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Title: Qikti Warzone
Post by: Xev on October 28, 2016, 02:13:06 AM
Soooo, my thumb's mind has been blown trying to wrap itself around its first new mouse since CoH.

Ended up taking it to Qikti Warzone (NttG Purple Andrith) for more advanced practice (I'm still fumbling) and ended up doing 3 dailies. This resulted in Her....mes rec that can be spent at a vendor for completely unimpressive consumables.

Wait, no, I did Two QWZ dailies. I can't finish the 3rd due to all the Kidnapped Humans ..... have been kidnapped. None in sight and I'm the only one in zone since some time now.

Am I missing something with the Hermes rec or is that one vendor there at the entrance the only one? What's the deal with all the kidnapped humans disappearing as silently as Crippling Challenge? Did I read something in Zone about being able to get Gold rec in QWZ via solo (Rec: 2 ...) mishes or was that wishful thinking?


All I had to do was post and voila, a Kidnapped Human appeared!
Title: Re: Qikti Warzone
Post by: Xev on October 28, 2016, 07:58:26 PM
Just in case anyone is keeping score...

I've been more trying to get my mouse hand unconfused than anything else. New thumbies after so long being used to something else is really, really disorienting. They are kinda small, too.. I totally prefer the thin, long, easy to find, thumb buttons over small, boxy ones. And they're kinda crammed together like a cellphone so misfires seem to be a lot easier. I've been using QWZ to practice in for some sadistic reason I don't even know. It a little bit feels like starting the game over again.


You don't find Kidnapped Humans just laying on the ground, writhing, 'Help'. Those are for something else.

Kidnapped Humans are up a ramp and in an upright red chamber and won't appear until you click their hip-level glowie panel that is up said ramp and surrounded by mobs.

Stay vigilant for summoned pink fingers of death - even after a fight. They have OP damage and appear as silent as a ninja. I often notice them behind me as I'm casually looting and thinking "hey, why is my screen flashing red?".
Title: Re: Qikti Warzone
Post by: Xev on October 29, 2016, 12:02:02 AM
Juuuuuust to update the score.

Yes there is Gold Rec..

I had to complete X amount of mishes (3?) and then I got a slue of new mishes and in them was a chance for Gold Rec (5?) for doing further (5?) QWZ mishes.

So, there is a way to farm Gold rec Solo now it is just very, very, slow. I'm doing it because .... why not? I have enough Z... Q.... G's... or, at least, stuff I would buy with those currencies, and, tons of Silver rec.

Getting Her...mes can be useful for getting devices for finishing QWZ dailies. Grab the flavor that gives resistance to the mob giving you trouble and go. I used one like a get out of jail free card on a mish that had my glowie being bombarded by bad guys nonstop.
Title: Re: Qikti Warzone
Post by: Xev on October 29, 2016, 05:23:07 PM
I have to wonder if this zone is trivial for a well geared Vehicle. If that is so then that would be highly disappointing. I can still blame my new mouse for ALL faceplants (hehe) but even so, this is not an easy zone with my ranged dps builds. So, if a vehicle can just plow through, here, that would be disappointing.

I wouldn't know due to everyone is at Blood Moon - there is literally never a single person in QWZ except on rare occasion. There were 5 instances of MC packed so full you couldn't change instances the last time I checked, so, people are playing, just not here.

Which has been pretty great because I have faceplanted tons and in real fumbly ways so it was nice to do that in private.

Something else! IF the zone is not trivial for a vehicle.. why not up the loot some, huh? The loot is utter Cra. It's average. The Zone, is not average. Why not toss in an extra chance for level 5 mods or Something. Sheesh. Tightwads.. Seriously. ---- I'm just used to ...... Risk Vs. Reward. Tougher mobs tending to drop nicer stuff. I have a hard time to stand by my statement that they're tightwads when there is so much vendor loot to sift through right now and hey, I'm playing on a FREE account.. So yeah, I take that back.. I just miss the old ways sometimes. When beating a tough mob could give me instant gratification and when I spent a whole day in a zone full of tough mobs, I walked away with some decent coin and stuff in my bags.

