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Title: The THeM Story: part 1
Post by: Paragon Avenger on October 25, 2015, 02:51:23 AM
(I don't know nothing about the deal or the talks.  This is fiction.  I borrowed the names of certain well known things.  City of Titans could be any successor project.  Tommy B. is the CEO of that project.  ParagonSoft is the company that once owned City of Heroes.  BrassFox is a stand-in for IronWolf who kind of did get the wheels turning again.  I didn't want to name anyone directly because I haven't a clue what they did or what they might say.  This is fiction.)

He was a tall, slender man.  His jet black hair with gray temples betrayed his age, but made him look distinguished.  He sat behind his desk, studying the software guide.  He only had a few weeks to get the development wish list together.  They would be tele-workers, but for the staff, he had plans to use the 9th and 10th floors of the Witting Building.  His mind wandered to Atlas Park in Paragon City, RI.  He remembered flying around, meeting with crime contacts and beating the snot out of punks standing around up to no good.  Of course, Paragon City doesn’t actually exist.  PC is just a fictional place one can play a superhero game in.  City of Titans would have to rekindle those feeling.  This Crowd-Sourcing idea is brilliant.  It let’s the old community get involved while raising some needed cash.  Just then the door burst open.
“I tried to stop him, sir.”  Zoe his secretary said.  Zoe is very efficient and very well-organized.  He felt extremely lucky to have her.
“Look, Tommy.  We can not give up on City of Heroes.  We can not just write it off!”  The man known only as BrassFox demanded.
“It’s ok, Zoe.”  Tommy B. said.
“Ok, don’t forget about your 10 o’clock.”  Zoe said as she left the room and closed the door behind her.
“BrassFox, you so-and-so, I’ve given up twice on talks with ParagonSoft.  They just aren’t interested at the moment.”  Tommy B. said to BrassFox.
“It was our home.  It was our playground.  It was our treasure.”  BrassFox pleaded.
“Yup, it was.  City of Titans will have … “  Tommy B. started.
“Don’t you understand, with City of Heroes, we will have the part 1?  City of Titans can be part 2.”  BrassFox interrupted.
“I don’t know, it seems like a waste of money and time to try to go after the one that got away.”  Tommy B. mused.
“I’m not leaving without your firm commitment to take it to the next level.  Make a deal with ParagonSoft.”  BrassFox insisted.
“Let me think it over, right now I’m trying to decide between RealEngine© 2.5 and RealEngine© 3.0.”  Tommy B. answered.
“Go with 3, trust me it’s worth the price and they won’t come up with RealEngine© 4.0 for at least 3 years.”  BrassFox stated.
“Ok, ok, I know a guy who knows a guy, I’ll get back with you.”  Tommy B. said.
“Ok, the word of Tommy B. is good enough for me.”  BrassFox said.
The two men shook hands and BrassFox left his office.
“Darn that guy.  Now I got the bug to get that game back, too.”  Tommy B. muttered to himself.
He left for his 10 o’clock meeting across town.
Title: Re: The THeM Story: part 1
Post by: Paragon Avenger on October 28, 2015, 01:40:11 AM
“Mark, guess who I ran into yesterday.”  Tommy B. said over the phone.
“Matt ‘Positron’?”  Mark guessed.
“No.  BrassFox.”  Tommy B. replied.
“BrassFox?  What did he want?”  Mark asked.
“He wants me to get the gang together and try to buy City of Heroes.”  Tommy B. answered.
“What a doofus!”  Mark remarked.
“Hey!  The thing is, he has got me thinking that we might be able to pull it off.”  Tommy B. said.
“We’ve been down this road before.  ParagonSoft isn’t interested.”  Mark stated.
“Ah, but this time I have an Ace up my sleeve.”  Tommy B. responded.
“Oh yeah, what’s that?”  Mark asked.
“You.”  Tommy B. replied.
“Me?”  Mark asked.
“Yes, you.  You know the director of marketing for ParagonSoft.”  Tommy B. said.
“Well, ummm, I’ll ask, but I’m pretty sure that he doesn’t want his name known just yet.”  Mark said.
“Great, I also have Steve on board.  He has agreed to handle the travel arrangements.”  Tommy B. said.
“You say that it was BrassFox who got you turned on?”  Mark asked.
“Yeah, out of the blue, like.”  Tommy B. said.
“Darn that guy, now he has me thinking that we could pull this off.”  Mark said.
“Excellent.”  Tommy B. hung up the phone.
“Now where did I put that number, ah, here it is.”  Mark said to his self.  Mark was the director for new game development at Paragon Limited, the design house that had created City of Heroes before it was shuttered.
“Hello, George, this is Mark.”  Mark said into the phone after dialing the private number for the Director of Marketing for ParagonSoft.
“Mark, who?”  George, (not his real name), asked.
“Mark, you know, from Paragon Limited.  How have you been?”  Mark asked.
“Mark!  It has been too long.  Can you swing by the LA office, we can catch-up.”  George asked.
“Oh, you’re in the States?”  Mark asked.
“Oh yes, ParagonSoft has a new game coming out, Fart-Gunner, it’s a million dollar title.”  George exclaimed.
“Wait, a million dollars, is that all?”  Mark asked.
“It’s just an expression we use.  Honestly, who knows what will sell these days.  One month it’s zombies, the next it’s paramilitary.”  George complained.
“Or superheroes.”  Mark interjected.
“Superheroes, ha!  That’s so 2011 it’s laughable.”  George remarked.
“Listen, I know a group of guys who want to purchase City of Heroes.  You gotta help me get an in.”  Mark pleaded.
“City of Heroes, why on earth would you … I mean, I’ll see what I can do.  Meanwhile, drop by ParagonSoft in LA, we’ll do lunch.”  George promised.
“Thanks, George.”  Mark said hanging up the phone.


“I want the game back.”  BrassFox demanded.
“Yes, but it has been tried.  ParagonSoft just won’t budge.”  Mercedes Blake said.
“I went to Tommy, and got him fired up.”  BrassFox bragged.
“The Tommy B. of City of Titans, Tommy B?”  Mercedes Blake asked.
“The one and only.”  BrassFox smiled.
“Tell me, what did he say?”  Mercedes Blake asked.
“He said that he knows a guy who knows a guy.  This could be it.”  BrassFox said excitedly.
“Oh, I hope so.”  Mercedes Blake responded.
Title: Re: The THeM Story: part 1
Post by: Paragon Avenger on October 31, 2015, 07:13:31 AM
It was a nicely decorated meeting room.  The mahogany table sat in the middle of the space with twenty over-stuffed leather swivel chairs surrounding it.  At one end of the room was a projection screen.  The other end had a wet bar and a door to a wash room.
