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You're so sexah
« on: July 11, 2016, 06:09:37 PM »
CO is a sexy game. They have a comic book art form that took away from the realism for me at the beginning but now just adds to it - due to I fantasize I'm in a comic book when I'm playing. Sorta.

I have this new (ok.... Effing Huge...) display on loan and it has kinda taken me forever to tweak the picture. I finally got it after days but something still seemed off and then when I was cleaning up last night I ran across a nice, thick, gold plated connector cable with heavy round things on the ends and thought 'hey, lets try this!'.




CO is a sexy game, especially when you consider how low of system requirements it has. My machine is getting so old I won't even give its age.. It's by far the oldest PC I've built and ran since my first in the mid 80's. I *have* updated the video.. a couple of years ago.. And I can STILL run everything on max settings, no problemo.



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