The zone is kinda growing on me. Oddly. Maybe because I have it all to myself *jinx*.

Title: Re: Qikti Warzone
Post by: Xev on October 29, 2016, 09:46:36 PM
Gold rec...

I've been doing dailies because they are there and I am there, but, for mouse practice. Now I'm trying to figure out the Gold Rec situation..

It looks like there is a daily (Nightwatch) that has to be ran 5 times to get 5 Gold Rec. Meaning: you can get 1 Gold rec per day, max.

It's better than nothing but when single purchases can be 200+ Gold Rec..


Title: Re: Qikti Warzone
Post by: Xev on October 30, 2016, 02:39:49 PM
You have to be Fred Astaire to travel on foot here and especially to kite this place. The agro range here is thankfully small, but, mobs of mobs are packed so tight together that if you want to kite you really have to watch where you're going. Especially if you're running around with, oh, say, 8k hps.

Speaking of agro... Agro here is kinda interesting. Mobs don't always reset after you take 10-20 steps. If you work it right (or wrong) they will follow you halfway across the map. Kinda unusual for post EverQuest games.

This place has always felt more like Dark Astoria to me than RWZ. I hope I'm either wrong about the 1 Gold rec per day per average thing or that it gets changed. 750 days (assuming you don't miss any dailies!) for 3 pieces of primary gear seems like a pretty long wait to me even for doing things the mish way vs. epic fight way. Then there's another year's wait for Secondary gear... Mods..

Title: Re: Qikti Warzone
Post by: Xev on October 30, 2016, 11:09:56 PM
Annnd I have successfully broken Nightwatch. "Unresolvable mission". "Bags Full", when I try to turn it in.

Then I decide to go spend some Hermes and I get healing patches that won't equip. "Requirement None(1)"


I dunno about the Hermes patch, but, the Bags Full thing turned out to be due to I had Boxes (not Crates) of Q in my inventory - didn't matter what bag they were in or where in the bag they were and I didn't have this happen yesterday. Probably no one will have this problem.... but there ya go.

Title: Re: Qikti Warzone
Post by: Xev on October 31, 2016, 06:20:13 AM
I ended up enjoying myself here when I didn't think I was even going to enjoy playing the game. I like the Nighwatch mishes, how they overlap when I have a bunch of them, and figuring out how to take those spawn points..

Having relevant loot helps a lot to justify the extra effort of doing the mishes here but it is barely relevant due to the low cap, ya know?

If there was just some way to up the Gold rec cap from 1 per day by doing mishes that are like Nightwatch.. That would be really great. Making Hermes rec more exciting couldn't hurt either.

Title: Re: Qikti Warzone
Post by: Xev on October 31, 2016, 05:15:17 PM
Hi, welcome to Xev's ongoing commentary on QWZ.

When my Q boxes were causing loot problems with one of my toons is when a stealth patch occurred in QWZ. Before, a QWZ Daily would instantly give Nightwatch credit on completion - assuming Nightwatch was up. Now, you have to go back to your contact and speak with them, like normal, before you get mish completion credit, and, Nightwatch credit.

They did this due to reasons you may already be able to guess.

Before, you could finish your auto-turning-in QWZ Daily mish before the Nightwatch Daily re-popped and so mishes were auto-turning into ... the air whenever someone completed a QWZ daily before Nightwatch repopped. How do I know this...? First hand, of course. Also, QWZ Dailies are on a timer, and they're finite, and you need 5 to do your Nightwatch Daily.

Anyway.. You now have to turn QWZ Dailies back in to your contact get completion credit for them. Like before, you have to have 5 turned in to get 1 notch in Nightwatch and you have to have 5 notches in Nightwatch to get 5 Gold rec. And I think there is also Silver rec.. and some Q... and Her...mes.

