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Title: New Powers Sets:Just for Laughs
Post by: Marine X on August 02, 2019, 02:30:42 PM

Flick- Plunges finger deep in Nose and pulls out a Winner and flicks it at a single Target: Fear, Disgust and Minor Cleaning Expenses.

Loogie- Hacks up a mouth full of Phlegm and launches it at a single Target: Immobilizes and causes Infectious Disease over time.

Bad Breath-
Heartily Exhale Outward toward a group of Targets ( Cone ) : Causes Involuntary Celibacy on Self and Nervous Sweats on Targets.

Sweat Socks- You pull off your socks and throw them into a group of enemies: AoE Targets become Runners and your feet are now Cold.

Skunky Pits- You lift both arms above your head and Release Vapors: Cone, Light AoE Stun and Sudden Realization that Lumburger Cheese ain't THAT Bad.

Light Fart- You Drop to the Floor, Lay back, put your legs above your head and ignite a massive Fart: AoE Cone Fire and Ego Damage as well as Targets Having to Pencil in Eyebrows for weeks.

Road Kill- You pull out a totally Flat Rotting Groundhog ( Whistlepig ) and toss it into a group of Targets: Causes Repeated AoE Vomit and Major Unintended Weight Loss.

Porta Pot-
You Summon a Totally Contaminated Porta Pot that's been sitting in 100 Degree heat at an Outdoor Rock Concert: Pet AoE Toxic & Lethal Damage, Triggers Secondary effect-Hallucinations and a Sudden Appreciation of Classical Music.