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Title: Windows 10..
Post by: Xev on July 24, 2019, 04:20:59 PM
What an achievement, I installed my first Windwoes 10 Feature Update (Read: Huge Download), and, accompanying updates....with...a 65kbs connection.....…in... a little over.... a day.. with... at least a dozen Update Restarts (I would Restart Windows and Restart the update Process) ... from... Windows 10 Update *Assistant* (an ... external app...  It's from MS ... who makes Windows 10 ... whose... integrated Windows Update... WOULD RESTART TO ZERO (oops.. caps..) percent every time it ran into a Fail Condition while Trying to Download what ended up being... ~ 5 ... gigs...


I've had other experiences since being herded to upgrading to Installing Windows 10 that have been interesting, too.

Many of us will be moving, or, have recently made the move to Windows 10 for obvious reasons, soooooo, I thought, HEY, why not make a topic about it so we could all share our wonderful experiences and advice..

Actually, I *have* had wonderful experiences with Windows 10. And not so. At present, I would classify Windows 10 as... promising.

One thing in its favor, that doesn't seem to change from 'Feature' Update to Feature Update (core Windows Options/..Features do change..) ..., is, the Desktop and Interface, which, I like as much or more than any previous version of Windows. And really, don't we just want Windows for its Interface to what we *really* want to run, and, Desktop..?

Anyway, share away, if you're so inclined. I will for sure be asking for advice, here, and, might have something useful/helpful/.....comforting...? to add..

So far, migrating to 10 definitely hasn't been as big a deal as I thought it would be, except... the updates. They can be effing huge (and my first one failed a lot during the huge download).. Luckily.. from version to version of version 10... there seems to be ways to at least *schedule* the hugeness. It was not easy to update to the latest version of Windows 10 from the version that installed from the factory, but, at least the update ate throttled data.. And, I don't have to download a damn thing from Microsoft next month, if I don't want to.
Title: Re: Windows 10..
Post by: Xev on July 24, 2019, 07:37:29 PM
Windows 10 is kinda interesting, in that, it's got a little bit of good old, old, school.

I just imaged Windows 10, with, Windows 10. No additional software needed. When I was a tech in the early 90's, disk imaging/ghosting was cutting edge. Now it's a Standard Windows Program.. Don't ask me how easy the image will be to use if I ever need to, but, I have one.  Just can't beat a good image of a clean setup. We used them, fairly large scale, to setup new PC's and restore PC's back when most people didn't even know what a 'ghost' was.

I also really like Windows 10 Dark Mode.. as a Theme/Interface option. Dark mode takes things common in Windows, like File Manager, and replaces the blaring white background and little black text, with, nice dark screens that have *illuminated* text. This is what I call proper PC paper. Proper Paper Paper is white with dark text. A PC monitor on the other hand is like a (can be quite large...) flashlight shining into your face while you read the shadows on its face.. Back in the ollllllld days, it was very common to have dark screens with colored text. When I was programming, then, I used different colored text to make themes when possible - kinda like nowadays when you see blue and underline when you're online you know there's a Link there.

Anyway, yay.

That's more Windows 10 for ya. Ya just can't get that in 7. Or any other version except 286/386 for the darker screens thing, as I recall, (I could be wrong, I could be thinking of Q-Windows, but I think this applies to MS Windows, too -), they had ascii type windows with darker than white screen backgrounds and brighter than black text in MS Windows 286/386.

So, yeah, can't get much more retro than that. Good retro. Both things.

And yeah, I know some people love white screens and black text. I'm just glad there's an option for less of them, now, for those of use who don't.