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Title: Neverwinter
Post by: Xev on October 23, 2019, 05:05:03 PM
Well... finally, I was able to download Neverwinter (yahoo) and I have to ask...

Who're the uberest deeps toons?

Any tips on my first entry into the Character Creator...?

I've really been looking forward to trying Neverwinter ever since... it came out. I've got a history with this title as well as just really liking this type of game.
Title: Re: Neverwinter
Post by: Xev on October 23, 2019, 10:59:07 PM
I decided to try a wood elf necro.. ? I'm far from a D&D expert but still.. I had no idea there were such things.

Shooter Mode is making my head hurt. Kinda like a hard to read book.
Title: Re: Neverwinter
Post by: Xev on October 24, 2019, 02:02:40 PM
I read something once about someone struggling with NWO shooter mode and then getting used to it and I've done the same. It's even been semi-addictive. Basically they've just removed manual targeting that caaaan be aggravating to get to work sometimes in other Cryptic games. And they made me make a hotkey to enable my curser to click on HUD elements and train my brain when to use it.

The honeymoon of effortlessly moving through waves of mobs ended ~ level 12 and I Finally ran into my first tough boss fight. It was worthy.

Looks like we get 2 free slots to start the game out with. My natureboy necro has been a good pick so far. I played a necro for some years as my main, so, yeah. I get the theme. Kinde odd to play one as a wood elf but I'm getting used to it and the rest of the game.

It looks kinda like they stole some of the Champions Online artists in this game. I don't see any STO resemblance. Was kinda surprised that the graphics don't really seem any better than STO due to NWO is a few years newer. If anything, STO may be pulling slightly ahead with their new efforts. Then again, I'm just seeing newb zone stuff so far, soooo, we'll see.

Big fun so far and I'm looking forward to playing more and to making a melee. I'm kinda a switcher... I like to have a main game and a backup game and I take breaks from the main game occasionally. Freakin' STO is a farm fest right now.. I mean, they have us punching a timeclock and on a schedule.. Don't get me wrong, it's a great time to play STO, but, for me, it's also a great time to take a little break, and, so far, NWO looks to be a good diversion.. from my main diversion.


Bonus: STO and CO are down for weekly stuff, and.... NWO is Up. Cool.
Title: Re: Neverwinter
Post by: Angel Phoenix77 on October 24, 2019, 10:06:27 PM
The reason why most of the art looks familiar is do to the fact that most of the devs that weren't taken from sto were taken to neverwinter.
Title: Re: Neverwinter
Post by: Xev on October 25, 2019, 10:32:17 PM
STO art doesn't look anything like CO or NWO, is the thing. I can see *some* CO art style already in NWO, though. Like when a boss stands there looking a little bit comic bookey and is pounding his palm with his fist until you get into agro range - that's all CO.

At 3 years newer, NWO is way easier on my video card than STO (the fan won't even spin up half the time as I recall..) too, as is CO, and it goes for a fantasy look rather than realism, like CO.

In STO my video card starts a slow bake just sitting at the Character Select Screen and they are always going for realism in their depiction of space ships and lasers phasers.. and Humans and whatnot..

NWO is being pretty fun so far like I hoped it would be. I can see myself levelling at least 1 or 2 toons.


Hey! I'll take any newb tips, btw.. Like what's the best stats to go for or anything else. My warlock/necro is going for Con/Int/Dex so far and I think I never saw him crit.

On the Wiki, it basically says that the Racial boosts for Dwarves are broken/don't exist. Otherwise I think I'd probably go Dwarf/(some kinda) Fighter next but instead I'll probably go Half Orc or Wood Elf.
Title: Re: Neverwinter
Post by: Xev on November 04, 2019, 06:37:34 PM
I know the dev swiping thing was a thing in the CO forum for awhile but I am just not seeing the CO in STO when I go back to play it. I can see CO allllll over Neverwinter already.

One thing that Neverwinter and STO doooo seem to have in common, is, a longer learning curve. CO is more of an easy to learn, difficult to master kinda game.

Looking forward to learning more Neverwinter. My 1 toon's still only level 27ish so I dunno anything. I'm thinking to start hitting the queues with him. I want to make a melee, too. Chose Alchemy as a starter Profession but haven't done much with it yet.

I thought I was kinda gearing my toon up by doing nothing but mishes but then the last time I played I was at a merchant and he was selling gear about as good as mine for.. like.. 10 silver and some copper.. At which point I figured, hey, lets hit some queues soon and see what else's out there.
Title: Re: Neverwinter
Post by: Xev on November 05, 2019, 11:10:11 PM
I finally figured out what Gold is good for....

