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Re: Super Fire Dragon Gets Some Seoul
« Reply #20 on: February 06, 2017, 03:34:50 AM »
“I still don’t trust him.”  Kolissa confided in Super Fire Dragon as the two returned to Super Fire Dragon’s hotel room.
“Hang-on, I think I left the water boiling.”  Super Fire Dragon said as he scanned the room for listening devices.
“Oh, I keep forgetting about that.”  Kolissa confessed.
“We’re clear.”  SFD announced.
“Clear of what?”  Kolissa asked.
“Oh sorry, that’s an industry term.  It means that we are not being recorded or filmed.”  SFD explained.
“So no bugs, but how do you know about terms like ‘We’re Clear’?”  Kolissa asked.
“Come on, Booby, I was a director at one time.”  SFD reminded Kolissa.
“Oh that.  You directed a video we used against The Resistance.  That doesn’t make you a Hollywood insider.”  Kolissa said.
“Everybody’s a critic.”  SFD said as he flopped down on the sofa in his room.
“Dragon.”  Kolissa said exasperated.
“Anyway, the security was plenty scared.  If he had a super-power-interference field generator you can bet that he would have used the thing.”  SFD explained.
“So either he wasn’t behind my abduction or the generator wasn’t in his office.”  Kolissa said.
“Ok, maybe the generator is kept elsewhere, maybe it is being used on another hero, but chances are that he would have one in his office for protection.”  SFD explained.
“Ok, ok, you’re right, but we don’t know if he was behind the listening devices.”  Kolissa reminded.
“He didn’t mention the listening devices in my room, but hinted that they are everywhere.”  SFD said.
“Well, being the Security Chief he probably knows all about the listening devices.”  Kolissa insisted.
“I concede that point, but he seemed surprised when you mentioned Moe Liverman.”  SFD replied.
“Also, he didn’t mention Big Stud or the documents.”  Kolissa listed.
“Right.  Can you get abducted again and get more information?”  SFD asked.
Kolissa picked up the nearby phone directory and threw it at him.  The dragon ducked.
“This calls for thinking Brandy.”  SFD said as he bound to his feet.
“We are sure that Big Stud is a double-agent.  She is pretending to work for us while working for somebody else, but who?”  Kolissa asked.
“You mean ‘but whom’, Kolissa.”  SFD said while pouring a healthy amount into his trusty Brandy Snifter.
“Dragon, don’t make me come over there.”  Kolissa shot back.
“Think, woman, what did the abductors want, what did they say?”  SFD said trying to find any scrap of a hint of a clue to this puzzle.
“Well let’s see, they wanted to know who I was working for…Dragon, they didn’t know who Ms. Liberty is.”  Kolissa remembered.
“The Security Chief called Ms. Liberty to confirm my identity.”  SFD exclaimed.
“Breakthrough!”  Kolissa announced.
“Yes, when I mentioned Ms. Liberty in front of Big Stud …”  SFD started.
“She acted as though she knew about her.”  Kolissa exclaimed.
“Big Stud is not working for the abductors.”  SFD continued.
“My abductors are a ‘red herring’ as it were.”  Kolissa said.
“Yes, you were abducted by a bunch of nut-jobs with no connection to the Atlas Park Plot.”  SFD stated.
“This is good news.  Wait, why am I happy to be a victim of random street crime?”  Kolissa said confused.
“You’re asking me?”  SFD said impersonating Umbral Schrumbral he Jewish Warshade.
They both laughed.
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Re: Super Fire Dragon Gets Some Seoul
« Reply #21 on: February 19, 2017, 10:44:01 AM »
“So what do we know?” Super Fire Dragon asked sipping his Brandy.
“Super Fire Dragon Crunch really is good cereal.”  Kolissa said while eating breakfast.
“Yes, they’re great, just great.”  SFD said playing along.
“Ok, ok, let’s see.  The Security Chief seems to be honest.  Big Stud seems tricky.  And you seem preoccupied.”  Kolissa analyzed.
“You’re right.  Kolissa, I’m on a secret mission apart from your mission assigned by Ms. Liberty.”  SFD confessed.
“My mission from Ms. Liberty was to be your companion on this trip.  What’s your mission?”  Kolissa asked.
“My mission is to kill you.”  SFD blurted out.
“What?”  Kolissa asked in shock.
“April fools!”  SFD laughed.
“Dragon, that wasn’t funny.”  Kolissa admonished.
“You should have seen the look on your face.”  SFD laughed.
“Dragon!  Oh, you make me so mad sometimes.”  Kolissa raised her voice.
“You were all, ‘What?’, it was priceless.”  SFD continued laughing.
“Dragon, it’s a good thing that your toggles are on.”  Kolissa threatened.
“You know Necrophillia is in prison for that little stunt you pulled with Fred?”  SFD asked.
“It couldn’t have happened to a nicer super.”  Kolissa remarked.
“Well, I like Necrophillia.”  SFD stated.
“Really, Dragon?  I had no idea.”  Kolissa replied.
“No, not like-like-like, but more like like as a friend.”  SFD tried to explain.
“Necrophilla and Super Fire Dragon sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G.”  Kolissa said in sing-song.
“Kolissa, knock it off.”  SFD replied.
“Necrophilla and Super Fire Dragon sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G.”  Kolissa repeated in sing-song.
“Kolissa, you should have been a tanker; you have that taunt down.”  SFD rejoined.
“Look, whatever happened to Fred was his own fault.  And in my opinion, they should have thrown away the key a long time ago when it comes to Necrophillia.”  Kolissa explained.
“Well, you’re probably right about Necrophillia.”  SFD replied.
“Damn straight.”  Kolissa said.
They both laughed.
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Re: Super Fire Dragon Gets Some Seoul
« Reply #22 on: May 04, 2017, 03:45:33 AM »
“Have you thought up a plan yet; that is your third brandy.”  Kolissa scolded.
“Look, it’s a process.  You can’t rush genius.”  Super Fire Dragon replied sipping his brandy.
“How about we charge in the enemy base and …”  Kolissa suggested.
“Ha!  I wish it were that simple.”  SFD countered.
“There has to be something we can do.”  Kolissa said.
“I’m doing it.”  SFD stated.

