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Comics and Other Media / Re: Arthur's talking to fish.
« Last post by Tenzhi on Yesterday at 06:09:14 AM »
I think I might like him as Aquaman, but his hair and beard will continue to bug me.

And did they make his brother straight up blonde?
Comics and Other Media / Re: Luke Cage season 2
« Last post by Night-Hawk07 on Yesterday at 06:05:01 AM »
Felt about the same to me, more actual content than the latter part of s1 but the eps also seemed longer. but at least it wasn't 2 episodes stretched into 13 like j.jones s2.

Yeah. I finished Luke Cage season 2 in, like, 3 days. I started Jessica Jones season 2 a month or so ago, and I'm only about halfway through.... It's definitely not keeping my attention like season 1 did.
Comics and Other Media / Re: Marvel's Cloak & Dagger
« Last post by Tenzhi on Yesterday at 06:03:03 AM »
I think I liked the Ivan episode better.
Spoiler for Hidden:
Tandy's flashback seemed to drag on and lacked relevance.  And the reveal about her father was an eyeroller for me.  That it pushed her to strike a deal where she gives up her leverage for money just made it worse.  Yeah, that corrupt suit you humiliated and threatened who has assassins on call will totally call it even and move on now...
Comics and Other Media / Young Justice season 3
« Last post by Mandu on Yesterday at 05:53:38 AM »
I don't want to subscribe to the DC channel because of Titans.  But I have to subscribe because of Young Justice
Comics and Other Media / Arthur's talking to fish.
« Last post by Mandu on Yesterday at 05:39:42 AM »
Comics and Other Media / Shazam!
« Last post by Mandu on Yesterday at 05:36:47 AM »
Lighthearted entertainment and bright colors?  I guess that Titans trailer drained away all the darkness and angst in the DC cinematic universe long enough to get this movie made.
Comics and Other Media / Re: Marvel's Cloak & Dagger
« Last post by Mandu on Yesterday at 05:10:05 AM »
It was the best episode yet although yes the trope was predictable.  Both of them.  I just hope they tie up both the Roxxon and dirty cop storylines and don't drag them through season 2.  I know they can do it but I doubt they will. 

I liked the reference to Misty. At least they aren't pretending they are in a completely unrelated universe.
The biggest problem with Inhumans is that Medusa was just plain a bad actor in a horrible costume and yet they had her carrying the majority of the plot.  Plus the strength and functioning of all their powers varied from episode to episode.  Crystal wasn't bad.  Karnak was fine and I even thought the difference in his abilities between the comic and show made great sense.  Overall it was bad writing and bad acting (or over acting) that killed it.

Titans on the other hand from that preview makes Inhumans look like Black Panther.  I'm not even going to go into the bad costumes and horrible effects.  So let's stick with the characters.
1.) Robin acts like Damian Wayne.
2.) Raven is a simpering little girl?  Um no.  Raven is supposed to be the most in control of her emotions of the entire group.  After all if she loses control she could destroy the world.
3.) Dove. The character's entire powers and philosophy revolve around being non violent and winning confrontations by turning her opponents violence against themselves.  And they introduce her basically chopping off a guys leg with razor wings.
Other Games / Re: Star Trek Online
« Last post by Xev on Yesterday at 03:40:29 AM »
I'm @toonsquad...

CLR—Infected Space[5:19]— Dmg(DPS) —Luckshot@toonsquad 13,917,064(44,041) Viscount@iruparattsosama 11,963,133(37,858) S'ecksi@sigankiuran 10,780,785(33,902) Cerule@nemesis#4246 6,618,380(21,419) Serenity@fwx2556 4,727,674(14,867)

That, while not a spectacular parse compared to some... is possibly my best.

I can't tell for sure, though, because uploads are disabled due to the Hurg summonable pets bug!

That's my second to the last toon. Tac(tical). He's in all store-bought crafted gear, and, Fleet gear in the above parse. You know, the easiest gear to get. Some of it's Gold (3 DBB's that probably should be 3 DHC's), all of it's MK XV. Pilot Escort.

Ugh and I can't upload : /

Usually... I only hit ~ 33k on all my toons at best.
General / Re: How do I know if I did this right?
« Last post by Codewalker on Yesterday at 02:21:51 AM »
That's the problem right there. You're using your own XMPP account. So you'll only be able to see people who are using the server, which as far as I know is no one.

Remove that and just enter 'Dr. Saturn' in the XMPP account name field, and the same password you use for the forums. It will automatically change it to use the Titan XMPP server, which is where most people who use Paragon Chat hang out.
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