Gold is good for buying Tradeskill stuff that you can sell to other players for Astral Diamonds, sooooo, that you can buy things from other players with Astral Diamonds...the only currency accepted by the Auction House.. who also charges a 10% posting fee.... of Astral Diamonds (a currency you cannot loot from mobs or mishes)..

Cryptic and their currencies..

They are many and varied and never work quite the same from game to game. So far Neverwinter seems to have taken the largest departure from the CO (the first game of their current trio) formula.

CO appears to be the game of the 3 with broken the least robust Tradeskilling. *shrug* I like tradeskilling. Sometimes more than others. It's especially nice when you can take what you earned from fighting to make something nice which is highly useable/sellable, which, appears to be at least partly how it works in Neverwinter so far.

Title: Re: Neverwinter
Post by: Xev on November 06, 2019, 07:07:41 PM
My first Catch Up Weekend..


And do I have plenty of Catching Up to do...

Man I curse myself for dumping my Blacksmith yesterday and then finding out I could have used him to get my Tailor started so I could.... at least make myself some dang pants and a shirt. 28 levels of fancy quest gear and I'm still in my thermals.
Title: Re: Neverwinter
Post by: Xev on November 08, 2019, 05:50:44 AM
OK so the thermals are gone and I even sold a couple of shirts and pants..

Was playing some STO earlier to keep up on the most important farming and my earbuds were filled with... soothing... decent to pretty darn good voice acting.

I'm not encountering a lot of this in Neverwinter up to this point. But there again, I mean, hummm.. Look at who they have in STO doing voice. It's a better than average crew for an online video game.

Can't stop playing Neverwinter, though. Didn't mean to get sucked into them this much before levelling a toon but Tradeskilling and the Auction House seem pretty active. The 2 queues I can get into up to this point pop fast and there seems to be a good/active core playerbase. I would definitely recommend to try this game for anyone who likes online D&D, which, I have played tons of but not for a long time. It's ticking off all the old school online D&D tic marks up to this point. Still haven't even made it to 30 yet. Keep getting sidetracked on figuring out how things work.


There really seems to be a lot of ways to get … everything. I haven't felt locked into mishes or campaigns or running queues. They all reward similar gear and XP, although, running queues is probably the faster track - which, is good, due to that's the only time I ever team, and, extra rewarding teaming is a good thing..

I've not ran into any currency problems, yet. So far it's not been difficult finding the currency I want anyway.

My guy went up a couple of notches at 30 and finally feels deepsie. I was kinda questioning my decision before that.

Level 30ish is still pretty newbie so I dunno anything, but, it's been fun learning so far.

Anyway, yay. I can see why people play this  : )
Title: Re: Neverwinter
Post by: Xev on November 13, 2019, 12:20:36 AM

I've teamed a few dozen or more times now and I have to ask.. how respected is Warlock deeps? I've put so much effort into Tradeskilling, with this guy, that I'm gonna end up levelling him just due to that.. but.. I have to ask... How do they rate?

Thing is, I don't feel that deepsy and I barely feel necroey. The 1 and only lifetap that I see myself getting (the one you start the game with) is super weak. Unless.. Unless there is some pr0h way to boost the poo out of it, then I have to rate it as a suck at this point.

So now what is necroey? The Soul Puppet. Hmmmm. Well. Ok. I mean, I can get enough bonus damage from it, eventually, to make it worthwhile to try and keep it perma'd but that's about all I see at this point.

The rest of it is just stuff with the name Hell tossed in... Nothing really necroey working, just necroey sounding, and, if Warlocks aren't Necros then what are they?

As for the deeps.. I have the best combo put together I can see and I have tried several others in many random queues, and, it comes close to being good deepswise (and is mostly AoE) but it just doesn't feel.... respectable.


I think I'm gonna make a Roque next... Or a Wizard. Warlocks don't seem to have anything outside of deeps that is all that special (they aren't the necros I'd hoped they'd be) and I guess their deeps does seem respectable.. but barely.

Feel free to tell me that Warlocks are super awesome endgamers and I just need to wait for mine to blossom.


Btw all the parsers are great.. My lvl 57 warlock just outdeepsed a lvl 80 warlock by ~ 20% wuwu. It *is* my first week ever of play ya know.. I want to like this guy it's just that he has no dots... no decent lifetaps... the pet is underwhelming.. it's like.. what's his niche?

His aoe is semi decent but I have to imagine a wizard's being better. I dunno what my niche is.

Title: Re: Neverwinter
Post by: Xev on November 13, 2019, 06:47:35 PM
What stats should I be going for..?

I always like critting, often, sooooo, I've been going for Critical Strike. That's why I picked Wood Elf to begin with, for example, and I always try and get CS gear.