Kolissa never liked just sitting around doing nothing.  She likes to plan a trap and spring it on her prey.  Like the time she kidnapped Necrophillia, that was brilliant.  Her favorite things to do are to be on a team of supers and provide support by buffing her team members.  She thought back to those times when using her dart gun motivated people.  “That stupid dragon needs a dart.”  She thought, but realized that he still has his toggles on.  If she knew who to attack that would help, a lot.

Super Fire Dragon sipped his brandy, gently warming it with his paws.  Brandy should be an enhancement or at least an inspiration.  Yes, the brandy power!  What a great idea.  Getting back to this mission, why did Ms. Liberty send Kolissa with him?  She is such a drag.  She never seems to appreciate his sense of humor.  She doesn’t even drink brandy---warm---sweet brandy.  Oh well, more for the dragon.

There was a knock at the door.
“No, don’t get up.  I’ll answer it.”  Kolissa said sarcastically at the dragon who was undisturbed by the sudden visitor at the door.
“I come to see if you need your help.”  Big Stud mangled.
“Come in, come in.”  Kolissa answered.
“Look, I can only stay a minute.  I have important news.”  BS continued making her way to the couch where SFD was still sitting.
“Big Stud, always a pleasure.  Do sit down.  Tell the dragon all your troubles.”  SFD said feeling the effects of the brandy.
“Dragon!”  Kolissa said sharply.
“I overheard a plot against you two.”  BS said as she settled next to SFD, but not too close.
The dragon was smiling at Big Stud trying to make eye contact with her.  Big Stud nervously glanced around the room, her eyes darting back and forth.  Kolissa noticed that the dragon was in lover-boy mode, but she also noticed that Big Stud seemed more on edge than usual.

“Big Stud, tell me about this plot you overheard.”  Kolissa ordered.
“No, lets go into my bedroom where there is more privacy.”  SFD suggested trying to wink, but blinking instead.
“Dragon, is there a matter with your eyes?  You blink like that.”  BS asked.
“No, he just had too much brandy.”  Kolissa informed.
“Never mind her, she’s jealous.  Want to see my stamp collection; I keep it in the bedroom?”  SFD asked blinking his eyes rapidly.
“Dragon, are you trying to seduce me?”  BS asked shocked.
“Better you than me that’s for sure.”  Kolissa chimed-in.
“Kolissa, don’t worry, you’ll get your turn.”  SFD slurred.

