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Introducing HERC
« on: May 15, 2016, 06:21:17 AM »
"Mirum omnibus, omni tempore"
To be awesome in all things, all of the time.

(Oh dear, it's a wall of text.) 

Want the Laconic Version?: Remember PERC?  We're reinventing it for Paragon Chat and other MMOs.
Want the TL;DR version?  Go watch a video.

Hi!  This is Tahquitz.  You might remember me from such events as the Anniversary Celebration we threw two+ weeks ago... and to be fair, for most of you that's about it.

What is this nonsense about?

In May, I thought I'd try my hand in event planning.  Along with volunteers from Paragon Chat Activities who trusted me to make it happen, we stepped up, got the word out, and made sure we had the details down to as few ambiguities as possible.  And it went very well.  But this post isn't about repeating what was already said in three other threads.  As that would get old, quickly.

The team was named AP33R3S, or the "Atlas Park 33 Revelry, Remembrance & Reunion Society".  This way, Titan Network was not named in event materials, so if we stepped out of line some way or another (or the event turned out to be a complete flop), they wouldn't be involved.  And in doing this, there was a bit of initial confusion and doubt.  It could be from a number of areas: Paragon Chat wasn't available last year so this was a first of sorts, to boot nobody knew who the heck I was, Paragon Chat had an excellent response on opening then except for RP use in Pocket D we have an empty Atlas Park on most nights, and finally the short notice worked against my initial plans (one month isn't long enough to do much for planning an eight hour event without making a personal life and work life suffer a bit... I know this now).  Plenty of lessons to learn.

So after it was over, we asked ourselves, "What's next?"  The obvious answer was that we wanted to come back next year and do it again.  And I will make damn sure there's a party next year to come to.  Future ones as well, sure, but one year at a time folks.  (Maybe someone else wants to run it one year?  I'm open to that too.)

But what about before then?  Do we just sit around and wait for next April to get together?  Are we going to lose the momentum we gained from then?

My answer is No. 

This was the first thing I asked for when I joined Titan Network as a Moderator: I want to make this group semi-official.  After some tweaking here and polish there, I am pleased to announce AP33R3S's next phase.  We're retiring that name and adopting the moniker of Hero Event Resource Committee (H.E.R.C.) (HERC? Hercules? Titan?  Nah, forget it.)  You're looking at the new thread for HERC business in the Community area.

I thought this would be a good time to introduce what it is and how it works:

What HERC Does:

  • We're all minions.  Even me. There's a lot of work to do to pull these things off.  I intend to get my hands just as dirty as anybody else.
  • Our mission is to support Paragon Chat. Right now, our primary focus is Paragon Chat as we plan to do quarterly events (at a minimum) on the client every year.  We've tried in prior years to get events happening in other games, but with our limited volunteer base we are focusing only on Paragon Chat for now.  If/when a Plan Z project makes it to daylight, we'll reassess this stance when it happens.
  • Our volunteers are Titan Network users.  If you want to help at an event, you can without joining HERC.  You get the same pay working at an event as we do.  (Isn't volunteering great?)
  • We're flexible.  If you do wish to join us, HERC Representatives do not need necessarily serve at every single event... wiggle room for Real Life is available of course.  They work across activities: scheduling, social media, organization, etc.  You choose your level of involvement.
  • Paragon Chat's Street Team! HERC will also serve groups seeking to hold events on Paragon Chat on their own.  We can promote your events over Twitter and Facebook as well.

What HERC is not:

  • HERC is not a "party rental" group. ("Hey, I want you guys to throw an event in 2 hours so my girlfriend has people in Atlas Park for her birthday...") That isn't what we do.  Expect to do some of the work if you have an idea for an event you want to see come to fruition.  Also, lead time is important.  If you want us to throw an event in less than 14 days, we might pass on it.
  • All of our events are open to the public.  HERC cannot do 'private activities' as there is no function in Paragon Chat to allow for this.
  • HERC is not a part of Development activities, so our members do not have any knowledge of future Paragon Chat/Icon releases (unless a member is part of Prerelease Testing on their own accord) nor will any of us have "inside" news.
  • HERC is also not a social club.  While good rapport between HERC Reps is desired, ultimately we do have work to do.  There is a 'trial membership' on new members to see if you're able to carry out an activity or two over multiple events.  While we can help with preparation, it's up to you to carry out what you want to do.  If you want to sit on the sidelines and mingle, this might not be for you.
Finally, it needs to be said that HERC itself is not an official Titan Network project. We merely have their permission and support to run the committee here instead of somewhere else.  Because HERC is running an activity somewhere, that does not imply that Titan Network endorses or approves of what we're doing.

I serve as an advisor and a liaison between Titan Network staff and HERC, and I am solely responsible for the group's conduct and behavior.  This support may be changed or revoked at their discretion, so it's important for us to be good tenants.

So, why do this?

  • It's really fun on event day.  Like being on stage, there's a bit of "Performer's High" that can be attributed to running an event successfully.  I think that's a part of the reason why TheCape DJ's have been doing this kind of thing for as long as they have. (That, and they really like music.)
  • It builds the community.  By meeting up like this, we reconnect, we share, and we socialize a bit more than the forums can offer.  We have something to talk about that isn't focused outside of Titan Network for a change.
  • It shows off the capabilities of Paragon Chat.  Anyone who was at the last hour of the Anniversary Celebration can attest to that.  I can't guarantee that Codewalker will keep playing "god mode" at every event... he has other stuff to do.  But there are plans in the works to make events more interesting in the coming months. Some of the plans like our Player-Ran Missions involve people emulating parts of the game for a contest.  Some of the plans we're working on don't need players at all except as contestants.  (Stay tuned.)
  • I said it in the promo videos, and I meant it.  If there's a reason to join HERC, it's because you miss the community, period.  I think people miss it more than they let on these days.  Granted, it's not all wine, roses and folks telling us you-go-girl/atta-boy either.  We've made mistakes, faced complaints, and had resistance from people before the event day telling us it wouldn't work... but there's no avoiding any of that.  The best compliment, however, is one that I got from someone telling me that for a couple of hours they forgot that City of Heroes was shut down.  If that didn't put a smile on my face, then I've got a major problem.

Getting Involved

With all of that out of the way, if you're still interested then welcome to HERC!  The question left to answer: what would you like to do?

Attend a event in Paragon Chat?
Visit the Activities thread of Paragon Chat for the latest.

Attend one of HERC's Quarterly Events? 
We have a working schedule right here of events that are coming up this year.  A "Season" of HERC's events are from the Anniversary Celebration (April 28th) until Valentine's Day.

HERC Representatives are recruited at this time.  If you are interested in joining HERC, send Tahquitz a Private Message.

Any questions?  Feel free to ask them in the HERC thread.

Revised on February 19th, 2018 to reflect current practices.
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