Last night someone with a lot of impressive looking gear said Power is the thing to go for. I also saw somewhere that crit chance is capped at 50%. And, I have no idea whatsoever what my crit chance is. I know there is a formula on the wiki...……… and I'm fine with doing math, but, yeah, not bothered yet. My Critical Strike at level 58 is 37,829.. and I never see anything that looks like a critical when I fight - I have no idea what they even look like.

So yeah, I'm still confused. I want to make another toon, I mean, that's what you do in a new game, is make lots of toons, right, but, humm, I'm sticking with this one to see where it goes.

There really is nothing like making your first toons in a new game that you like. If they could bottle that I'd drink it. Cases of Uber is my preferred drink but man you just can't beat a good bottle of Newbie.
Title: Re: Neverwinter
Post by: Xev on November 14, 2019, 08:02:52 PM
Maybe I'm not as good at math as I thought.

Sooooo this is our crit chance... 0.01*((((playerLevel)^0.6925)+6)*(criticalStrike/9977.011)^1)

Wth is.... "^"  ??


For anyone keeping score... I ran across something fairly recent from the horse's mouth that helps make a lot more sense out of Critical Strike and Critical Avoidance (a new to me stat)..


Sooo according to this.. I currently have ~ > max crit chance (I'm already capped at 50%) when I'm in Undermountain, which, is currently full of mobs I can barely take down - meaning, it's got about as high of level of mobs as I can handle, which, I would think would mean that it has mobs with the highest crit avoidance that I'll be fighting, which, I would think would mean, I should be at 50% crit ~ 100% of the time..

It sure doesn't feel like I crit that much... I did see some crits in my combat window recently but it sure didn't seem like 50%.


I guess I can see why they don't outright tell you your crit chance, now, due to it varies by mob. I don't understand why they capped it at 50% on top of giving mobs Critical Avoidance, but, 50% is pretty darn good to me and I didn't even have to put a monumental amount of effort into getting it. If I ever got that high in CO crit chance it was barely and took a huge amount of effort. 50% would be pretty good in STO for me, too. My severity is already over 100% without any effort whatsoever, too.

I guess I can see now why people don't go full boar crit chance and (apparently) go for Power (that I don't know what it does exactly) if I have my crit chance supposedly maxed already. The stats seem kinda different in Neverwinter than I'm used to but I seem to be catching on slowly.
Title: Re: Neverwinter
Post by: Xev on November 19, 2019, 09:37:09 PM
Of Cryptics 3, Neverwinter definitely takes the longest to level in. Its tradeskilling takes the longest to level in, too, and it's expensive, but, on the other side, it pays off the fastest and easiest too.

I finally got to experience Skirmishes at level 70. It really makes me curse Infernal Spheres.. That's one buggy-@ss power but I like it so much over any alternative I keep using it, bugs and all. But when it does bug out, especially when it starts to do it often in a high action situation like Skirmishes or any tough boss fights, it just sucks.

If you haven't experienced it already, what basically happens, is, you'll have the power activated - the lil cubes will be swirling you, but... the icon doesn't show activation/start blinking. When the icon doesn't show activation - you can't explode the lil cubes..which...is why you want the cubes in the first place...is to make them explode for nice aoe deeps on a relatively fast recharge. You can't make them explode, and you can't make the icon activate, presumably, due to when you press the hotkey the icon looks at the cubes swirling you and says 'hey, why are you trying to activate me, can't you see those swirling cubes?' so the icon won't activate, leaving you perma-buffed with no way to detonate the buff - and if you can't detonate the buff then it's basically wasting one of your best slots in a game where you already have too few slots.

It's a bastard bug but my best combo falls apart without it so I keep using it..

Anyway, yay. This is my only toon so I don't know how it stacks up against anything else, but, it does seem to excel in AoE deeps, looking at the wiki and doing some comparisons. If nothing else, he'll end up being a tradeskiller…… with his nearly(?) level 4 workshop...

In Neverwinter you can often specialize in 2 roles depending on what toon you picked. Rogues can only be 1 thing - dps. Warlocks can be dps or heals. Fighters can be dps or tanks. Barbarians can be dps or tanks. Paladins can be dps or heals. For example. I'm looking forward to trying Heals with my Warlock.. With heals I think he is what they call in-game.. a hdps. They do deeps and aoe heal as a side-effect. They have those better looking lifedrains I was complaining about not getting, too.

In Neverwinter you can have 2 loadouts (or more) set aside for how you want to play, too. The loadouts can even have different Specializations, meaning, you can be a Tank in one loadout, with Tank Specializations and powers (and equipment/mounts/companions), and DPS in another, with DPS spec choices/powers if you chose to play a Barbarian, for example. This is a very nice option for people that like gameplay change occasionally but have invested a lot in their main.