“Meet me tomorrow, after he sobers up and I will bring the details about the plot.”  BS said walking towards the door.
“Well ok, where should we meet?”  Kolissa asked.
“We will always have Kings Row.”  SFD said before falling asleep.
“The old town square, by the water fountain.  Try to not be followed.”  BS instructed and left Super Fire Dragon’s hotel room.

“Great, just great, what do I do with a dragon passed-out on the couch and listening devices in my room, great, just great?”  Kolissa asked no one.
“Hey, that’s my line.”  The dragon woke just long enough to remark about what Kolissa said and pass-out again.
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Re: Super Fire Dragon Gets Some Seoul
« Reply #23 on: May 18, 2017, 02:32:14 AM »
Bursting through the door, Kolissa used a ladle as a drumstick and a 2 quart saucepan as a drum.  Waking with a surprised snort, the dragon gave a blast of breath of fire.

“Dragon!”  Kolissa shouted singed.
“Sorry, Kolissa.  I had to kill that Red Cap Fiend who was pounding on my head.”  SFD replied.
“That was no Red Cap that was me trying to wake you up.  Now, I’m burnt to a crisp!”  Kolissa complained.
“Ow, that explains why my head still hurts.  Why are you in my room?”
“I came in to wake you, it’s past noon, and we’re not getting any closer to solving this case.”
“But that doesn’t explain why you were pounding on my head.”  SFD demanded.
“I wasn’t.  You had too much Brandy last night.”  Kolissa stated.
“Yes, the double-edged sword that is Brandy.  Ow.”  SFD mumbled.

“I’ll get changed, you get ready and we’ll meet back here in an hour.”  Kolissa ordered.
“No!  I’ll get ready; you get changed, and meet me back here in an hour.”  SFD ordered.
“That’s what I just said.”  Kolissa replied.
“No excuses.”
“Dragon!”  Kolissa fired.
“You’re wasting time, ow.”  SFD retorted.

Kolissa turned and walked away.  She couldn’t deal with the dragon when he gets like this.  She sighed as she passed the hall mirror, another good Arachnos Costume ruined.  Lord Recluse used to supply her with all the costumes she could destroy, but now that she’s a hero the costumes don’t come cheap.  ICON doesn’t even carry her size.  Fortunately she knows a way to the Rogue Isles where she can attack a Fortunata trainee and take her costume.  Sure that might not be all heroic on the up-and-up, but sometimes one must bend the rules.  After all, a hero MUST look good. 

Super Fire Dragon taking his shower, flossing his fangs and oiling his wings suddenly had the flash of brilliance that the Brandy was supposed to induce last night.  Wrapping a towel around his lower wet body, he ran after Kolissa.  She had already left the hotel room.  “Oh well”, thought the little dragon, “she’ll be back in an hour.”  Glancing down at his wrist watch.  “Fifteen minutes!  I better hurry.”  SFD continued.  After rushing around getting ready, and straightening up his hotel room, he was ready to tell Kolissa his break through idea.  Would she be ready to hear it?
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Re: Super Fire Dragon Gets Some Seoul
« Reply #24 on: May 24, 2017, 03:20:08 AM »
There was a knock at the door.  Why Kolissa bothered to knock was more out of habit than courtesy.  Super Fire Dragon walked towards the door, and Kolissa walked in.

“Oh hey Kolissa, about time you showed up.”  SFD snapped trying to put Kolissa off her game.
“So’s your old man.”  Kolissa replied knowing how to deflect the verbal abuse that was sometimes Super Fire Dragon.
“Sit down, I have a plan and you’re going to love it.”  SFD beamed ignoring the playful banter.
“Ok, Dragon, what’s up?”  Kolissa asked sitting on the couch.
“What this mission needs, why didn’t I think of this earlier, what this mission needs is villainy.”  SFD said excited.
“No!  I’m not stealing diamonds!  We’ve been through all this before!”  Kolissa shouted jumping to her feet and nearly banging her head on the ceiling.
“Kolissa, I understand, but this is different.  Please sit down.”  SFD replied.
“How is this any different?”  Kolissa asked not sure what to make of this latest attempt to get her to steal diamonds.
“Well for starters, there are other things besides diamonds that you could … borrow … without asking first.”  SFD said meekly.

