Author Topic: Duplicate Toons From 11.5 Patch  (Read 3937 times)


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Duplicate Toons From 11.5 Patch
« on: April 21, 2008, 10:18:14 PM »
As many of you are aware, the 11.5 Patch that broke the TNT and the HS Applications created numerous invalid Characters in both the Citygametracker and Cityinfoterminal Rosters, before the Scanning software in those Apps were updated.  We've seen these Characters appear under UserID's of 0 and -1, both of which are invalid User Account Numbers.  After a little pruning, we've successfully removed all of the Invalid Characters from our Database.

A result of this, as some of you might come across, is the rollback of certain Character Data (specifically showing on CGT).  The reason for this is that when the Invalid Toon was created, that Toon ID was marked for each Update on that specific Character.  Thus leaving the real Character to be left untouched from that point forward.  Erasing the Invalid Toon thus rid the most recent Updates, and now some of the Characters are showing the oldest Update prior to the Duplication.  Simply playing these Toons with the TNT or HS Apps running will update them, though.

Should anyone notice anything in their Accounts that was not there before and does not belong, or any duplications that may still occur, please let us know.  We apologize for any inconvenience this purging of Data may have caused anyone and thank you for your understanding in regards to this matter.