I would never leave this zone if they could keep rewarding me for staying. I already never leave this zone.
Title: Re: Qikti Warzone
Post by: crashpositron on October 31, 2016, 05:36:24 PM
(Champions) REALLY ?! Qikti Warzone instead of Rikti War Zone? Does this imply they invaded before the Rikti ?!
Title: Re: Qikti Warzone
Post by: Xev on October 31, 2016, 05:45:52 PM
I haven't been in the zone long enough to learn how to spell it correctly... Qilinilisnuffulupugus Warzone or such. It starts with a Q and ends in Warzone... Now I just call it QWZ.


Hey, I just realized I can bank my QWZ completed mishes for Nightwatch credit, now. For example, I have a toon that has like 10 QWZ Dailies stacked up right now. I could run them all, turn in 5 today for Nightwatch credit, and have 5 to turn in for tomorrow without running a single QWZ mish tomorrow.

It's a step in the right direction.....  I may not be able to run Any dailies tomorrow but I should be able to run like 50 today.. Basically exactly the kind of thing I was asking for. Give me more to do when I'm here and I'll gladly stay.

Still, 1 Gold Rec a Day... oi...
Title: Re: Qikti Warzone
Post by: Xev on November 02, 2016, 09:25:46 PM
In conclusion, I will be giving this zone a thumbs up.

I don't know what the future will bring but I've already had fun trying to figure out some new (Pink Fingers of Death....Energy Sucking Annihilator Bots...Supply Crate Glowies with never-ending waves of Brutes and Friends - and MY friends are like Paper.. Jump through the door like you're going for Dark Speed..) fights, and, running around in a whole new all-Purple Zone.

The Gold Rec is kinda a tease at the trickle it flows doing "Nightwatch/The Lonnnnnnnnnnnnng War" but it's flowing more than it did when I logged on last, so, there's that. fwiw.

If you're into Silver Rec or Hermes this is a decent place to get them. I didn't do the math on running QWZ Dailies but I bet if you time it right you can run like 15 in a day. Which = 45 Silver rec + a few more from Nightwatch. fwiw. There's Boxes of Q which almost Alllllways = 200Q, for me. And a bunch of Hermes.

Title: Re: Qikti Warzone
Post by: Xev on November 03, 2016, 02:19:13 PM
Just for the record.. The non-usable loot was removed from the Hermes vendor. I lost 60 Hermes to this. *shrug*

The mishes can be a lil buggy, too. Portal Engineers will not always give up Portal Codes and the souls that Soul Torturers are torturing can be a torture to release due to sometimes you won't find the exact right spot to stand in before there's a respawn.

Oh and I get spammed now whenever I zone with one of my toons with something like "You can't loot this you already have one".

No biggies but there ya go. I enjoyed playtesting this zone!  hehe


Graphics Note:
Somehow, "Post Processing" got turned on in my video options. For me, when this is on, this Zone is at least twice as purple. Game detail isn't as good and I don't even see Blue cracks in the terrain (like along paths), only Purple ones. There's way too much Glow when I have Post Processing on here, too.

Much more pleasant zone, and in general, on my PC, with this option turned off. And brightness cranked up a little.

And dangit I had to turn off that chase camera stuff. I can't check myself out while flying when the camera is always snapping wherever I don't want it to. Wayy better with this off. I dunno if I always had this on or what - normally I'm Athleticing. This zone is way easier to fly through than to run, though.

Purple Andrith...

Less purple now!


Ooops! Juuuust for the record it was UNTIL vendor loot that I bought that was unequippable. Not Hermes. They didn't change any Hermes loot. I just got the vendors mixed up. I forget the name exactly but it is a healing patch with a temporary HP boost - Mystic somethingorother.