Kolissa’s mind raced.  Stealing gold or silver, rubies or emeralds were about the same as stealing diamonds, just not as nice and sparkly.  Diamonds are so nice.  Their clear white color with polished facets set off her red and black Arachnos costume perfectly.  The way the colors danced in her eyes when she looked at them, oh sweet diamonds.
“What do you want me to … borrow … without asking first?”  Kolissa asked echoing the dragon.
“Secrets, plans, documents, orders, in short, evidence.”  SFD said his dark black eyes getting the biggest Kolissa had ever seen.
“Interesting.”  Kolissa cooed, her thoughts of diamonds faded quickly as she imagined skillfully gathering evidence.
“You can start at the Security Chief’s office.  Try to find who is behind the missing heroes.”  SFD explained.
“Let’s see, I’ll need a spy camera, access to a cloud web site, an alibi and of course several uninterrupted minutes in his office.”  Kolissa planned out loud.
“We will start working out the details right away, but first let’s have lunch.  I haven’t had any cheese in days and days.”  SFD replied.
“Dragon, you had cheese fondue with cheese cocktails and cheese sandwiches last night with your Brandy.”  Kolissa complained.
“Yes, that was last night, days ago.  Try to keep up.”  SFD admonished.
“Oh bother.”  Kolissa sighed.
“Come along, the cheese waits for no dragon.”  SFD said opening the door.
“Great, just great.”  Kolissa mumbled as she walked out the door.
“It’s not all that bad, deary.”  SFD said.
They both laughed.
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Re: Super Fire Dragon Gets Some Seoul
« Reply #25 on: June 11, 2017, 10:37:52 PM »
“My associate and I have been here…”  Kolissa began.
“The Dragon?”  Big Stud asked interrupting.
“Yes, the dragon.  We were wondering if we could attend some sort of dinner, or party, something official.”  Kolissa asked.
“Oh, right, you have visited from Amerika, you should have State Dinner, but most people find those boring and dull.  Why would you want to go?”  Big Stud asked suspicious.
“Oh, deary, I know how dull those parties can be, let me tell you, but we need to mingle with the higher ups.  The company we represent needs to get to know those who are in-charge, you understand.”  Kolissa charmed.

One might be very surprised just how charming Kolissa can be.  Some people believe that it is her confusion power.  Others think that it must be the Arachnos in her that is tricky and duplicitous.  I’m guessing that it is just another one of her super-abilities.

The arrangements were made and soon it was a few hours before the State Function.
“But the baseball shirt is more comfortable.”  Super Fire Dragon complained.
“Deary, this party isn’t about your comfort, remember?”  Kolissa insisted.
“Ok, this dragon will wear the monkey suit.”  SFD replied.
“Technically, a monkey suit is a tuxedo, but whatever Dragon.”   Kolissa stated.
“Ok, do YOU remember the signal?”  SFD asserted.
“Yes, yes, Dragon.  When you have the breath of fire attack, I sneak out.  We’ve been over this twelve times, mostly trying to get you to remember it.  After all, it was my plan.”  Kolissa snapped back.
“Well it won’t work.”  SFD said.
“What?!?”  Kolissa asked stunned.
“Psych!”  SFD laughed.
“Dragon!  Be serious, if I get caught … “  Kolissa explained.
“I never heard of you.”  SFD shot back.
“I hate you Dragon.”  Kolissa bantered back.
“Look, we got this.  If all else fails, use your powers.”  SFD said.
“Yeah, what could happen, we’re supers.”  Kolissa remarked.

