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Fire Snaked
« on: October 21, 2015, 02:27:45 PM »
I'm so glad Deeps hasn't been my main for awhile. I played him almost exclusively for a solid year and never really got burnt out on him I just got into newb mode.

Went back to play him this morning for the first time since the CDR nerf and seeing those new recharge times.. It was kinda sad. He didn't have uber recharge to begin with - just CDR gear, probably 20 or less int I have to check. Just enough to have perma Fire Snakes and be able to lay down fire patches fairly regularly.

Now I can fire off a fire patch ~ every other fight and I don't have my Fire Snake following me around all the time anymore. Small stuff maybe but it throws everything off for me. Fire feels more pew-pew without the pew-pew, now. I dunno.. I mean, the thing with Fire used to be adding up a lot of small pieces to make a big piece and now the machine doesn't run right.

I can play other toons and Deeps can still get through Alurts fine but coming from someone who played a toon with a lot of powers from the Fire powerset like I did I can tell you that Fire used to be funner to me.

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