theme song for my oldest inherited dog, Lady. I have 3 and they all have their own theme songs.

Lady Girl could really use some good wishes at this time due to she has suddenly become a very sick girl. So if you have any to spare I would ask you pass them along to her directly via whatever power source you have available and I thank you very much in advance.  : )
Title: Re: Super Lady Girl
Post by: Xev on July 23, 2015, 07:31:58 PM
Every last day with Lady was the greatest gift I could ever ask for. I savored every one.

Title: Re: Super Lady Girl
Post by: Xev on July 23, 2015, 08:45:31 PM
Oops... pic.


Lady's on the right. The one smiling. This has been my wallpaper since I took the pic not long after moving here. It was a cold day and this place wasn't much shelter. The sun coming in the large window above was warm, blankies were set on snuggle. I think the smile was what inspired the pic.

We tried to weigh lady one time but the scale wouldn't register my and her weight together. I carry bags of soil that come up to my belly button over a half acre without a whole lot of trouble and I could barely lift Lady girl.

Lady was a World.. Class.. snuggler. We depended on her for it and she was the best at it.
Title: Re: Super Lady Girl
Post by: Atlantea on July 23, 2015, 09:15:58 PM
It's not clear in your posts whether your Lady Girl is sick but alive, terminally ill, or passed on. Either way, good wishes and prayers to you.

Dog and cat lovers all know (eventually) that we can't spend all our lives with our favorite pets. But on the positive side, they can spend all their lives with us.

If you stop to think about it, they are the perfect reminders that life has a time limit. Which makes it all the more precious. But love can and does last longer. To me it seems like the fairest trade anyone could ever get in this unfair world.

Title: Re: Super Lady Girl
Post by: healix on July 23, 2015, 09:42:21 PM
It sounds like Lady has gone over the Rainbow Bridge. What a wonderful thing, for her to have had the BEST home possible with love, spoiling, treats, fun and cuddling. Xev, you can have a lot of peace (along with wonderful memories) in your heart for giving Lady her great life.

Title: Re: Super Lady Girl
Post by: Brou on July 23, 2015, 11:05:22 PM

*sends hearts*
Title: Re: Super Lady Girl
Post by: Xev on July 24, 2015, 01:40:09 AM
Thank you very much everyone here. Any well wishes invested these past days were most definitely returned due to Lady and I had the best last few days together.

She didn't seem to have much pain. She got to share some last sunrise/sets outdoors (avoiding the heat) in a special place with my other 2 that she has gone through a lot with together before they landed with me and then they went through their share more with me. She got to see her son (I am 99.999% sure), Buddy, pictured to the left in the pic, chase a ball on those last days which is something I know she loved. We even got a very rare break in the extreme weather that is normal for this time of year.

We spent every possible moment together the last days, mostly with me fussing over her in some way or soothing her or making her view as best as possible or we just laid there together. Finally yesterday she let me finish nearly every chore I could think of to make the place nice and do everything to comfort and groom her. Moments later she laid in my arms as we snuggled up like was so familiar and she simply breathed slower until her last breath while she was cuddled in my arms, laid cheek to cheek, me soothing her, her being unbelievably brave for me one last time.

Lady Girl is an inspiration and one of my Supersuperheroes. I was going to say that Lady's presence is pretty strong everywhere today when I realized this is something that hasn't changed.

Title: Re: Super Lady Girl
Post by: Xev on July 24, 2015, 02:24:29 AM
For those wondering why in the world a private thing like this ends up where it did... Well, life's just funny that way sometimes.

To give you an idea - the only person that was there for me during this, and they really were I couldn't thank them enough, is someone who hasn't been in years, and today, Ladyday, I had to fight with that person as bad as I ever have right in the middle of my previous reply.

Plus we're all about superheroing here and Lady is one of my biggest ever. And I don't mean just literally.