There was a knock at the door.
“Just a minute!”  SFD shouted in a high falsetto voice.
“Dragon, what are you doing?”  Kolissa asked.
“Hey, I haven’t had any cheese in a while, I panicked.
They both laughed.
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Re: Super Fire Dragon Gets Some Seoul
« Reply #26 on: August 03, 2017, 02:35:33 AM »
Opening the door, Kolissa let Big Stud in.
“Who was that woman I heard?”  Big Stud asked.
“I had a frog in my throat.”  Super Fire Dragon said.
“Let me see.  Maybe I can remove frog.”  Big Stud offered.
“Dragon, where did you get a frog, and why didn’t you give me any?”  Kolissa asked playfully.
“I swallowed it already.  Remember Kolissa, you ate yours last night.”  SFD countered.
“I’m thinking, Dragon win that one.”  Big Stud commented.
“Yes, and he gets very annoying at times, too.”  Kolissa complained.

They trio made their way through the spacious corridors of the classy hotel to the equally classy grand ball room.  Kolissa was wearing a black evening gown with red stash tied around her small waist.  The dragon was wearing a black suit coat with matching black tie.  His white dress shirt offset his black dress shoes.  Kolissa insisted that he wear black dress trousers with suspenders. 
“I feel like Webster at one of George’s award dinners.”  SFD claimed.
“You look like Webster at one of George’s award dinners.”  Kolissa shot back.
“Thanks, Kolissa, I can always count on you.”  SFD returned fire.
“He looks more like ALF to me.”  Big Stud stated.
They all laughed.
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Re: Super Fire Dragon Gets Some Seoul
« Reply #27 on: August 20, 2017, 04:33:02 AM »
After the introduction were made, and after the dragon had made bad jokes at the expense of those present, the evening started.

The guests were served a small garden salad consisting of leaves of lettuce, strings of carrots cut lengthwise, rings of onions and a croton.  Next, they were served a piece of chicken breast that had been boiled and steamed broccoli with a diner roll.  Dessert was a small dish of raspberry sherbet with a spree of mint.  Brandy was served after dinner.

The dragon made conversation discussing those times where he helped to save Paragon City.  To hear him recount the exploits of him and his team, one might get the impression that his team was more of a burden than actual assistance on those missions.  When Super Fire Dragon begun telling the story of how he brought in the great Kolissa, she had heard enough.  Kolissa listed in detail all the times that SFD needed and received help from her and others on their teams.

“I liked my version better, babe.”  SFD remarked.
“How many times have I told you not to call me ‘babe’?  I’m not your babe.”  Kolissa shouted.
The two jumped to their feet to face off, which always looked silly.  Kolissa is a slender 8 foot tall while Super Fire Dragon is a chunky 4 foot tall with wings.  Kolissa made some insulting remark about the dragon.  SFD sneezed breath of fire.  Kolissa ran-off.

“I trust that we won’t be bothered by her again.”  SFD said.
They all laughed.
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Re: Super Fire Dragon Gets Some Seoul
« Reply #28 on: September 03, 2017, 08:12:21 PM »
This reminded her of the old days.  Oh the fun; sneaking around corners, picking locks, dodging surveillance cameras and escaping with the goods.  This time the goods were not for some shady contact or sleazy newspaper.  It wasn’t even for Lord Recluse himself.  It was for Ms. Liberty.  Although she never really got along with Ms. Liberty, she tried to be nice to her.  If you get on Ms. Liberty’s bad side, you might end-up in some far off land baby sitting a dunce like Super Fire Dragon.  She almost let out a yell at that last thought.  “I had better concentrate on this job more.”  Kolissa thought to herself.

Up a head was the door to the Security Chief’s office.
“Only two guards, they must not think to highly of the chief.”  Kolissa thought to herself with a chuckle.
Slinking up to the office door swinging her hips, Kolissa approached the guards.  “Just my luck, they’re females.”  Kolissa mumbled to herself.

“Hold it right there, girl.”  One of the guards demanded.
“Now ladies, I just came by to ask you a question.”  Kolissa said being charming.
“Look, we have orders to shoot.”  The other guard said.
“There’s no need for that, all I need to know is, where’s the powder room?”  Kolissa lied still approaching the guards.
“What?  Can’t you read?  There are signs everywhere.”  A guard replied.
“Yes, but you see, I don’t have any change, and I need something for my, you know.”  Kolissa said nearly in range.
“What are you talking about?”  One of the guards asked.
“You know, 월간주기”  The other guard said.
“Oh!”  The one guard said, and both guards laughed.