I think I'm level 72 now, btw. The tradeskilling kinda slowed me down. 500,000 astral diamonds worth of loot to go to a level 3 workshop was a lil much for someone who's only been playing the game for few weeks.
Title: Re: Neverwinter
Post by: Xev on November 20, 2019, 09:42:17 PM
Infernal Spheres is out. I wanna be the AoE king of my build but it locked up too too many times so I had to give it up. Killing Flames has been the perfect replacement. I always meant to try this power but then never did for some reason until now. It seems extremely useful.

Found out I need the equivalent of 5...million....astral diamonds to get a level 4 workshop. 5 million. 5. Million.

Title: Re: Neverwinter
Post by: Felderburg on November 22, 2019, 07:46:55 PM
Wth is.... "^"  ??

That typically means an exponent. So 2^3 would be two cubed (2 x 2 x 2).

Title: Re: Neverwinter
Post by: Xev on November 23, 2019, 12:47:42 AM
Sooooo this is our crit chance... 0.01*((((playerLevel)^0.6925)+6)*(criticalStrike/9977.011)^1)

Wth is.... "^"  ??

That typically means an exponent. So 2^3 would be two cubed (2 x 2 x 2).


I thought it was a caret too until I saw (criticalStrike/9977.011)^1)

Doesn't (criticalStrike/9977.011)^1) = (criticalStrike/9977.011) and if so then why the exponent?

I've really forgotten a lot of math. Maybe that's a stupid question.


I really like this game, btw. Really lots. Zone chat reminded me tonight that I have a history of liking games like this really lots which maybe helps explain it.


We were off to a rocky start this morning with No Internet with a new ISP who doesn't work weekends...……………. *gasp* but, now, I can almost certainly say, I will be 80 today  : )

I'm parsing extremely.. average, but, average, at this point, to me, means I'm not leaching  : ) I'm doing mostly Skirmishes right now for gear and Campaign progression (more gear/boons) and am kinda focusing on Undermountain & Shalandar(sp).
Title: Re: Neverwinter
Post by: Felderburg on November 25, 2019, 09:06:23 PM
I would assume that an exponent of 1 is there so it can be adjusted later "just in case", but I don't actually know.
Title: Re: Neverwinter
Post by: Xev on November 26, 2019, 03:17:19 AM
I would assume that an exponent of 1 is there so it can be adjusted later "just in case", but I don't actually know.

Humm. Obviously I don't actually know what they're intending either. Well, I've come to notice that the wiki is pretty out of date on some key things anyway so it probably doesn't matter anymore.

One rule of thumb that I've read that I think was more up to date is to take every 500 points you have in a statistic and make that 1%. You also have to be aware of caps and opposing statistics. For example. I currently have 46,000 Critical Strike. That means I have a 92% crit chance, however, I also read that level 80 mobs in Underdark (an average level 80 area) have an average of 16,000 Critical Avoidance which basically takes me down to 30k Critical Strike, or, a 60% crit chance - howeeeeeeever, there is also currently a 50% crit cap... soo I consider myself basically at cap in Critical Strike. I have also read that Power is the one stat that doesn't suffer from DR... if that's true then the others must, so, there's that, too.


I would like to know more about gear. One thing I Do Know... Never be impressed with your gear until Endgame due to you will just loot even better Green Stuff off of Lawn Trash as you Progress... If you are a low level Newb you will often even be able to buy better gear from Any Vendor for a Few Silver...….

Another thing I know is that I luv this game, and, it's been a really long time and Daddy is glad to be Home. Well. Sorta. It feels homey anyway. I've spent probably thousands of hours in this genre. Was there for the first 2 online games of the genre (1. Neverwinter Nights 2. Everquest) that I spent many, many, hours in as well as all 3 Neverwinters I know about - the original Gold Box game, the original Neverwinter Nights online game (same thing but with lots of other people), and now this one.
Title: Re: Neverwinter
Post by: Xev on November 29, 2019, 06:59:48 PM
My first and only newb who is ~ 1 month old.. just finished the Undermountain campaign...solo.


I had a little unsolicited help with a couple of middle mishes and I could have had help with the end ones but I'm glad I didn't - they toughened me up and trimmed my build down to the best thing I can presently come up with. I died many, many, many many times before completion and my present build is the only one I can come up with up to this point that is good enough to win fights that the others couldn't. The ol' school of hard knocks. And man, some were pretty hard! I had to give'er my all. And then dig down and give'er some more. Good stuff.