“Welcome partners, to the first meeting of the Purchase-The-IP-And-Engine-of-City-of-Heroes.”  Tommy B. stated.
“Tommy, thank you for putting this together.  If I may, I want to get right into it.”  Steve said.
“By all means.”  Tommy B. said.
“Ok, first, we need a better name for this group.”  Steve stated.
“Yes, I move that we use The Hail Mary Task Force, as in this is our last best shot at getting the game back.”  Mark said.
“Might I make a slight alteration, how about Taskforce Hail Mary?   It sounds better.”  Melissa said.
“That is a better name; I suggest that we use it.”  Doug said.
“Taskforce Hail Mary, any objections?  No, ok that’s the name.”  Tommy B. asked.
“Ok, I have news, ParagonSoft offered to sell an unnamed party the Intellectual Property ‘City of Heroes’ without the game engine.”  Mark stated.
“That’s funny, because I heard that ParagonSoft offered to sell the game engine without the IP to a different party.”  Doug said.
“That means that ParagonSoft is willing to sell, but not the whole thing to a potential competitor.”  Steve said.
“Yes, our plan is to purchase the game engine in maintenance mode and license the IP from ParagonSoft.”  Tommy B. said.
“Brilliant!”  Doug said.
“I don’t know about you, but I would rather license the IP from an independent third-party.  We want to be out from under ParagonSoft’s kill-switch.”  Melissa said.
“Here-here!”  Mark cheered.
“Well said.”  Doug agreed.
“That would be the optimal solution.”  Tommy B. stated.
“What about user accounts and player data?  Do we want those?  Are they going to be part of the deal?”  Steve asked.
“That is the icing on the cake.”  Melissa said.
“If we could get the game free and clear, even if everybody has to start all over would be loads better than what we have now.”  Mark said.
“Let’s focus on the game engine and IP for now.”  Tommy B. stated.
“Ok, let’s adjourn for lunch and meet back here at two.”  Steve suggested.
“Meeting adjourned.”  Tommy B. said.
Zoe was the first to leave the room to transcribe her notes.  Steve and Doug left together talking about the new Thai place down the street.  Mark and Tommy B. stayed behind discussing City of Titans.  Melissa left alone.
Title: Re: The THeM Story: part 1
Post by: Paragon Avenger on November 03, 2015, 03:44:36 AM
“What is this all about, Tommy?”  Fiona of Atlas Park Revival asked.
“Yeah, why have you asked us to meet you here?”  Dave from Heroes and Villains inquired.
“If this is some ploy to get us to quit our projects, forget it.”  Jack of Valance Online insisted.
“Business people, please.  Hear me out.  Then you can decide to what extent you want in.”  Tommy B. stated.
“Fine, what could it hurt?”  Jack replied.
“I don’t have time for another two-hour speak about pooling our resources; that train has sailed.”  Fiona said.  Fiona loved mixed metaphors and purposely botching clichés.
“I guess the best way to get this rolling is to just come out and say it.  We have put together a group to buy City of Heroes.”  Tommy B.
“And it failed, what else is new?”  Dave laughed.
“No, you don’t understand.  This is a new effort.”  Tommy B. explained.
“Ok, great, it’s a new effort.  How does it differ from all the previous efforts?”  Jack asked as he walked across the room to the wet bar.
“Listen Jack, Dave, Fiona, this is big.  We have two new approaches.”  Tommy B. exclaimed.
“What?”  Jack asked pausing making his bourbon and water on the rocks.
“First, we have a contact on the inside of ParagonSoft ...”  Tommy B. started.
“Not the accounting consulting firm again?”  Fiona pleaded.
“No, this time we have a high ranking executive in the marketing department.”  Tommy B. bragged.
“Ooooooooooo.”  Fiona replied.
“That is impressive, but you said ‘two new approaches’.  What’s the other?”  Dave questioned.
“ParagonSoft is unwilling to sell the whole game to a potential competitor.”  Tommy B. said.
“That’s what we have been trying to tell you.”  Jack said taking a sip of his drink.
“Yes, but we have decided to only buy a part of the game.”  Tommy B.
“Wow, that blows my mind.”  Jack said.
“Oh, I get it, buy the IP, and forget about the game engine.  That might work.”  Fiona said.
“Yes, that might, but we are going to buy the game engine and license the IP.”  Tommy B. said smugly.
“Wait, no, you see, that WILL stinkin’ work.”  Dave responded.
“Exactly.”  Tommy B. said.
“Ok, APR is on board, but we have always thought of ourselves as COH 1.5 as it were.  Does that fit into the plans?”  Fiona asked.
“Well, I will have to ask the other members of ‘Taskforce Hail Mary’ about that.”  Tommy B. name dropped.
“Taskforce Hail Mary?  What is that?”  Fiona asked.
“That’s what we call our group.  Catchy eh?”  Tommy B. replied.
“H&V is on-board as long as we can drop the ‘spiritual’ from our description as being the successor of COH.”  Dave stated.
“That’s the beauty of the whole thing.  We can all drop the ‘spiritual’ from ‘The Spiritual Successor to City of Heroes’.  Why have only one successor.”  Tommy B. said.
“Each of us is kind of going our own way with COH 2.0, this could work.”  Jack interjected.
“Does that mean that Valance Online is in?”  Tommy B. asked.
“You better believe it mister.”  Jack exclaimed and drained his drink with one big gulp.
Title: Re: The THeM Story: part 1
Post by: Paragon Avenger on November 03, 2015, 04:49:00 PM
"BrassFox, I just wanted to let you know that we have the successor projects on-board."  Tommy B. informed.
"That is great news."  BrassFox replied.
"My contact contacted his contact, and that seems to be moving forward."  Tommy B. added.
"I'm getting goosebumps."  BrassFox replied.
"We even have decided on a strategy to buy part of the game instead of the whole thing, and license the IP."  Tommy B. expounded.
"This just keeps getting better."  BrassFox exclaimed.
Title: Re: The THeM Story: part 1
Post by: Paragon Avenger on November 05, 2015, 05:17:09 AM
BrassFox misunderstands the positive messages and posts to the Titan Forums that the deal is weeks away.
"BrassFox, what were you thinking?"  Tommy B. scolded.
"What?"  BrassFox asked as the two conversed over the telephone.
"I was just keeping you informed."  Tommy B. said.
"Thank you."  BrassFox said not understanding what the problem might be.
"I read your post on the Titan Formun."  Tommy B.
"Great!  How did you like it?"  BrassFox asked.
"I hated it.  You expletive, we are not weeks from anything."  Tommy B. said trying to convey his anger.
"What, you said ... "  BrassFox replied.
