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Announcements / Re: Paragon Chat Patch Notes
« Last post by Codewalker on Today at 01:19:07 AM »
Patch notes for version
Update branch: Release
Release date: 19 Nov 2017

  • Fix phantom half-working trick or treating.

  • Adjusted timing for the "Winter's Gift" event. Instead of 12/7 through the morning of 1/7, the event now starts on 12/6 and ends at 6AM UTC on 1/6. This more closely follows the original intent of the event ending after the 12th day of Christmas.
Task Force Hail Mary / Re: New efforts!
« Last post by Sinistar on Yesterday at 10:56:03 PM »
So now that MxM is sunsetting and Statesman and Ghost Widow aren't exactly tied to it, does that mean the deal for rights is sort of back on the table?

But would you trust them to be negotiating in good faith?  After the last rounds of talks were essentially stalled off, then they launched MxM with States and GW thus shafting the potential buyers, would you want to trust NCSoft?

Also ask Richard Garriott if he would trust them ;)
Comics and Other Media / Re: Flash Season Four
« Last post by MyriVerse on Yesterday at 08:27:31 PM »
Elongated Man isn't Plastic Man.  Plastic Man was far more zany.  A living cartoon.  That said, they've nailed Dibny in my opinion.
Yeah. Brain fart. My bad.
General Discussion / Re: Linux help, please
« Last post by Super Firebug on Yesterday at 04:59:02 PM »
Thanks. I'd guess that !0 is probably the best way to go, for something that would work in both Linux and Windows.

Now if only Wine worked perfectly, or game developers made Linux versions (in the spirit of the '90s, when games were routinely issued for several different OSs), so that I didn't need Windows for MMOs. Since the successor projects are of a mentality similar to Linux's - "Screw you; we'll make our own" - it'd be wonderful if they also made Linux versions, so that my computer could be completely free of Redmond. (I'm not holding my breath, of course.)
Comics and Other Media / Re: Punisher
« Last post by Vee on Yesterday at 04:10:52 PM »
The Gifted is the only one I wouldn't (yet) call truly terrible, it's just boring. Well unless we count izombie which i actually like, wynonna earp which i liked s1 ok but haven't watched 2 yet and outcast, which is again, just boring.
Icon / Icon loads, but unable to do anything in it
« Last post by Godlike on Yesterday at 03:18:19 PM »
clicking on everything does nothing. it gives the appearance that it will work as states change on things on mouseover, but actually clicking anything acts like nothing is happening. i don't understand this. how can i fix it?
Comics and Other Media / Re: Justice League (Possible Spoilers)
« Last post by MyriVerse on Yesterday at 02:53:25 PM »
Generally, I found the movie to be quite entertaining, but the plot was horribly simplistic and rife with holes. Steppenwolf's mission seemed way too easy for him.

Okay, Batsy. Superman is a beacon. But how?! So far, the whole franchise has only shown Supes is good for one thing: punches. That's not what makes Superman a beacon. These writers seem utterly incapable of showing "how," so they simple tell us. I guess part of this blame goes to Cavill, as well.

The last things that should be changed about this movie are Flash and Aquaman. They saved Justice League from being more overly depressing crap.

They probably should have used a live actor for Steppenwolf.
Announcements / Re: Press Release: Paragon Chat Realignment
« Last post by Godlike on Yesterday at 02:36:31 PM »
literally tens of minutes!  :o
General Discussion / Re: Linux help, please
« Last post by MyriVerse on Yesterday at 02:32:08 PM »
Anything but alphanumerics are ignored as a part of the collation rules. Beginning with a "0" is your best option, unless you wanted to change those rules.
Technical Support / cannot connect to XMPP, even with firewall disabled?
« Last post by Godlike on Yesterday at 02:31:53 PM »
not sure what is going on with this. i've tried adding the app to white list, setting exceptions to everything, disabling my firewall, and even shutting it completely off. it still will not connect. i've also tried changing my password through the titan network site and using the new password.

nothing is working. help please?

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