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Title: face masks - a failure?
Post by: GamingGlen on January 02, 2019, 10:41:22 PM
Are face masks now worthless with facial recognition software, which is sure to improve in the future?

Can a full conforming mask still hide the individual?   Coiuld the future provide masks with some electronic countermeasures, say a fuzzing effect against other electronic detecting or measuring devices yet the mark 1 eyeball is not affected?

I ask this as I ponder a new costume: to mask or not to mask.

Title: Re: face masks - a failure?
Post by: MyriVerse on January 03, 2019, 02:58:34 PM
I'm thinking no.


Inaccurate in 98 percent of cases.

Plus masks can be made to alter what the cameras think they're seeing. They can only really be sure of a limited number of points to measure, like eyes. Masks can change the perceived dimensions of eyebrows, cheekbones, chins, foreheads, etc. And then there are the more loose-fitting masks.

And think of a mask like Spidey's. No way is any facial recognition software ever getting through that.

I'm not sure how "real" this was, but I did once see a procedural TV show (I think maybe it was NCIS) where the criminals used something that radiated infrared in all directions that made a blindspot for cameras. Cameras were only able to see a big blob of white where the head was.

Something like this:

Two things about costume design:
1. Throw practicality out of the window. It's ALL about style.
2. To quote the Dread Pirate Roberts on masks, "It's just they're terribly comfortable."

Hero side of Paragon, I don't think it matters one way or another. Characters are registered legal authorities. You actually carry a license (like a drivers license) to look and act the way you do. And Villain side, it just doesn't matter.
Title: Re: face masks - a failure?
Post by: Noyjitat on February 12, 2019, 12:01:03 AM
Since the police, fbi etc would still have to look at what a computer has identified in order to make an arrest I'd say yes they still work. It's just less likely to be a full proof way to hide your identity with smarter computers.

But the whole secret identity thing is mostly pointless anyway. With modern technology you have to hide more than your outward appearance... you have to basically make sure even your dna isn't on record for that foe that has a bit of your flesh under his finger nail to scan or your blood on a knife. You'd have to erase all government records of your identity before the mask becomes more than just a fashion statement. That said it is especially useful to remain hidden among citizens which won't have access to all this information/tools still giving you some form of privacy when not wearing the costume.
Title: Re: face masks - a failure?
Post by: GamingGlen on February 12, 2019, 10:46:39 AM
Thanks for the replies.  The mask I was thinking of using is one that just goes around the eyes (ala The Incredibles).  Me, personally, am terrible at noting details and would make for a very unreliable witness, but I'm sure others are much better at identifying people they've met.  Although, a mask could be used to hide a blemish, scar, or other noteworthy facial feature.

I like the small-mask look for the character, and I'll just have to ignore my logical side for the sake of art.