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Other Games / Re: Star Trek Online
« Last post by Xev on Today at 04:40:51 AM »
Screenie time!

City of Heroes / Re: RECORD YOUR Paragon Chat GROUPS
« Last post by crashpositron on Yesterday at 11:59:27 PM »
The Complete Phoxes That Roxes!

Got curious about how many total Phoxes existed. Here is a picture of all fourteen! (Not including duplicates I use in Player Missions.)

Phoxes, Top to Bottom, Left to Right:Crazy Laika, Fire, Random, Marble, Bleu, Quickbrown, Sable, Mini, Stonekold, Desert, Testube, Arctic, Silva and Sligh Asa.
(All based on actual fox varieties - there are a lot of different red foxes ;) )

Comics and Other Media / Re: Doom Patrol Season 1
« Last post by Vee on Yesterday at 05:58:42 PM »
I thought it was OK. Maybe trying a bit too hard on the meta with the narration. Dalton as Caulder was a huge improvement over weirdo rapey guy from the Titans episode. Going it improves as it goes along like Titans did.
Comics and Other Media / Doom Patrol Season 1
« Last post by MyriVerse on Yesterday at 04:44:50 PM »
Not quite as kooky as I thought it should be, but still everything I wanted in a Doom Patrol series. Jane needs more Crazy.

My one complaint (but isn't really) is that Caulder doesn't seem old enough.

Kinda iffy about Cyborg. We'll see.
I loved fighting Freakshow only because of the very first time I encountered them.  I had won the battle and had turned to leave when one rezzed right up behind me.  I still beat it but it definitely caused me to soil my armor.  I miss this every day.

LOL. The first time I saw a Freak rez I was like "What the f**!"

This game had so many great mob types and looks - I kind of liked the Carnies look the best.

City of Heroes / Re: 3D printouts of your characters
« Last post by doc7924 on Yesterday at 12:29:39 PM »
Figure looks great.

I am interested in how you make the costume - cloth or will it also be plastic pieces?
Task Force Hail Mary / Re: New efforts!
« Last post by MWRuger on Yesterday at 07:38:11 AM »
It has been uncharacteristically (and unnervingly) quiet around here lately.  Hope this doesn't mean the last remaining embers of hope are dying out.  :-\

I'm not sure how many times I can post that I just want to play City of Heroes again before I die. But I'm still here, just not much to say until something new comes along.

I miss the game and I miss the people. Every time I read about a long time player who dies I am reminded that there was someone who didn't get to go home and that it could be any of us. I be depressed if I didn't take pills for that.
Other Games / Re: Star Trek Online
« Last post by Xev on Yesterday at 02:02:04 AM »
Well hummm.. My first T6 was a Pilot Escort.. I got the Andorian Pilot Escort bundle when it came out.. And then I found Destroyers/Warships and thought my Pilot Escort days might finally be coming to a close... and then the Magee comes out. I haven't been paying much attention to what the new ships are and stumbled across it in the Fleet T6 selection.. It's like everything I wanted in a Pilot Escort......except maybe 1.4 shield and hull.. which would never happen.

About everything else *did* happen with the new Magee Pilot Escort/Raider.. Its got a 21 turn rate, Pilot Maneuvers, and Raider Bonuses/Raider Universal seats.. It's not any more papery than any other Pilot Escort - if anything, it's beefier. We're talking Escorts so the Beef is lean but it wasn't so lean that I couldn't tank a Dranuur Gauntlet Advanced on my first flight out and I did at least as well as I ever do in a Procyon V when things aren't so pretty on the next flight out (how's that for luck on my first 2 Randoms..).

So anyway.. Pilot Escort was my first T6... it's still top in my roster due to this surprise find at the Fleet Starbase. It's scalable, too! Which.. could be cool for my next newb..

I haven't been as happy with a ship since my first T6 as I have been with my last 2, by far! It's just a great feeling  : D The last 3 out of 4 ships I've tried, I reaaaally liked, as far as that goes. The newest Sci Event ship was ok to try but I wasn't too in to it. The Trait it has looks (haven't tried it out yet) very good though and I've already got it slotted on my second main to try out.

My second main ship, which I can't believe I put it in the garage already to try out the Magee who now does not want to be garaged, is, the Recon Destroyer. If you liked the S'torr Event ship... Check this one out. 1.) You won't look like you're flying an Event ship. 2.) it's very, very, similar but has a lot nicer shield bonus and a lil less power to weapons and a tad less maneuverability but is still plenty maneuverable to me (14 vs. 16 I think). Very comparable in seating and consoles, too.

<3 my new ships! Had to share the joy  : ) Still have 1 left I haven't even tried. The Fleet Battlecruiser for my second main/torps/sci guy. Yes, I have a lot of free Fleet Modules from Tier 6 Rep... I never really looked at fleet ships before, I'm glad they did that (gave fleet modules away for reaching rep tier vi).

They seem to have someone new doing art in the game, too. *shrug* it looks from better - way better recently in places, to me. Captain Tilly was a big improvement I thought, for example.
City of Heroes / Re: 15th Anniversary of City of Heroes - Sunday, April 28th, 2019
« Last post by pogoman on February 16, 2019, 09:26:40 PM »
I'm really considering doing a special episode of Paragon Radio that night, on top of our usual Friday night show that week! :)
Activities / Re: Winter Formal: February 9th, 2019
« Last post by pogoman on February 16, 2019, 09:25:05 PM »
Yay!! Proof I FINALLY made it to one of these events after promoting it on Paragon Radio!
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