I still feel too papery and maybe more important - too undeepsery. I'm hoping gear will help that, lots.

Anyway, I thought it was worth bragging rights making it through Undermountain solo due to I never played the game before and those are some tough fights in half green gear (*shrug* I'm still looting green stuff better than my Purple Quest/Farm Gear..) with a month old Warlock and a lvl 20 Companion that you start the game with (the dog). I spent half that time getting my dang Workshop to level 3 and trying to figure out gear (with little success).

I'm pretty far into Underdark and Sharandar, too.

I'm thinking to make a Cleric or Paladin next to balance out my Warlock time.. I want to be in more of those easier teams with a good healer or tank and I don't wanna be Mr. ScaryDeath/Edgelord all the time, either, playing a Necro Warlock.
Title: Re: Neverwinter
Post by: Xev on November 30, 2019, 04:20:03 PM
My first Neverwinter .. idea.

Find a way that when I search the Auction House I can get per item prices on stuff that I want to sell (and buy) without having to do long division.

Auction House qty and price listing numbers are nearly always … large and/or odd on stackable items. Maybe just put in an extra field in the listing that shows the per item price, for reference.
Title: Re: Neverwinter
Post by: Xev on December 01, 2019, 02:55:13 PM
After honing my build down to a fine point (and being somewhat underwhelmed)...….

I read some discouraging things about current Warlock deeps and good things about Warlock heals. So, I decided to give the Soulweaver option a try, and, suddenly I could join any queue I want and put in a very respectable showing (nearly always wayyyyy on top of the Heals Deeps final tally and often in the middle with DPS Deeps charts) which usually included many fewer deaths. I usually top the Damage Taken charts with this build, too.

My Hellbringer build is the build I've played since level 1. I know it by far the best. Day 1 as a Soulweaver seemingly yielded superior results.

In conclusion: Warlocks seem to currently be deeps challenged. However, thankfully, I enjoy being on heals sometimes, too, so all my efforts to gear and level and learn this toon haven't been a total waste.

It was kinda interesting to play an (very effective) Alt while on my Main. In EverQuest my main just happened to be a Warlock type toon with a specter pet and my main alt was a cleric. Deja vu.

My oblivious to Mod 16 carnage, fun, continues. Mod 16 seems to be one of Cryptic's infamous game gutting .. updates. I'm glad I missed it and I hope the don't do a Champions Online and stay on that road - leaving the game smaller than they found it.
Title: Re: Neverwinter
Post by: Xev on December 03, 2019, 10:25:48 PM
Now here is something that is definitely different between the Cryptic 3.. The in-game Zen trade is apparently broken due to being flooded Astral Diamond traders. There's already millions of Zen being requested at the maximum allowed rate of trade - 1 Zen to 750 Astral Diamonds.

I wonder how long its been broken? Was the mod 16 thing *that* bad? Or are Astrals just that easy to get. They aren't that hard to get at all even for a newbie.

Anyway, I finally got around to checking out the market with my newb and that's what I found:

https://app.box.com/s/fazjtbroxj88jio5v2tftnb71d2rcz02 (screenie)

You can't sell Astrals there. The line is apparently too long.
Title: Re: Neverwinter
Post by: Xev on December 08, 2019, 10:36:53 PM
PWE/Cryptic always seems to get a bad rap when it comes to customer service. I've not had to deal with customer service much but I have at least twice. Both times I can remember, they were fast, friendly, helpful, and generous.

I know I had some issue with CO once back when my account was newish but I can't remember it now I just remember it turning out good.

Anyway, a few years ago in STO, I had a 5000 or so Zen purchase that I was pretty unhappy with due to I didn't get what I thought I was getting due to how the thing I was buying was worded (they word differently now). Not only were they fast to respond to my in-game trouble ticket but when they understood what I told them, they promptly offered to give me a full refund while letting me keep part of the package in question (an entire ship..? I forget. I know I got a large, expensive XP booster at the lease). They were so surprisingly nice about the whole thing I just said screw it and went ahead and bought what I was complaining about even though they had already offered me a full refund.

Today I had a problem charging up the ol' Zen (which I can't do nearly as often as I would like..) and so I hit online Chat on a Sunday and in minutes they very friendly and helpfully sorted out my problem (that was probably caused by me never entering in Personal Info into my Account for whatever reason I don't do it..) and then, when I logged in not only was my Zen there but the very thing that I wanted to buy first - a shiny new Character Slot. How cool is that...?

I think it really helps to not treat them crappy and just be straightforward and explain your valid concerns when asking for help. I've heard of people having problems with PWI/Cryptic support and I wonder if this is why they had problems. I have gotten the impression that they respond really poorly to that. Other than that, I think you just need to have a valid issue and you'll get what you want in the end.