"Look, you read far more into what I said.  We haven't even met with the ParagonSoft executives yet."  Tommy B. informed.
"Whoa, do I feel stupid right now."  BrassFox said.
"We want you to help the community by passing on information from time to time, but ... "  Tommy B. explained.
"I know, don't give timelines or false hopes.  I am sorry for the confusion I might have caused.  I'll post a retraction right away."  BrassFox said with his tail between his legs.
"Thank you."  Tommy B. replied.
Title: Re: The THeM Story: part 1
Post by: Paragon Avenger on November 06, 2015, 04:26:10 AM
“Nate, what do you want, why are you here?”  Tommy B. asked as he saw Nate Barns waiting in his waiting room.
“Tommy you old son of a gun, I heard about your efforts to purchase City of Heroes, and I want in.”  Nate said.
“Ain’t going to happen.”  Tommy B. said remembering last time Nate “helped”.  On December 7th of last year, he shouted at the ParagonSoft executives about Pearl Habor and how they were commies with unwed mothers.  He wasn’t going to let anything like that happen again.  This time they have a real shot.
“Just hear me out, please.”  Nate begged.
“Fine, come into my office.”  Tommy B. said feeling sorry for the guy, but his mind was made up.
The two men walked into Tommy’s office.  Tommy sat behind his desk and punched the intercom asking Zoe to not disturb them.  Nate cleared his throat, straightened his tie, regained his composure and sat in the chair in front of Tommy’s desk.
“Listen, Tommy.”  Nate said in a slightly lower bolder voice.  “You got to let me in on this.  I know City of Heroes inside out.”
“Nate, have you learned that ParagonSoft is ran by South Koreans, and not Japanese yet?”  Tommy B. said in a cold blunt voice.
“I admit that mistakes were made in the past.”  Nate said in his regular voice.  Returning to the affectation, he said, “But I assure you that I am ready for this new challenge.”
“Ok, prove it.”  Tommy B. stabbed.
“What how-how would I I prove it?”  Nate stuttered.
“First, stop talking like you’re an anchorman from the 1970’s.  It is getting on my nerves.”  Tommy B. replied.
“Sorry, Tommy.”  Nate said in his affectation.  Returning to his normal voice, “I mean, sorry, Tommy.  Is this better?”
“Loads better.”  Tommy B. said.
“Ok, some times I get carried away a little.”  Nate began.
“A little, ha, you told the vice president of accounting for ParagonSoft to commit hara-kiri.”  Tommy B. reminded.
“Ok, I admit it.  I have a problem with Asians.”  Nate admitted.
“Nate, in case you didn’t know, there will be Asians when we go to Korea to talk with ParagonSoft.”  Tommy B. stated.
“I know, I know.  Isn’t there some way that I can help; I really want the game back, too.”  Nate said.
“Nate, let me tell you something.  When I saw you sitting in my waiting room, I wanted to call security and have you tossed out onto the street.  When you started whining, I just wanted to get you in and out of here and be done with you.  But now, you actually admitted your problem.  You admitted that you are a begot or a racist, but you want to help.  I think we can find something for you to do that will keep you behind the scenes as far as the South Vietnamese of ParagonSoft are concerned.”  Tommy B. lectured.
“Oh thank you, Tommy.  I won’t let you down.”  Nate said excited while pumping Tommy’s arm.
“Great, great, but I’m warning you, one rice joke, one crack about eyeballs and you’re out on the street.  Got it?”  Tommy B. threatened.
“Yes, Tommy.”  Nate said.
The two men began going over the plans of Taskforce Hail Mary, and Nate’s role in it.
Title: Re: The THeM Story: part 1
Post by: Paragon Avenger on November 14, 2015, 07:05:37 AM
“Did you see this?”  BrassFox asked Tommy B.as he walked into his office.
“What is it now?”  Tommy B. asked frustrated with all these interruptions.
“Some nut case on MyFace posted that he is in contact with ParagonSoft and is about to close the deal to purchase the City of Heroes IP.”  BrassFox explained.
“Nut-bunnies!”  Tommy B. exclaimed.  (“Nut Bunnies was the exclamation Freakazoid used on his show, and well, I like it.  Thank you Paul Hairpiece, wherever you are.)
“This could blow our deal to pieces.  This looks like the kind of thing Nate could handle.”  Tommy B. continued.
“Nate?  Are you sure?  He has a thing about Asians.”  BrassFox stated.
“Is the MyFace poster an Asian?”  Tommy B. asked Knowingly.
“No, it’s that Steve H. guy from Paragon Polygon Ltd.”  BrassFox replied.
“So it doesn’t matter about Nate’s problem.”  Tommy B. stated.
“Oh, you are devious.”  BrassFox replied.
“I was wondering, are we prepared to answer support and development questions from ParagonSoft.  I’ve heard that they are sticklers for that sort of stuff.”  Tommy B. said changing the subject.
“I haven’t consider that.  I could get CodeWanderer and his team on that.”  BrassFox replied.
“Good, I think it’s time we started laying out our plans.”  Tommy B. said.
“Right, you’re always thinking two moves ahead.”  BrassFox said making a note about CodeWanderer.
“BrassFox, get me in touch with the Asian Liaison  from Paragon Limited.  What was his name, Kim Young, Kim Luk.”  Tommy B. ordered.
“Dum Luk.”  BrassFox replied.
“You are kidding.”  Tommy B. stated looking BrassFox in the eyes with his cold blue-gray stare.
“No joke.  The guy’s name really is Dum Luk.”  BrassFox said confidently.
“Ok.  That’s all I have for now.  BrassFox, I can’t thank you enough for the kick in the pants we all needed to give this one last, best try.”  Tommy B. stated.
“Glad to help.”  BrassFox said as the two men left for their lunch appointment across town.
Title: Re: The THeM Story: part 1
Post by: Paragon Avenger on November 16, 2015, 01:57:12 AM
“Oh hey, BrassFox, come in sit down.  Boy, am I glad to see you.”  CodeWanderer said as BrassFox walked into his studio.
“Hey, CodeWanderer, glad to see you too, what’s up?”  BrassFox asked as he found a chair and moved a stack of papers from it to the floor.
“I’ve been working on something, I call it HKON.”  CodeWanderer stated taking he seat behind his computer.
“Wow, what does it do?”  BrassFox asked.
“It let’s people login, build a CoX character and run it through Paragon City.  So far I have Skyway, Kings, and Talos in the game.”  CodeWanderer said.
“That’s great, but dude, you got to have Atlas.”  BrassFox said.
“Yeah, I know, but I can’t decide on the original or new AP.”  CodeWanderer admitted.
