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Title: Flashlight Face
Post by: Xev on August 28, 2020, 06:37:41 PM
Way back when.... we used to have nice, dark screens with highlighted text.

Ever since Windows... 3?.. we've had a flashlight blaring in our face and over time it's become the norm.

If you do not like a 50" flashlight (your size will likely vary..) shining in your face every time you want to read something, Windows 10 has gone back to the golden age and brought us DARK MODE (hallelujah).

Today, I finally got the bright idea (no pun..) to see if CHROME has a dark mode and you know what... It Does..

What a blast from the past. GOODBYE FLASHLIGHT.


I've not used Chrome's Dark Mode much, yet, but, initial use is very, very promising. Reddit is good. Titan is good. errr My weather reports look good... Google searches..

In some cases it's just downright luverly and a relief to click on something and a nice dark screen comes up with colorful text.

Now, the info I want to Read glares in my face - you know, 1%-10% of the screen... vs... - you know, 90%-99% from non-Dark Mode...

I realize that today's screens don't reportedly blast us with the type of radiation that old screens were supposed to be doing, but, they are also way larger.

Black text on white screens may mimic pen and paper but paper doesn't glow.. Screens are not paper. It's not the same thing.

Anyway, yay. Had to share the luv. Windows 10 Dark Mode: good. Chrome Dark Mode: good. I wouldn't be surprised if screens run cooler and use less power with dark modes too.

Dark Mode isn't for everyone. Some people may have a hard time reading colored text on dark backgrounds. If you have a lot of glare (like in the office..) it's possibly harder to read. Some people may very well just like to have a large spotlight shine in their face as much as possible. For the rest of us there are soothing, sometimes colorful, Dark Modes.
Title: Re: Flashlight Face
Post by: Xev on August 29, 2020, 03:27:17 PM
Just wanna say up front that I do realize that using color/color patterns to draw attention to what you want to draw attention to is lost to some degree by color blind people, which, makes the everything is black and white (or close enough), thing we have now, more accessible to all. And, inclusion is good.

Day 2 of Chrome Dark Mode...

I like it. I like having a flashlight in my face less often. A like it a lot.

Chrome's Dark Mode's not perrrrrfect but it is a leap in the right direction.

When I started out with computers, the first time I ever got onto one, was to learn how to program it. ("Hello World" may sound familiar..) Most people had never even seen a computer, then, and I was one of them. Kept thinking I was going to press the wrong button and send off a nuke or something was going to smoke. OK I made up the nuke thing but I actually did think I might make something smoke..

Anyway, the way I liked to do it, when it came to interfaces, was to use color and highlight with text and everything else was pitch black. It's how I started. I just copied and tried to improve what was already out there. And then, when Windows started making sitting in front of a big flashlight popular I had no choice but to get used to it - the DOS days were gone and everyone was conforming.

Soooooo.. Now, when I can have Windows 10 Dark Mode and I can have Chrome Dark Mode.. it kinda helps set things right after a long wait.

Yes, this is odd and controversial. Much like me.

There ya have it. And now I'm gonna go play. There's no flashlights there, either. And you *know* the gaming world has it right. Right?



'hey what's that behind you'

*swoosh: gone*

Carry on  : )