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IT Channel Sales position open
« on: July 23, 2015, 07:37:19 PM »
Yeah, I know. This isn't really what most of you would prefer to read here.
But, some of you are out of work, sadly. And who wouldn't want to improve their current position if they could?

This position is your basic on the road sales position for a young company. No CRM to deal with, other than Excel, or Outlook if that's what you'd prefer to use.

Territories are pretty much open, except for North Alabama and Southwest Georgia.

How big is a territory? As big as you can cover with a car. Car expenses are reimbursed at the IRS rates.

Comp is 80K, plus 2% commission, uncapped.

The company hiring is called Nfina. All roads to Nfina come through me. Contacting them directly will get you referred to me, so might as well just send me a PM.

The primary criteria for this position is IT Channel Sales development. Secondary criteria are a passion for technology, proven sales methodology (must be able to articulate it) and experience being on the road, and some direct selling experience.

Products sold are servers and storage solutions.

Questions? Feel free to ask me.
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