“Oh, go with the new one, make it pre-shut-down.”  BrassFox.
“Well, ok that is a good idea.”  CodeWanderer agreed.
“By the way, what does HKON mean?”  BrassFox asked.
“I just thought it sounded cool.”  CodeWanderer said.
“Can the players go to the tailor and change their costumes?”  BrassFox asked.
“They will be able to.”  CodeWanderer said trying to hide his blush of shame for not putting that feature into the game.
“Hey!  What if you called it Icon after the tailors in the game, it seems to be a costume generator anyway.  You can’t fight can you?”  BrassFox asked.
“No you can’t fight.  Icon, great name.  Thanks BrassFox.”  CodeWanderer replied.
“Now that I helped you, you have to help me.”  BrassFox stated.
“Ot-oh, ok, what is it?”  CodeWanderer asked.
“We are planning to purchase the IP for CoH, and …”  BrassFox began.
“And failed.  Been there, done that.”  CodeWanderer said.
“Hear me out.”  Brassfox pleaded.
“It’s over.  Move on.”  CodeWanderer said.
“You’re running the game on a private server, aren’t you?”  BrassFox accused.
“Now that would be illegal.”  CodeWanderer blushed.
“Anyway, we need plans for a support and maintenance team.”  BrassFox said.
“Why have a team without a game?”  CodeWanderer asked.
“Either you help Tommy B. and me or I tell you-know-who about your private server.”  BrassFox threatened.
“Ha!  Don’t make me laugh.”  CodeWanderer insisted.
“Ok, what is The Paragon Avenger’s phone number.”  BrassFox said as he pulled out his phone to look up PA’s contact information.
“Put that away, ok, I’ll do it.  I hate you, BrassFox.”  CodeWanderer stated.
“I get that a lot.”  BrassFox said as he stood up.
“Come back when you can stay longer, don’t hurry back.”  CodeWanderer gave BrassFox the bum’s rush.
“I’ll show myself out, outline in a week, full blown plans in 2.  tata.”  BrassFox said leaving CodeWanderer’s studio.
“Great, I now have to make the tailor shops work, mock-up the new Atlas, AND plan a support and maintenance system.”  CodeWanderer said to his self in frustration.
Title: Re: The THeM Story: part 1
Post by: Paragon Avenger on November 21, 2015, 07:46:54 AM
CodeWanderer released Icon 1.0 to much acclaim.
Instantly, the community asked for more features and changes.
CodeWanderer is considering a career change.
Title: Re: The THeM Story: part 1
Post by: Paragon Avenger on December 04, 2015, 02:18:16 AM
“No, you not understand!”  Dum Luk pleaded.
“Why can’t we just send him a polite email introducing ourselves and asking for a meeting?”  Tommy B. asked again.
“It is very, ummm, rude, to send email to someone that you not know.”  Dum Luk explained.
“Well, how do we get a meeting with him then?”  Steve inquired.
“You must be introduced by a partner you both know.”  Dum Luk said.
“But how do we get a mutual acquaintance?”  Doug asked.
“Oh, I get it.  We know the marketing guy.  He introduces us to some other guy and so on and so on.”  Tommy B. said.
“No, no, no.  You can’t just be introduced.  You must be, how do you say, lovers.”  Dum Luk said.
“What!?”  Steve shrieked.
“Wait a minute, Dum, do you mean romantic lovers?”  Doug asked.
“Sorry.  Not lovers, I mean close, together, chingu.”  Dum Luk stumbled.
“Chin goo?”  Steve asked befuddled.
“Let me ask GahGah©.”  Tommy B. said.
“Oh, good idea, that search engine has a translator.”  Doug said.
“Friend?  Do you mean ‘friend’, Dum?”  Tommy B. asked.
“Ah yes, ‘friend’.”  Dum Luk answered smiling.
“Man, that’s a relief.  My wife would kill me if I had to be the lover of some South Korean businessman.”  Steve admitted.
They all laughed.
“So, we need a plan of people to befriend to get to the guy we need to meet with.”  Doug summed-up.
“Get in-touch with that marketing guy, have him help us plan our friendships.”  Tommy B. ordered.
Title: Re: The THeM Story: part 1
Post by: Paragon Avenger on December 19, 2015, 03:07:30 AM
“We have to make it work!”  Tommy B. was adamant.  He wanted to jump through all the silly, stupid hoops to get the deal done.
“It doesn’t work that way.  This isn’t like buying a Chevy.”  George, not his real name, insisted.
“George, I like you.  You got style.  You allowed me to tour ParagonSoft, L.A.  You bought me a very nice lunch.  See, we’re friends, now introduce me to the next link in the chain.”  Tommy B. expounded.
“That won’t work with the South Koreans.  They would see right through you.”  George replied.
“Look, I don’t need a dozen Christmas cards from my new-found Korean friends, I just want to do business with them.”  Tommy B. said trying to not explode.
“I know that, but that is the way they do business.  They only do business with friends, and don’t worry about getting Christmas cards from them.”  George explained.
“So how does it work, what’s the secret?”  Tommy B. asked.
“You meet, you go out to lunch, you play golf, heck, you might even go to temple with them then you find out what they care about and help them with it then they will trust you.”  Georege described.
“I have over a dozen names here!”  Tommy B. shouted.
“Keep your voice down.”  George replied.
“Is everything already?”  The waitress asked overhearing Tommy.
“Yes, fine, I just got carried away.”  Tommy B. replied.
“What’s going on over here?”  The Maitre D asked after crossing the room when he heard Tommy shout.
“It’s ok, I’m ok now.  I just got a little excited.”  Tommy B. apologized.
“We have important people here trying to enjoy an agreeable meal.  One more out-burst and you’re out the door fella.”  The Maitre D threatened and turned and walked away.
“Is there anything else you need?”  The Waitress asked.
“Bring the check, thank you.”  George said.
“That guy isn’t getting a tip.”  Tommy B. said.
“You don’t tip the Maitre D.”  George said.
“Whatever.”  Tommy B. shrugged.
“Listen; over there you have to mind tradition.  It isn’t like here.  Over there you would have been tossed out on your rear.”  George explained.
“Ok, I'll take some etiquette lessons too.”  Tommy B. promised.
“Tommy, just plan on this taking a lot of time.  Remember, they are not a motivated seller.”  George said standing up from the table, dropping a hundred dollar bill on it.  “That should cover the meal and the tip, think about what I said.”  George continued as he left.
“Son of a Tabby!”  Tommy exclaimed thinking about the road ahead and forgotting where he was.
“Hey, I warned you!”  The Maitre D said charging the table.
“I’m just leaving.”  Tommy B. said standing up and walking towards the door.
