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Title: Another Victory server March with the Villians as well
Post by: caine6900 on October 04, 2012, 01:00:52 AM
Okay people its time we did a march that involved the people who have there mains as Villains. We are going to start in Imperial city near where the Tunnel system lets you out in Imperial city. Villains can get to Imperial city as well I know I tried it. So once all party's are there we can form the league or two if we have enough. After that we go to RWZ or Night-ward the RWZ to defeat as many Ritiki as we can. This is for the Victory server once again and start time is 7 pm EST in Imperial city. Please be patient while I shift the teams around so each team will have a level leader. I will be posting this on the forums and the Titan forums as well. and another face book page.