They would probably rather have more money from me than good press, but, that's about all I can give'em at the moment.

I used to frequent a place that let me hang out for free, all the time, when I was broke young man working in retail Software sales. They were just that cool. I would go to leave when my money ran out and they would very often ask me to stay and would make sure I didn't go thirsty. When I got my first and nearly last big IT job it wasn't uncommon that I'd drop a thousand bucks in there in a night. Sometimes I'd come back the next night and do it again. Hang in there PWE/Cryptic : ) And thanks for all the free drinks when my money runs out.
Title: Re: Neverwinter
Post by: Tahquitz on December 09, 2019, 12:35:11 AM
I think it really helps to not treat them crappy and just be straightforward and explain your valid concerns when asking for help. I've heard of people having problems with PWI/Cryptic support and I wonder if this is why they had problems. I have gotten the impression that they respond really poorly to that. Other than that, I think you just need to have a valid issue and you'll get what you want in the end.

The approaches of "Fault-Based Support" vs. "Solution-Based Support."  The Fault-Based approach is centered around "what do I get because I've been wronged by you?"  The other one is centered around "what can you do for me to fix the problem?"  If the problem ultimately gets fixed and doesn't recur, does trinkets and freebies really matter?  Of course, there are situations where you shift between one or the other based on the issue considered.  (Recurring problems that haven't been fixed, issues where the business shows negligence and doesn't care, or when you pay money and don't get what was promised.  Then fault-based perspectives are easier to justify.) 

But treating every single exchange you have with businesses from a fault-based perspective is expecting too much at times.  A botched password reset or broken mission isn't the same severity as a character being wiped off the server by accident or a data breach exposing your billing info.  A lot of players forget that in talking to support staff.
Title: Re: Neverwinter
Post by: Xev on December 09, 2019, 10:41:58 PM
Here's another distinction between the Cryptic 3. I would bet you that the most female players play Neverwinter. I bet you that a not super close second would be Champions Online and Star Trek Online is way last.

Title: Re: Neverwinter
Post by: Xev on December 10, 2019, 03:02:57 PM
Rogue is my current favorite toon. "I'm a natural" was my battle cry yesterday. I picked a tall slim(ish..) Half-Orc after having a short squatty Dorf Paladin (that looks good riding a tiger, unlike the taller races, which, of course is cool, because, well, who doesn't want to look good riding a tiger). Critical Severity (one of their Racials) isn't a common stat on gear (I've not seen it once yet) is mostly why I picked him and a half orc swinging and throwing bladed weapons seems to work RPwise.

Wizard is the next toon I want to try. They get that shield and an extra Encounter slot which could be gold, and, they get a similar evasion ability as Warlocks that I've grown to like a lot. Well, and, they look similar to playing a Warlock except with better deeps.

Warlock is on the shelf unless I want to play him in the big(ger) kid queues as a healer. He's just good enough at it to make it fun and worthwhile but really, I made him for Deeps, soo, yeah...shelf, mostly.

Fighter Tanks look worthy, too, will be trying one of those, eventually.

Fun stuff.
Title: Re: Neverwinter
Post by: Xev on December 21, 2019, 03:53:45 PM
I'm not on *my* PC lately but I've still been logging in and got a free wolf Mount that my Halfer Wizard is riding. Dorfs look good on tigers - wood elves are too tall for them, mine rides a horse. I'm also playing a half-orc on a horse. All of my mounts have/have been given Rare(?) movement (the 80% speed boost).

My new favorite toon is tied between rogue and wizard. I've not tried a fighter or barbarian yet but plan to. So far all classes are fun in their own way and I plan to level them all.

So, yeah, free account bound wolf Mounts are still available I think, and, a free vanity pet that is character bound.

Hope all j0r Holidays are good.
Title: Re: Neverwinter
Post by: Xev on December 30, 2019, 08:08:00 PM
So, I decided to play around with the graphics settings and it turned out so well I just had to post about it.

Graphics/Sliders to Max


Graphics/Post Processing:OFF

Display/Brightness/adjust to what looks best
Display/Antialiasing/pick what looks best (msaa - 8x seems to be for me)

Wow it's a whole new game.
Title: Re: Neverwinter
Post by: Xev on February 12, 2020, 12:40:03 AM
Soooooooo.... Without a guild, I finally broke 18k in gear on 2 toons. 18k.. It took 20k to even be able to engage in my first Server Event and it takes 20k to do any new content..