Title: Re: The THeM Story: part 1
Post by: Paragon Avenger on December 28, 2015, 03:26:22 AM
“I want in.”  Mercedes Blake insisted.
“Ms. Blake, I love your books, but this is different.”  Tommy B. responded as the pair made their way into Tommy’s office.
“Great, always love to meet a fan, but you don’t understand.”  Mercedes continued.
“Oh, really?  Have a seat.  Beverage?”  Tommy B. offered the writer.
“Hot tea with lemon, if it isn’t much trouble.”  Mercedes replied.
“Hot tea with lemon, and a bucket of ice.”  Tommy B. said into his intercom.
“Look, I’ll cut right to it.  I know South Korean culture better than anyone here.  Remember my book, ‘Super Fire Dragon Gets Some Seoul’.”  Mercedes plugged her book.
“I loved that book.  Of course Super Fire Dragon is one of my favorite characters of yours.”  Tommy B. beamed.
“I spent two and a half years researching that book; it’s flawless with regard to South Korean culture and customs.”  Mercedes bragged.
“Wow, I always figured that you knocked back a few drinks and pounded away at your keyboard.  I never imagined research went into it.”  Tommy B. admitted.
“Yes, well …”  Mercedes started.
“Oh, I didn’t mean it that way.  I’m sure that there is a lot of work and skill and talent involved.”  Tommy interrupted.
“That is kind of you to say.  Truth is that some times alcohol can remove writer’s block, but most people would be amazed at the writing process.  Some times the words come quicker than I can type them, other times I have to re-write something multiple times to get it just right.”  Mercedes explained.
“Ok, you’ve made your point.  I just don’t understand how you would fit in to our attempt to buy City of Heroes.”  Tommy B. stated.
“I know a secret that can short-cut the meet and greet process.”  Mercedes Blake said with a tinkle in her eye.
“Here is the tea and ice, where should I set down the tray?”  Zoe asked as she entered Tommy’s office.
“Oh, thank you, yes just put it down over there.  Mercedes wants the tea, make me a bourbon on the rocks.”  Tommy B. ordered.
“Oh, look at the time, two-thirty, I’ll need to leave in a few minutes.”  Mercedes said being subtle about Tommy’s early drinking.
“Can’t you stay, have a drink with me.  You know what they say, ‘It’s five o’clock somewhere’.”  Tommy replied.
“I’m afraid that it’s too early for me.”  Mercedes stated.
“Well, as it turns out, George and Dum Luk have both told me that I need to make friends with every employee working for ParagonSoft before I can even talk to the guy I need to talk to about buying the game.”  Tommy B. expounded.
“I know Dum Luk, but who is this George?”  Mercedes asked.
“Oh, you wouldn’t know him.  He is in the Marketing department of ParagonSoft; George is not his real name.”  Tommy B. explained.
“You exaggerate about needing to befriend every employee at ParagonSoft.”  Mercedes asked.
“Caught me.  No, it’s more like a dozen names.”  Tommy B. shared.
“All you need is one guy to help shepherd you through the corporate maze of ParagonSoft.”  Mercedes said sipping her tea.
“Great, what’s his name?”  Tommy B. said suspicious of this trick.
“So am I in or not?”  Mercedes asked drinking her tea.
“Truth is, we need all the help we can get, you’re in.”  Tommy B. said standing up and sticking out his hand.
“Great, let’s get started.”  Mercedes said taking his hand and shaking it.
“What do you need, you know this is unpaid?”  Tommy B. asked sitting back down.
“Pish-posh.  To get City of Heroes back, I would gladly work for nothing, but I do need an office.  And get me in touch with Dum Luk, I’ve lost his number---new phone.”  Mercedes explained.
“I understand.”  Tommy B. replied.
Title: Re: The THeM Story: part 1
Post by: Paragon Avenger on January 08, 2016, 03:18:59 AM
“Ok, settle people.  Settle.”  Tommy B. ordered banging his gavel on the conference table.  The room quickly fell silent.
“I call to order the second meeting of the Taskforce Hail Mary team.”  Tommy B. continued.
“Mister Chairman.”  Melissa said as she rose.
“For what purpose does the gentlewoman rise?”  Tommy B. asked.
“I rise to introduce the newest member of our group, Mercedes Blake.”  Melissa stated.
They all applauded and Mercedes rose.
“Mercedes, do you want to comment?”  Tommy B. asked.
“Yes, thank you, Tommy.  I have been around City of Heroes even before ParagonSoft bought it from GameGrinderz.  Nobody wants this game back more than I.  And, with your help, we shall do just that.”  Mercedes said.
They all cheered.
“Let me catch-up the group.  We are in contact with an insider at ParagonSoft.  We have a plan to move forward with various strategies to meet with top ParagonSoft executives.  We are currently working on the proposal to buy the game engine and license the IP from a three-party.  We are working on the plans to travel to South Korea to meet face-to-face with ParagonSoft.”  Tommy B. explained.
“Question, do we know who to meet with?”  Brassfox asked.
“That is an excellent question.  We have developed a plan to meet with those people who can help us do business with ParagonSoft.”  Tommy added.
“Do we know how long all of this is going to take?”  Mark asked.
“Yes, we estimate that it will take two years tops.”  Tommy B. bluffed.  He really didn’t know how long it was going to take, and he held out hope for Mercedes plan to cut all that down to one person.
“What kind of funding do we have for this undertaking?”  Doug asked.
“Well, Doug, I thought you were going to write a check.”  Tommy B. joked.
They all laughed.
“Me, how ‘bout you pony up some dough?”  Doug countered.
They all laughed.
“Seriously, we have a crowd-sourcing project that has raised over $3 million.”  Tommy B. bragged.
“Impressive.”  Melissa exclaimed.
“What are the plans for operation and maintenance of the game, once we have it?”  Steve asked.
“We have CodeWanderer working on outlining those plans.  We will incorporate them into the proposal.”  Tommy B.replied.
“Wow, that sounds like everything is taken care of.”  Brassfox stated.
“I wish, we have several more loose ends to tie up.  Firstly, are we going to continue to develop CoX or just keep it in maintenance?”  Tommy B. asked.
“Also, have we determined profit sharing strategies.”  Melissa asked.
“We probably ought to have a charter for this body, and a partnership agreement for the operation of the game.”Mark stated.
“Yes, so far, this body and its members are indemnified in case of disaster, but we haven’t worked out the finer details.”  Tommy B. said.
“Who are we working with as far as legal representation is concerned?”  Mercedes asked.
“Good question.  The start-up and basics of this team were hammered out by my legal department.  However, to further insulate me and City of Titans, I have retained the law offices of Chris Jenkins and Associates.”  Tommy B. stated.
