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Title: Logitech.... Discord?
Post by: Xev on March 31, 2020, 03:49:34 PM
So. I had a weird error from google today that prompted me to check my network status. In the process... I noticed that Logitech Gaming Software (LGS) (which you may or may not have - I use it to map keys on my Logitech gaming mouse and it installed automatically) was firing up a connection to Discord on every boot and chatting with it.. Not a lot.. but more than 0 seemed too much so I looked into it.

Anyway, in the process, I noticed that Logitech speaking to Discord had the possibility to cause all kinds of problems (that *I've* never experienced since Launch as far as I know, but, there ya go), and, well, if you don't use Discord (or maybe even if you do) then why have Logitech chat with it on its own.

Sooo if you want Logitech to stop doing this, the process is so simple that I thought I'd share. You basically just have to shut off the Discord option in LGS. If you don't it will run by Default.

I don't normally use the site linked, below, but, it looks perfectly legit and it easily solved my 'problem', so, I pass it on to you.