Title: Re: Super Lady Girl
Post by: Kaos Arcanna on July 26, 2015, 09:01:58 PM
Sorry to hear of your loss, Xev.  :(

Lady sounds like she was a special dog.
Title: Re: Super Lady Girl
Post by: Xev on July 27, 2015, 02:07:36 AM
I've had some great dogs. Some Really great dogs. Lady has a quite a story. It includes probably saving my life, or at the very least making it a whole lot better, when I was house-sitting a vineyard (edit: and tending it, improving it, for a year) which is where I got her and my two others. I got so sick I was passing a lot of blood and it was a cold winter and we had no propane for heat. I just moved back here after most of my life being away and I didn't have anyone to call and was in the middle of nowhere, basically. My shivering was uncontrollable in bed at night and I was kinda wondering if this was gonna be it when lil ms. Lady and Buddy rolled upstairs and made a Xev sandwich. I warmed up in no time. Shivering gone, passed out asleep. They did this every night that they had to.

When the vineyard deal was over I got stiffed for payment and said fine, I'm taking the dogs and things, honestly, have only gone horrifically (this would be a good word) downhill since. Lady, the leader of the pack, has continued to be an inspiration.

Buddy, the dog I think is her son. never once in 5 years and I mean never ever ever once had a bad day ever. I never saw a dog that was ALWAYS happy. I mean Always.. I miss Lady a lot but almost even worse is seeing Buddy, who is normally attached to me at the hip, sad for the first time ever and all the time. I finally finally fiiiiinally figured out his secret.. Buddy was happy because I was keeping my part of the deal we all made and that was that we would all stick together no matter what. As long as Lady Girl was around, you could drop a Road Runner dimension full of anvils on Buddy's head and he'd shake it off, smiling.

To give you an idea of Lady's warming ability.. We get cold nights here sometimes even in the summer. The first night she was gone we went from 1 blanket (we never used more this summer) to 3.

I was gone from the States for 4 or so years and from here for lots more before that. Since I've been back here I spent ~ 5 out of 8 of those years almost exclusively (often struggling) with these 3 dogs and she was the leader and always nearby.

So yeah, I miss all my doggies and yeah, lady was/is special. She helped me out and taught me some lessons, like, the one Buddy knew and I thought I knew but I didn't *really* know... Ya know?

Thanks guys.
Title: Re: Super Lady Girl
Post by: Angel Phoenix77 on July 27, 2015, 03:27:07 PM
I know it is a bit late, been busy with classes. However, I am sorry for your loss pets are great company. And I know and understand how you feel when they go (sorry I cannot bring myself to say the d-word). I has a few dogs myself go 3 years ago in the span of 6 months. :(
Title: Re: Super Lady Girl
Post by: Xev on August 02, 2015, 08:07:20 PM
Late Thanks  : )

Sorry for your loss, too. If I lost all 3 this place would be a very empty place. I've been in a very unusual, in my experience, situation for some years now which includes being isolated from other people, here in the bush. I was always glad to have the dogs around but I never got how they help fill up this roofed box until the center of attention was gone.

It wiped me out when Lady got sick and it wiped me out when she was gone. Thanks everyone for the positivity. It might have even bought her another day. Ya never know. I know I was taking any well wishes I could get and appreciate the sympathy as well.
Title: Re: Super Lady Girl
Post by: Xev on January 16, 2018, 09:46:29 PM
If I lost all 3 this place would be a very empty place.

Buddy, the black dog in the above pic, got diagnosed with a massive amount of cancer today. They say I can have another few days with him and then he should be put to sleep.

I was just thinking recently how Buddy is my 'Familiar'. You know these? He goes everywhere with me. Always by my side. I mean always. He just wanted to go where I was going and things are always better with him near, we're inseparable.

Never saw Buddy angry, ever. He gets picked on by much smaller dogs and never fights back even though he could have easily defended himself. He never could get petted enough. Always gave up his meals to my girl dogs and took their scraps, whatever they left him (to my aggravation at times..). He used to be the fastest dog in the world. I saw him run up a steep hill once and jump over another dog who was in it's prime and running full steam and then he kept on running, leaving the other dog in the dust.