“I object.”  Steve barked.
“What?  Why?”  Tommy B. asked.
“Chris Jenkins is known as a less than honorable attorney.”  Steve replied.
They all laughed.
Title: Re: The THeM Story: part 1
Post by: Paragon Avenger on January 20, 2016, 02:14:54 AM
Sometimes it makes no sense.  Like the THeM were flying to the East, but traveling West.  If you go far enough, will you meet your self coming or going?  Anyway, they the THeM were headed for South Korea.  Home of the corporate Headquarters of ParagonSoft, L.L.C., Inc., a limited liability company.  ParagonSoft incorporated themselves as an LLC to avoid law suits claiming that prolonged exposure to their products cause carpol tunnel syndrome, poor eye-sight, muscle fatigue, obesity, over-drinking and broken keyboards.  Hard-core gamers know these risks and are more than willing to take a chance.  Causal players might actually get injured “grinding” these “games” so called.

None of THeM cared about the risks, they wanted their home back.  They wanted to run down the street of Kings’ Park and beat-up Hell-Tigers.  They wanted to do Task Missions with Negatron again.  They wanted to go to Tele-Corp and get transported to a distant place to battle the forms of low-light there.  They wanted to once again go into the solids and fight Trolls and Gnomes and other outcasts.  They wanted to fly like Superman across the skies of Steel Island.  They wanted to complete story-arc type mission chains from contacts like Bob and that other guy, with the thing.  In short, they wanted City of Heroes back.

Title: Re: The THeM Story: part 1
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“No I don’t have a stinking appointment!  I don’t need one!”  Victoria Victrix shouted as Zoe asked her repeatedly if she has an appointment.
“Ok, I’ll check.  Have a seat.”  Zoe said motioning for her to sit quietly in the waiting area.
“Screw this.”  Victoria Victrix said as she rushed past Zoe, Tommy B.’s secretary.
Zoe spun her desk chair around, stuck out a leg and reached for the stylish top VV was wearing.  Victoria was too quick and nible.  Victoria barged into Tommy’s office.
“Say, what is the meaning of this?”  Tommy asked startled by the intrusion.
“I tried to stop her.”  Zoe said.
“Tommy, you old so-and-so, it is so nice to see you.”  Victoria Victrix commented.
“It’s alright, Zoe.  Vic-Vic is welcome anytime.”  Tommy B. said.
“Ok”  Zoe said leaving the office and closing the door behind her.
“What brings you here, Vic-Vic?”  Tommy B. said.  Vic-Vic was he’s nickname for her.  They had gone to college together and were engaged for six long months, as Tommy puts it.  They remained friends despite their break-up.
“Well, I’m writing a romance novel about a group of people trying to get a big ugly corporation to sell an online game that they shut-down for no good reason.”  Vic-Vic stated.
“That does sound interesting.”  Tommy B. said.  Tommy is a huge fan of her writings.
“I understand that you and some of your friends are trying to purchase City of Heroes from ParagonSoft.”  Vic-Vic said.
“Now where did you hear such non-sense?”  Tommy B. asked.
“I have my sources.”  Vic-Vic laughed.
“Well even if that were true, what does it have to do with you?”  Tommy B. asked coyly.
“Still the same old Tommy.  Man, I need some inside juice.  The nuts and bolts of how you put the deal together.  Without that information, I would be like some clown writing fan fiction on a bulletin board.”  Vic-Vic admitted.
“Ok, I can help, but there is a lot of stuff that is confidential.”  Tommy B. said.  He could never resist a request from her.  That was one of the reasons they broke up.
“Cool.  Let’s blow this pop stand and have some fun, like old times.”  Vic-Vic suggested.
“I was just about to invite you to lunch with me.”  Tommy B. said.  And they left the building together.
Title: Re: The THeM Story: part 1
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“Aggelakis, what are you doing here?”  Tommy B. exclaimed as Aggelakis barged into his office chanting “Bob Dole”.
“As one of the Titan Moderators and an Elite Boss, I deserve to know what’s going on.”  Aggelakis said taking time to stop chanting.
“Whatever do you mean?  Nothing is going-on.”  Tommy B. reassured her.
“I heard BrassFox saying that there are renewed efforts to get City of Heroes back.  Is it true?”  Aggelakis asked.
“Yes, it is true.”  Tommy B. said solemnly.
“Great!  I want to be a part of it!”  Aggelakis shouted with enthusiasm.
.”You want to be a part of The THeM?”  Tommy B. asked surprised.
“The THeM?  That is the worst name I have ever heard in my entire life.  (Bob Dole).”  Aggelakis replied.
“Well we were going to name it ‘The Purchase-The-IP-And-Engine-of-City-of-Heroes’, but THeM has a ring to it.”  Tommy B, explained.
“How about calling it, ‘Task Force Hail Mary, TFHM’?”  Aggelakis suggested.
“Tafahama?  I hate it.”  Tommy B. replied.
“No, just say T-F-H-M.”  Aggelakis countered.
“No.”  Tommy B. stated.
“Bob Dole.”  Aggelakis replied.
“What?”  Tommy B. asked.
“Why?”  Aggelakis asked.
“T-F-H-M is too long and cumbersome.  While THeM rolls off the tongue.”  Tommy B. stated.
“But it’s wrong.”  Aggelakis insisted.
“The group has already voted.  They like THeM.  THeM it will be.”  Tommy B. angrily responded.
“Fine!  I don’t want to be part of such a lousy named group.”  Aggelakis stormed.
“Fine, good day.”  Tommy B. replied indignant.
“Good day!”  Aggelakis said and hurried out chanting “Bob Dole”.
Title: Re: The THeM Story: part 1
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Great, I screwewd up.
I have Tommy B. in two places at once, and I just now realized it.

"Oh Hi Oh"  Tommy B. said to one of the South Korean executives who greeted him at the airport.
"That's Japanese!"  The executive replied.
Title: Re: The THeM Story: part 1
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“Let me lay it on the line.  We want to purchase the intellectual property known as “City of Heroes”.”  Tommy B. stated.  He had used this strategy before.  By bluntly stating your intentions, you can gain the upper hand and perhaps control the conversation.
“I see.  That property was closed for sound business reasons.  We would suffer face by bringing it back.”  The South Korean Executive replied.  He didn’t like doing business with Americans.  Everything is hurry-hurry.  Often, the Americans try to get the upper hand and control the conversation.  He preferred dealing with Asian business leaders.  There is a mutual respect and courtesy that develops during negotiations.  The deal isn’t even that important.
“You don’t understand, we would bring the game back.  Your business decision to close the game stands.  You sell the game on.”  Mark added.
