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Comics and Other Media / Re: Doctor Who season... 11?
« Last post by MyriVerse on Today at 12:31:54 PM »
IMO, that was the best of the season, with eps 2-9 as nothing but filler.

Not even sure I'm looking forward to the New Years ep.

Okay, who am I fooling? Of course I am. But only because I'm a nerd.

Spoiler for Hidden:
Tzim Sha was really the only good villain the whole season. The Doctor needs to get over this sillystupid "no kill" nonsense. Graham was awesome... until flaking out at the end. Ryan was actually pretty good. Yaz may as well not exist.
Comics and Other Media / Re: Avengers: Endgame Trailer
« Last post by Mandu on Today at 12:26:40 PM »
The first trailer is always a sort of non trailer.  They just give you a couple hints.  This one provided Ant Man escaped the quantum realm, but he has done that on his own before so not surprising. Shuri is missing and presumed dusted. Hawkeye has become Ronin.

The next one will probably feature some action scene that won't be in the movie and is completely misleading. Just like the Avengers 1 trailer did with Hulk.
Comics and Other Media / Re: Elseworlds Crossover
« Last post by Mandu on Today at 12:21:23 PM »
I'm actually going to wait till all 3 episodes have been broadcast before watching this year.

Every year the CW makes better Justice League movies than the DCEU version.
It just worked for me at 620 Central Standard Time, USA.
That's weird. It's working fine for me.

Just spit-balling here. But assuming you have a forum account there, maybe you should try logging in from a different computer that's not logged into the forums? That way you can determine whether or not it's a problem with your forum account.


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Comics and Other Media / Elseworlds Crossover
« Last post by Dev7on on Today at 02:50:51 AM »
So this crossover this year is interesting. So a psychiatrist have some kind of magic book that can manipulate really.
General / Re: Technical side discussion
« Last post by spectre1989 on Today at 12:53:59 AM »
Ok so as there turns out, there's a fair few defs which have both an obj (so therefore a model?) as well as groups. There were quite a few, so if you're interested there's a pastebin here.

On the question of whether a geobin can directly include a model from a geo which also has a corresponding geobin (rather than including a def from the corresponding geobin) - yes, all the time.

One last interesting finding was that there's a single def in all of the geobins which has an obj field which doesn't actually exist in defnames.
Comics and Other Media / Re: Avengers: Endgame Trailer
« Last post by therain93 on Yesterday at 10:16:22 PM »
It was kind of a non-trailer, so yes,  I think we're all wanting more
Champions Online / Re: Must be High Noon
« Last post by MyriVerse on Yesterday at 09:07:11 PM »
Snake Gulch surplus offering to you guys first if anyone's interested:

Quicksilver Aura: Back (wings) - like wings of liquid silver

Costume pieces:

Eye Patch (x4)
Sickle (x2)
Large 6-pointed Sheriff Star
Medals (at least x2 of each)
- Crown (round, hanging from a ribbon)
- Flower (pentagonal w/ hanging ribbon)
- Prize (hexagonal w/ hanging ribbon)
- Star (round w/ star etching and hanging ribbon)
- Sun (kind of sun shaped w/ horizontal ribbon)
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