Title: Re: Qikti Warzone
Post by: Xev on November 07, 2016, 03:39:47 PM
The reward could still be better for QWZ Dailies (it could be worse, too..) or, they could expand on that idea more. I basically want more G Recs in return for similar risk. The reward now actually isn't soo bad, there's just not enough of it! I mean... do the math.. Right?

As-is, QWZD's are like supplemental sources of resources and they offer currency for relatively new consumables, and.... they're something relatively new to do. So, in my mind, they are probably working as intended. Just would be nice to have moar of the same. I can't run all my toons through the existing QWZ mishes every day or even close due to time and some of their builds won't survive, so, the rewards already aren't a gimme.

I don't think the average player will be able to run all their toons through Nightwatch/Lonnnnnnng War/New thing/New thing, every day or even close. If I had moar stuff on QWZD's level to run I would probably do it like I do now - mostly 1 toon at a time. Instead of trying to give allll my toons a trickle.

I mean, if they can keep the difficulty doable but still not easy, like it is now, maybe that keeps a flood of G Recs from going out, cheapening the currency, but also allows more solo/duo content that rewards G Recs. More, as in, it doesn't take over 2 years to get a 3 piece set of primary gear - and there is plenty more worth buying. I would still do Rampages for my primary gear... but that secondary gear and those toys/powers/auras/... aren't cheap either!

One thing I like about them is that since there are so many QWZ Dailies and I 'only' have to turn in 5 for Nightwatch, I'm not locked into a timer as much. I can run QWZD's first thing in the morning or last thing at night and turn them in whenever Nightwatch pops. Just be careful not to do Witchcraft mishes early because I think you have to turn them in to get the question mark to go away from the top of her head Before she's able to give you Nightwatch.

Title: Re: Qikti Warzone
Post by: Xev on November 11, 2016, 02:39:18 PM
Just because my misinformation makes it to Google sometimes....

You can go ahead and do Witchcraft QWZ Daily mishes early and still get Nightwatch credit for them.

If you want to turn QWZ Dailies in to Witchcraft but you have to get Nightwatch from her first because it re-popped after you completed the Dailies which re-popped before Nightwatch... *breathe* ... talk to her, then choose 'Back' from the menu options that are on her reward screen. I had assumed this would back me out of the dialog screen completely, but, what it does is bring up her mish menu.. This allowed me to choose Nightwatch, *and then* turn in already completed QWZ dailies.

I know Brou was about to pop in and give us the good info but there ya go I got here first.
Title: Re: Qikti Warzone
Post by: ZeeHero on May 06, 2017, 05:10:08 PM
the Qliphothic Warzone is supposed to be, storywise, YOU invading a pocket dimension created by Shadow Destroyer in the Qliphoth so you can stop him from completing his evil plot to destroy the universe.

It is, of course like all content in CO, a dismal failure and spectacle of poor design. Full of mobs which present their punishing form of "Difficulty" as constant knock spam and stun lock without avoidable telegraph zones or anything.
Title: Re: Qikti Warzone
Post by: Xev on May 06, 2017, 05:53:57 PM
I used this Zone to test out new builds and to try and feel l33t by soloing the Dailies. I thought it was really good for these purposes!

The trickle of GCR is what killed it for me. Otherwise, I liked figuring out how to beat really tough mobs that were using new tactics/abilities.

Those Pink worms are totally OP. Totally OP dps. I felt this especially when playing an offense passive. This, was a mob I loved to hate.

That Energy drain mob (a Destroid boss) was kinda cool to figure out how to beat. He really sucked the first few times! Pun intended.
Title: Re: Qikti Warzone
Post by: ZeeHero on May 06, 2017, 07:27:47 PM
Yeah but once you realize that the destroids are actually glitched to disable your block randomly (in content where blocking is required a lot!) you start to notice how broken it is and even after reporting the bugs and design flaws, realistically its never gonna be fixed with CO's current team. it's not even a skeleton, the CO team is more of a lone thigh bone.