“Oh, I understand plenty.”  The South Korean Executive said growing angry.
“We are sorry.  My colleague used the wrong word.  Please accept my apology.”  Tommy B. pleaded.
“We shall consider this idea you have, but ParagonSoft must have protection, and rights.”  The South Korean Executive said.
“This meeting is over.”  Another South Korean Executive said in a stern voice.
All six South Korean executive stood up in union, bowed to Tommy B. and left the room in an orderly fashion.
“Nice going, Mark, calling the guy thick.”  Doug chided Mark.
“Me, what about Tommy, way to show weakness.”  Mark insulted.
“Fellas, stop this bickering.  Let’s review our strategy and regroup tomorrow.”  Tommy B. ordered.
Just then two security guards came in.
“Excuse, please, you go now.  Follow you.  You us.”  The security guard said in broken English.
“Here’s our ride.”  Doug said as they got up and walked to the door.
“We will be back.”  Tommy B. said to the guard as he passed.
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Tommy B. paced in their luxury hotel suite.
"Tommy, please lite someplace; you're driving me crazy."  Doug pleaded.
Tommy stopped and looked up like his train of thought had just been derailed.
"Sorry, I was just thinking about our last meeting with ParagonSoft."  Tommy B. replied.
"I know, I feel like we are walking on egg-shells."  Mark commented.
"You don't get to talk."  Doug scolded.
"Doug, Mark just used the wrong words to the wrong person at the wrong time."  Tommy B. explained.
"You don't understand; we're sunk."  Doug exclaimed.
"What do you mean, 'I don't understand'?"  Tommy B. feining being insulted.
"Tommy, be reasonable."  Doug replied.
"I was just showing you how easy it is to use the wrong words."  Tommy B. stated.
"Thanks, Tommy."  Doug snapped.
"Hey, I got a great idea."  Mark interjected.
"What?"  Tommy B. aksed.
"Let's go out on the town, shake things up a bit."  Mark suggested.
They grabbed they coats and left the hotel suite.
Title: Re: The THeM Story: part 1
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“Thank you for agreeing to meet with us again.”  Tommy B. said.
“We are honored by your continued interest in one of our titles.”  ParagonSoft Executive said.
“Have you had a chance to review our proposal?  I mean, I’m sure a busy executive, such as yourself, has a hectic schedule.” Mark said.
“Nice save.”  Doug whispered.
“Yes, we have all reviewed your proposal and have found it very well put together.”  ParagonSoft Executive said.
“We are most grateful for your high praise.”  Tommy B. replied.
“There is one issue, if I may suggest.”  Another ParagonSoft Executive said.
The first Paragon Executive scolded the second in Korean.
“Please accept our apologies, my junior assistant spoke out of turn.”  Paragon Executive said.
“If there are any issues, anything that makes you want to hesitate, please let us know.”  Tommy B. pleaded.
“This is not the time or the place for such things.”  ParagonSoft Executive answered.
“Can we please make an appointment to discuss a proper venue for detailing each issue that may or may not be in our proposal?”  Doug asked.
“Don’t be ridiculous.”  Paragon Executive scolded.
“Please, honorable executive, we must know how we can move forward.”  Tommy B. said.
The ParagonSoft executives bickered among themselves in Korean.
“We have decided that your offer in a serious offer.  You are not some frivolous gang.”  ParagonSoft Executive said.
“Your words are like honey to our ears, please continue.”  Tommy B. said.
“We require proof of developer viability to proceed with these talks.”  ParagonSoft Executive stated.
“Ok, what did you have in mind?”  Mark asked.
“We will provide you with a simple programming challenge that should tell us about the skill level of your development team.”  ParagonSoft Executive said.
“That sounds interesting.”  Tommy B. replied.
“We have experience, come on.  So sorry, I wasn’t thinking.”  Mark blurted out.
“Please excuse Mark, he is under a lot of stress, or he’s going to be.”  Doug interjected.
“You Americans amuse us.  We shall meet again and present the details of the challenge.”  ParagonSoft Executive said.
All the ParagonSoft executives stood up in unison and left the room.
Title: Re: The THeM Story: part 1
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Mark opened the hotel suite door, and entered the room.
Tommy B. and Doug were sitting in front of the TV arguing about what to watch.
“I am so excited.  The package from ParagonSoft arrived.”  Mark said, carrying the large manila envelop.
“Bring it over here; let’s open it.”  Doug ordered.
They sat around the kitchen table poring over the package of documents.
“There is a one hundred meter chain-link fence.  Every ten meters there must be a post.  How many posts will be needed?”  Tommy B. read.
“What kind of programming challenge is this?”  Doug asked.
“Listen to this one, ‘Using no more than three variables swop the values between variables A and B’.”  Mark read.
“There appears to be several college-level programming problems.”  Tommy B. stated.
“Here’s a doozy, ‘What is the correct jQuery syntax to make the background color of a label turn green when clicked on?’.”  Doug read.
“This is very nearly insulting.”  Tommy B. stormed.
“What are you going to do?”  Mark asked.
“They have us by the short hairs; I’m going to the hotel bar.”  Tommy B. snapped.
Tommy B. left the room.
“I’m fairly certain that I could answer all of these in a couple hours.”  Doug responded.
“Good, I’m going to the hotel bar.”  Mark shot back.
Mark left the room.
“Hey, wait for me.”  Doug said.
They all laughed.
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"Well, I answered all those tricky questions ParagonSoft sent us."  Doug stated.
"Good, knew you could."  Mark rejoined.
"But where does this leave us?"  Tommy B. asked.
"What do you mean."  Mark asked.
"We are here to buy a game."  Tommy B. replied.
"Yeah, we know."  Doug affirmed.
"How does answering a bunch of fool questions get us anywhere?"  Tommy B. asked.
The room was silent.  They pondered the events of the last several weeks.  they wanted the game back so much, they could taste it.  They wanted it back not for the glory if any and not even for the profits which there should be much more than any.  They wanted it back to run paper missions in Steel, to hold costume contests under the globe on Talos, to have all-nighters grinding through a work-force.  They wanted the game back to be heroes again!
Title: Re: The THeM Story: part 1
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He studied the papers delivered that morning with great interest.  He knew that ParagonSoft couldn't just license it's award-winning game to just anybody.  He had hoped against hope that his boss's boss's boss would reconsider, and relaunch the game.  He shudders every time he remembers that aweful day.  "We are going in a new direction."  The high-ups said.  That is always bizSpeak for "Sorry, you lose---haha!"  And now an outside group wants to license the game and take-on it's running and maintenance.  Basically, they want his old job.  The work they turned in is adequete, but how could he turn his baby over to ... THEM!
