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Re: I am back :(
« Reply #40 on: November 12, 2016, 09:58:34 PM »
You must reeeeeead, Angel. (This is the Z-Store description they give you before you buy. The AE description is similar/same).

I just bought an electric skillet. It's Teflon coated and advertises all over the box that it's 7 times more durable than standard Teflon coated pans. I had the thing 2 weeks and I can't even cook an egg in it. I often wonder, what could be 7x worse than this.

Sometimes even when you read they get you.


I dug up My CO ripoff. It didn't cost me any money and wasn't that big of a deal but... don't buy these. They don't work. Can't equip.

I will admit, that I did not read the description , I just looked for the sk I wanted and bought it.
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Re: I am back :(
« Reply #41 on: November 12, 2016, 11:50:21 PM »
I was just looking at sidekicks in the AE a few days ago or so. One of my builds has an open device slot and sidekicks seem to do good there. Sidekicks are pretty tough even before considering they're clickies. Pulled out Indy Kid in QWZ and expected him to get insta-shredded but he held his own surprisingly well. Added some free dps. He was very well behaved too. Just came in kicking when I needed him.
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