I'm playing Rogue, playing Warlock. I can get similar DPS in several builds on both for variety and they're both fun. Warlocks got some luv in mod 18 but my Rogue still outdeeps I think and I'm still playing him most.

I'm trying to get the hang of playing a Paladin Tank. A Paladin Healer has been easier in the queues but I switch to tank when they give a Class bonus for it.

Playing mostly the Rogue for now, though. I guess I need to start Golding things out, and raising Enchantment levels, to get my gear level up from this point due to most of my gear is already purple and level 1kish and I'm using ME Artifacts in pri/sec. I think I read that joining a guild adds ~2k to your gear lvl total. I should join one anyway but can't seem to choose a guild tag. Ancient Warriors.. Carpe Nocte.. and.. err.. I forget who else are names I considered. <Under the Influence>... and whoever else ... *shrug* they are all currently recruiting (and the Interface tells me when Recruiters are Online so I just have to click on them to send a Tell!) but I can't decide.
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Post by: Xev on February 14, 2020, 11:29:47 PM
Master Expeditions..

I'm not sure why people run so many of these. I mean, yeah, there's some nice drops, but, mostly they aren't any better than what you can get with Seals of the Deep from running Randoms and it didn't take me long to get the ME drops I wanted.


I like hanging out in Yawning Portal, though, and I do use ME artifact primary and secondary gear and a couple of other pieces. Maybe I'm missing something.
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Post by: Xev on February 17, 2020, 03:18:46 PM
Healer is still the most rewarding way to play my Warlock as far team contributions go. I struggle with a Hellbringer because it's fun and then I switch to Scourge when a team needs a few heals and I become twice as effective with half the effort.

After dumping all my Paragon Encounter powers (level 34-80?) as a Hellbringer Warlock.. I seemed to be hitting the skirmish kill/dps scoreboards closer to what I get as a Rogue. I was happy to put in a more respectable contribution, but, it just doesn't feel right dumping all non-newb Encounter powers to do it.

Encounter Powers seem to be what I gravitate to. If I'm not using one I'm waiting to use one. Daily Powers are nice to save for a big/end boss or burn when things get too crowded. I haven't figured a way to get mine to pop very often. At-Will Powers are... what you use when you don't get to use a Daily or Encounter power or when you want to build something up (yawn).

Thing is, I feel like I'm always waiting around for an Encounter power to pop which leads to a feeling of not having enough Powers which leads to combat feeling a little boring. Finding out I do as much deeps with my newb Encounter powers as all the fancy Paragon ones has also been underwhelming.

To sum up: *shrug*

: )

I see people doing ~ 6x my deeps on the scoreboards so I know I still have more about the game to discover.

I think one of my favorite things about Neverwinter Combat is Movement. Warlocks have my favorite movement ability. Rogues are good. Wizards too. Block, I'm sure is very handy for tanking and building up Divinity for Paladins, but, has been ... less exciting.

As a Warlock, for example, it's pretty cool to be able to go near invul as I run circles around whatever I need to whenever I have enough Stamina to do so. It's like being able to hit Block in Champions Online and outmaneuver AoE and outrun mobs at the same time. Then Encounter Powers repop, I plant my feet and let loose - rinse, repeat.

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Post by: Xev on February 20, 2020, 04:45:43 PM
I can never make a satisfying Warlock Hellbringer (dps) build even after Mod 18.. Warlock Scourge (heals) can put out enough deeps to solo just as effectively as a Hellbringer and adds a significant amount of heals to a team with the exact same build.

I think what it boils down to, in the pre-20k game, is.. nearly every Encounter power is too weak. There's plenty of Useful Encounter powers and synergy and all that but they just don't have enough punch.

With more punch I bet I could make a satisfying Hellbringer build or two.. Hummm. Maybe they're just really late bloomers..
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Post by: Xev on February 26, 2020, 07:26:23 PM
Warlock/Hellbringer/Infernal Spheres.

My first low level newb had the same prob I have when I tried to use it today. It'll work fine for awhile and then eventually it always, always, ..sticks. When it sticks, you can't make the Spheres Explode, they are perma-activated until the power gets swapped out, which, makes the power useless for my purposes. So then I have to fumble around with swapping it out or dealing with it not working.

I like it due to its got a fast recharge and is (pb)aoe. It's enough damage to go Boon hunting with and one-shot small groups of minions. Maybe enough to even go in public with. But then it bugs out right in the middle of things. And. Argh. So then I stop using it again for awhile. Rinse. Repeat. It never gets fixed.
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Post by: Xev on February 27, 2020, 04:33:23 PM
I'm starting to think that maybe... I just suck at this game. I do OK.... but.. I feel like I should be doing better by now. I feel like I play NW like...an... average player...  /sadface
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Post by: Xev on March 06, 2020, 08:15:24 AM
Bam! 20k+ (gear level) on 2 toons, Baby! Rogue and Warlock. Warlock barely squeaked by (20,006) after getting some minor Mount Insignia upgrades. Both are now in a lvl 20 Guild.