Kolissa was close enough and fired off confusion.  The two guards called each other names and started slapping each other.  Before it could progress to hair-pulling and biting, Kolissa picked the lock to the Security Chief’s office door.  She slipped in.  Turning on only a desk lamp that she brought down to the floor, Kolissa started examining various documents from various desk drawers.  It turns out that the Security Chief is into Gay Porn.  “What a creep!”  Kolissa said with disgust and almost out loud.

Meanwhile, back at the party Super Fire Dragon is the center of attention as he tells his stories.
“…And that is how I won the War of 1812.”  SFD said ending yet another long-winded, rambling, disjointed story about his heroics.
“Super Fire Dragon Sir, you are quite remarkable.”  An interested guest commented.
“I still don’t understand how you were able to trick the Roman Emperor.”  Another guest asked.
“Don’t you remember, he had King Henry the VIII of England to battle the Nazis?”  Another guest answered.
“Oh, that’s right.  And while they were busy, King Tut was able to get the Bolsheviks to back his coup.”  The second guest responded.
“Tell us another one.”  Another guest suggested.
“Yes, please.”  The first guest asked.
“Why certainly, but first I need a little liquid encouragement.”  SFD crossed to the honor bar.  He had his choice of several exceptional Brandies.  He filled his Brandy snifter with his favorite V.S.O.P. and headed back to the group he was before.

“Gentlemen, do you want to know how I single-handedly ended the hundreds’ year war or how I saved the stock market from another Monday crash?”  SFD said loving the attention.
“Tell us about the Clockwork King.”  Some guest said.  Kolissa had told a story where Super Fire Dragon needed her help rescuing him from the Clockwork King.
“Guards!  Throw that man out!”  The first guest demanded.
The security guards came and dragged the trouble-maker out by his arm pits.

“It was a cold black night, like any other.  I was fast asleep in my bed at my swanky penthouse apartment on Talos Island.  Several hours later, my alarm clock started making noise.  My first thought was that the clock was broken, but then I remembered setting the clock to sound at that very hour, the night before.”  SFD started his story.
“Wow, this is going to be a good one.”  A guest remarked
They all shushed him.

Now back to Kolissa, already searching the Security Chief’s office.
She couldn’t believe her eyes.  There it was staring right back at her in black and white.  It was shocking to say the least.  She quickly took several pictures of the document, and put the office back as she had found it.  Turning off the light and making her way to the door, she peered out the door.  The guards were back at their posts looking a little ragged as if they had been in a fight.

“Do NOT go in there!  I had Taco Bell for lunch!”  Kolissa shouted as she burst forth from the door.
The guards were stunned just long enough for them to hesitate before lifting their rifles.  Kolissa fired off confusion.  As she ran away, she could have sworn that she heard one of the guards say, “Oh no, not again!”
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Re: Super Fire Dragon Gets Some Seoul
« Reply #29 on: October 06, 2017, 04:26:32 AM »
Kolissa easily made her way back to her hotel room.  She silently printed out the various pictures she had taken with her phone.  She hid one set of photos behind a painting of a lovely landscape of South Korea.  Another group she hid behind the toilet.  And yet another set went under the mattress.  She would have to get one set FAX’ed to Ms. Liberty, but that will have to wait until the stupid dragon comes back from the party.  She waited.

Back at the party, the Security Chief was called away to the telephone.  The dragon was in the middle of another fantastic tale hip-hopping through human history.
“Where’s Kolissa?”  Someone asked interrupting the dragon’s story.
“She ran off.”
“Surely she has had time to change out of those singed garments.”
“Hey, that’s my partner you’re talking about.  Get your minds out of the gutter.”  Super Fire Dragon feigned indignity.
“We weren’t … “
The dragon threw his drink at the interrupting guest and stormed out.
“Idiot!  He was just getting to the good part about Queen Elizabeth and King Kong having an affair.”

“My guards were found mud wrestling, without mud, in front of my office.”  The Security Chief told the table of people where he had been sitting.
“Were they drunk, chief?”
“No.  I suspect foul play.  Foul play…named Kolissa.”  The Security Chief stated.
“Do you have any proof?”
“Proof?  I will either get some or make some.”  Security Chief yelled.
“Chief, lower your voice.”
“This party is over!”  Security Chief shouted drawing his sidearm.
People panicked for the doors.
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