Title: Re: The THeM Story: part 1
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It was a cloudy day, gray and windy.  The off and on again rain showers depressed him even more than usual.  They had sent the proof of developer viability weeks ago, but still haven’t received a reply.

“Curse you, ParagonSoft!”  Tommy B. muttered out loud as he drained shot of bourbon.
“Tommy!  Ease up on that stuff.”  Doug advised.
“Listen, I know the game biz.  I helped get “Zork II: The Quest For Theopolilopes” launched.  And that was on 16-bit servers.  I designed the whole lore-story system in “Ghost Stalker Dungeon”.  I know.  I know we are being toyed with.  Lead around by our desire for the game.  And there ain’t a ghaw-dang thing we can do about it.”  Tommy complained.
“Getting hammered isn’t going to help.”  Mark interjected.
“Mark, you so-and-so, did I ever tell you how much I can’t stand your guts?”  Tommy B. replied.
“Tommy, you’re drunk.  I’m going out for a walk.”  Mark shot back.
“Sure leave, see what I care!”  Tommy B. shouted.
“Tommy, please settle-down before you do something you’ll regret tomorrow.”  Doug insisted.
“You’re right.”  Tommy B. said settling back into his chair.
“That’s better.”  Doug replied.
“You know it’s true.  There ain’t a ghaw-dang thing we can do about it.”  Tommy B. started to sob.
“Tommy, we will find a way.”  Doug responded.
“No, no!  It’s hopeless.  They ain’t gonna sell us the game.  We’re a bunch of losers.  Look at us, sitting around this hotel room getting drunk.”  Tommy B. fired-back.

The two men sat in the room quiet for several minutes.  Doug knew that Tommy needed to sleep it off, but that didn’t mean that he was entirely wrong.  They hadn’t heard anything from ParagonSoft, and this waiting was getting on everyone’s nerves.  Mark would frequently go for long walks.  One time Doug secretly followed him.  It was as he suspected.  The long walks ended abruptly in certain places where a man could buy anything as it were.  Whatever helps you to cope, Doug didn’t want to judge.

Doug has a wife waiting at home and sometimes he just wants to give up, go home and be done with it.   He knows that there are many people waiting for them to come home and proudly announce that they did it.  The specter of that success keeps him grounded.  Not only would he have the praise and gratitude of the player-base, but his beloved game back.  They just have to succeed.

“I need a drink.”  Tommy B. said standing up and falling back down.
“Tommy?”  Doug asked.
“Ha, bery funny.  Spinnin da room-a-round.”  Tommy B. slurred.
“Just sit there for a while; everything will be much better tomorrow.”  Doug remarked.
Tommy fell asleep.
“Thank ghawd.”  Doug replied.
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“Good Morning, Future Owners of City of Heroes.”  Tommy B. cheerfully intoned a he walked into the kitchen tying his tie.
“Future Owners of City?  Tommy, what have you heard?”  Mark asked.
“He couldn’t have heard anything, he just woke up.”  Doug interjected.
“Now fellas, don’t fight.”  Tommy B. answered.
“So why are you in such a goof mood this morning, Tommy?”  Mark asked.
“Well I’ll tell ya.  I have a good feeling about the deal.  Today they are going to send for us.”  Tommy B. said sitting at the table.
“Tommy, do you want rice oatmeal or rice cereal?”  Doug asked getting up the cook Tommy’s breakfast.
“Is there any rice bacon and eggs left?”  Tommy B. asked.
“Coming right up.”  Doug said, scooping steaming white rice into a bowl.

“We have got to go shopping today; we’ve run out of everything, but rice and now the rice is gone.”  Mark complained.
“We can’t go out shopping, thanks, Doug; we have to wait here by the phone.”  Tommy B. replied.
“Well, why don’t we call them?”  Mark asked.
“We are the THeM, remember?”  Doug countered.
“No, silly.  I mean, let’s call ParagonSoft.”
“Mark, we agreed to let the executives make the first move.”  Tommy B. stated.
“It has been four months; it’s time we made a move.”  Mark demanded.
“Oh, speaking of that, I got to use the little negotiators room, be right back.”  Doug said and hurried out of the kitchen.

“You know, now that I think of it, it wouldn’t do our case in harm to ask if they were impressed with our proof of developer viability.”  Tommy B. said finishing his bowl of rice.
“We could even present other examples of our development team’s expertise.”  Mark exclaimed.
“Make a shopping list, ‘cause we’re going to town.”  Tommy B. bubbled.
They all laughed.
Title: Re: The THeM Story: part 1
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"As you can see, those mare-a-cans answered every question, as westerns would." Executive 1 said
"I see, this means that the Korean culutre of the game would be lost." Executive 2 replied
"That would be most unfortunate."  Executive 3 stated
"You fail to see things clearly."  Top-Executive said
"Oh, master, we are so sorry."  executive 1 said
"Yes, you don't understand.  City of Heroes is set in the West." Top-Executive explained
"Maybe these westerners might have a better understanding of the West than we."  Executive 3 said
"Yes, but Mare-a-cans, they are so un ancient." Executive 2 remarked.
They all laughed.
Title: Re: The THeM Story: part 1
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“There is still no answer.”
“Keep trying.”  Top Executive ordered.
“Begging your pardon most wise and honorable sir, but maybe the THeM returned to their homeland.”  Executive 3 said.
“It is very possible that the THeM simply gave up.”  Executive 1 said.
“Silence!”  Top Executive demanded.
“Forgive us, master.”  Executives 1, 2 and 3 said.
“Those mare-a-cans seemed determined.  That Western stick-to-it-a-tive-ness that we find so distasteful.”
“Of course, most honorable sir.”  Executive 2 said.
“Then again, they are easily discouraged.  They might decide that a task is too difficult and just gave-up.”  Top Executive mused.
“You have unequaled knowledge of Western ways, sir.”  Executive 3 said.

“Might I propose another scenario?”  Executive 2 asked.
“We shall consider all alternatives.”  Top Executive replied.
“Most honorable, sir, maybe the THeM are playing hard-to-get, and trying to change the terms of the deal in the THeM’s favor.”  Executive 2 explained.
“I said that we shall consider all alternatives, but not foolishness.”  Top Executive shot back.
They all laughed.
Title: Re: The THeM Story: part 1
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"Most honorable, master.  I have shamed myself and all my ancestors"  Executive 1 admitted.
"Please, explain."  Top Executive ordered.
"I have been dialing the incorrect number."
"You fool!  You are now Executive 9, and Executive 2 is now number 1 executive.  Executive 3 stays where he is."
"Ah shucks."  Executive 3 muttered.
They all laughed.