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Title: Website Badge Sorting function
Post by: Mr Laser on April 14, 2011, 12:21:25 PM
A little background first.

I'm not sure how your data/database is set up on tracking badge locations, but if they're already tagged with zones there might be a simple solution with an expansion of the accordion navigation.  Possibly just give them an accordion grouping by zone that can expand/deflate on a click.  This would function just like the "Toggle Details" link, only by zone.

For possible additional utility, they could be grouped like this on the badge tracking page as a further drill down to not just view the current badges... because I really hate additional pop-ups.  If that functionality isn't something the web developers want everyone to see, it could be flagged to only show for the account owner.

Just my two cents, but faster consumption and processing of information is always a bonus.