Got my first uber loot recently from a Random (Skirmish?). None other than Sergeant Knox, himself, dropped, and is now my Warlock's Companion.

I still kinda suck at this game but I keep sticking with it for some reason. Had to finally get that 20k gear level. Still have newbs to make is one reason. Want to level at least 2 more toons. Maybe 3. Wizard, Paladin (have both at lvl 40+) and maybe a Fighter. Have to finally see some of that 20k+ content, too..
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Post by: Xev on March 07, 2020, 04:42:35 PM
In case anyone stops by in time....

Is there any decent Guild Gear? What should I be spending my Guild Marks on? I finally joined a guild. So far, the only advice I've gotten is to get Wards, which, I've never even used but I think I know what they are.

SometimesUsually, when I get into Random Trials/Epic Dungeons and (as is very often the case) we fail hard and someone is calling everyone idiots... I ask myself aloud "why do I still play this game". "I could be playing STO and wiping up the map. I could be the one on the top of the dps charts (in Randoms..)." Instead I'm getting my @ss handed to me while someone calls me (and usually rightfully so because I dunno what I'm doing) an Idiot.


Welp, gotta go log in.. lol
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Post by: Xev on March 10, 2020, 05:57:47 PM
I finally graduated to Avernus.. Which, can be a kinda annoying zone to run through if you don't have a fast mount. But.. It does speed up collection of Seals of the Fallen. Now I have to figure out how to get Lion's Guard (endgame?) gear... I dunno where the components drop. Maybe, farther up the Campaign Flowchart.. I dunno. I just now figured out Vallenhas.

Anyway, yay. I found out how to make my Rogue way more survivable. I just had to drop any good DPS Encounter Power. Is what it felt like. And it worked. I definitely don't want to use that same build for all content. I definitely don't need survivability as a priority in normal dungeons and probably even in Skirmishes - better to go for the deeps, to keep things rolling.

I guess I don't need to make the top of the dps charts. I don't in STO, either, but, I do well enough that I rarely get my @ss handed to me. I'm getting closer to that in NW finally. Should be farming Boons more but I get burnt out on it. Otherwise, I finally seem to be on the right track. The Guild really did help make that final push, too, into big kids zones and pants.

I have no idea how to farm the latest Event btw but I could use some stuff from it.
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Post by: Xev on March 26, 2020, 01:33:52 AM
I have never seen a game that patches so often without patch notes!

"hey, why did my build get reset"

NWO thought of the day..
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Post by: Xev on March 26, 2020, 07:39:23 PM
Wow, if you play the game at all or plan to again someday... log in today and go to the Home screen/tab and hit Claim Valuables..

It seems to be a very very good time to make a newb, too.


List of (very nice) free goodies:
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Post by: Xev on April 03, 2020, 12:39:20 PM
And the fight for shut-ins attention continues....


From what I can gather this is a first. It really made a lot of smiles, yesterday.


Oops, can't mention goodies without this:

(A free bag of expensive hugeness)

That free bag is kinda a big deal in Neverwinter.

Lootwise, playing STO for awhile and then playing NW for awhile, really makes you re-appreciate how STO does their loot.. And Events, as far as that goes. It's way, way easier to have Alts in STO. Sharing is way easier in STO than any other Cryptic game but yet they manage to have the best economy.

They do weird magic in STO. My toons got so much more uber with things like Endeavors but yet the game manages to feel ~ the same. They give away more and make sharing between toons easier than any other Cryptic game and yet have the strongest economy - it was super duper strong until recent times. I don't think STO has any more players than NW, either. I think NW may even have a few more.

While I'm here I have to share that I finally stopped asking myself why I play this game. I used to do that.. often. Usually at the end or in more difficult parts of a queue. "Why do I still play this game..." Which was often followed by "I suck at it." But I liked being *in* Neverwinter.. and I liked my toons. Things are finally beginning to gel, now, though. A deeper fun ensues. I *luv* my new tank and can't play it enough (level 40+ atm) even though I just kitted out my 2 mains with all, ok a lot of.., the good stuff.

Neverwinter sure could learn from Star Trek Online when it comes to playing Alts, though. (As could MMO scientists). Man, people were doing flips in NW yesterday at even the prospect of getting Account Bound (anything?) Legendary Mounts (not just anything).

Don't forget to log in and get your free 42 slot(!) bag! That's like gold in NW.