Always so Positive.. Always so happy.. Such a good and gentle soul. I used to tell him thanks all the time for teaching me how to be good. People, by nature, in my experience, sometimes are not so good. I know I'm no exception.

I love my boy as much as anyone could love anything. And I already miss him even though he's inches away from me right now. For the first time since I got him, I feel very alone. In this sad and lonely ass place.

Thanks for letting me share.

Title: Re: Super Lady Girl
Post by: Kaos Arcanna on January 21, 2018, 10:42:44 PM

Sorry for yoru loses, Xev.
Title: Re: Super Lady Girl
Post by: Xev on May 11, 2018, 01:33:23 AM
Well, thanks Kaos. Sheesh. It's been almost 4 months now already..

Buddy died the same night I wrote the above. I haven't been back here since. Not even to lurk. Nothing's been the same since that night. It did initiate a change in my thinking and my life. I've lost dogs before (and I've been married to a non-furry real girl and I've had loss before and I don't live in a plastic bubble) and I have been pretty close to them all and they all are special in their own way. I don't like to say that Buddy was more special than any of the others because they all were pretty good kids and all were special and had special things about them that none of the others had, and, I especially loved his mom, too. Buddy and I did have something extra special, though. And since he's been gone I can't say as I've had a single happy day or a single good night's sleep.

Me and Buddy and his Mom and Rainbow were on a journey together since the beginning, it felt like. We were all in it for a better life. Those dogs didn't have a very good home when I took them and neither did I and we all had a common goal to go somewhere better together and we were fam and I was driving and they were mostly happy but we never got there and now they're gone.

I still have Rainbow.. from the trio.. Rainbow was always kinda on the outside of the three. I didn't spend any less time on her, trying to figure out what makes her happy! All got equal luv.. Now she gets all the attention and everything else she could probably want, and... nothing's changed a bit for her. She's still happiest when she's off under a bush somewhere. I'm glad she's around, wherever she is.. Guaranteed she'll show up if there's a gunshot, thunder, or it's mealtime.

I've got an empty bed for the first time, since.. sheesh.. like over 20 years now. It took some getting used to! I'm still not used to it.

So anyway. Thanks Kaos. It was good to have a place to come to yell into the night. I hadn't remembered posting before he died I thought it was after. Posted right after I got the news how sick he was. I never knew! I never knew.. I took him on walks at sunup with Rainbow every single day, up a hill, and here and there and back again, since nearly a year, and we were always together otherwise, and I never knew he was sick until he couldn't breathe right and never got better.

Buddy was straight up the best example of what Good is. I honestly was constantly inspired by him and tried/try to live up to his standard. He set the bar about as high as it goes, I think. When it comes to just being.. good. I'd say I couldn't love him any more except that, when he was alive, I used to tell him I loved him more every day and I surely meant it.

Here's an updated pic with him being a goof with one of my mom's dogs, and, from the same day, Lady, who looks like she must have just woken up and is asking her dad to clean the sand out of her eyes. I've lost tons of pics and screenies to hard drive failures but I managed to find a few of the kids. At first that inserted pic of Lady kinda bugged me because it made me want to reach out and clean her eyes and then I kept it for the same reason. "Like a sack full of bowling balls, there goes Lady Girl". I used to always say that whenever she went barreling out the door and rumbling off the porch like a load of tumbled bricks. And, there's my Rainbow giving me the Herder's Eye. She used to like herding Buddy around and he didn't mind it one bit. I think a Mack truck wouldn't have been able to herd Lady. Lady is awake in that original pic, by the way, if I remember right. She barely has her eyes open before dozing off. And that is a genuine Lady smile. Not just convenient fur coloring.


Speaking of Rainbow as the outsider... in the original pic? Rainbow's in that one, too.. See that glob of black fur in the bottom right..? I looked at that wallpaper for years before I saw that.. : ) Her favorite body part, too. Her butt.. (that's based on which body part gets stuffed in my face most since she was a pup..) She would probably approve.

Thanks Kaos.