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I thought I would share my Thanksgiving experience with all of you.

My sister, after 53 years of having never brought a man to dinner brought one on Thanksgiving. He shared that he was nervous - and proceeded to drink. A lot.

I have never been so amused at Thanksgiving dinner before. The man literally groped a 75 year old woman who was our hostess! He reached across the table to grab some turkey - with his fingers. Not the drumstick - sliced turkey. He did the same thing to our hostess's dinner plate. Just grabbed it and ate it.

Seeing old friends and family's eyes get as big as cup saucers while this took place, I thought perhaps we were being pranked. Hilarious!

Best Thanksgiving ever!

Oh - if any of you are cold, you should go stand in the corner. I was told it's 90 degrees there.

You're welcome.
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