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Badge Races
« on: January 11, 2017, 07:45:37 AM »
Badge Race

Goal: In a given amount of time, come in as the player with the most badges collected.

The five rules (not written laconically, but as terse as possible):
1. Only a new character is allowed.  If they touch any badges before the event starts, they can't join a race.
2. Any in-game method to collect badges is permitted before time runs out.
3. An annunciator will be teamed with you to maintain communication and keep the time.
4. When the clock ends, any player who is not at the finish line is disqualified.
5. The player with the most badges wins.

Rules in detail:

1. Must be a new character (only four badges are the Anniversary ones for 9th-12th years of play... Naturally we'll revise this rule if the starting count of badges changes in the future such as the coming 13th Anniversary.)  Players with collected badges in advance other than the default set every new character receives are not allowed to play.  New characters start at a home zone so when the clock starts, everyone is at the same four badges without a head start.  New Characters are registered at the start of the race (by both global and character names.)

Because of this, prior badge race characters can't be reused.  You can, however, save their costume, delete and reroll them for later races.

2. Any in-game method to collect badges is permitted once the timer starts.  Any new badges past the first four will work (including Accolades.)  The timer will be at at the United States Eastern Time Zone (otherwise, one hour becomes 2-3 of them... more if across the pond.)

3. A group of players is teamed to an annunciator character (seven players to one annunciator) who will keep the time for players and warns people before the clock runs out.  Using multiple instances, the game host can do this.  The annunciator is also going to serve a second purpose: quitting the team is disqualifying (i.e.: bringing in a toon called Quill with four badges, then "disconnecting" and bringing in Qui11, who has 300+.)

If you are disconnected by accident and want to come back with the same toon, it's up to the annunciator to allow it.  Once you return, COME BACK to the home zone and talk to them directly.  Also, in the event of a server crash, the annunciator has the sole right to end the race early without notice (stop the clock and return to the finish line in 5 minutes), or to cancel the event even if it's already in progress.  Especially if the Badge Race is a part of a larger event (Anniversary, Halloween Fest, etc.), ending the event on time or cancelling it to allow other events to be on schedule is important.

4. When the clock ends, players need to return to the agreed upon "finish line" (usually where you all took off) and be present to win.  (With mapmove and mapmenu, there's no good reason to consider travel time as an excuse.  Just use /mapmenu XX and port out before the buzzer hits.)  Once the clock runs out, anyone not at the finish line is disqualified.  (No consideration will be given for "slow loading" clients... know your computer before you play.)

5. Whoever has the most badges when time runs out wins.

This allows for some training before the race starts, however.  Potential racers can try to establish a planned route through the zones to see which routes would get them badges the fastest in advance, and deciding which zones are valuable (Nova Praetoria, Atlas Park, and Mercy Island being quick ones,) and which zones are safe to ignore (with Eden, Any underground maps including Sewers and large maps like Shadow Shard being non-starters...)  And with mapmove/mapmenu, any zone works.  Paragon City, Rogue Isles, Praetorian Earth.  So there's some strategy involved.

We know that slow-loading computers puts some players at a disadvantage and disqualification is harsh on folks who disconnect, especially during event days (Remember Halloween Fest? :D)  If frequent disconnects plague the event, this can be relaxed a bit as long as the player names and globals still match up.  But in the end, this is a race.  In Nascar, it doesn't matter how fit and ready you are to drive, if your car spins out and the engine is shot before the final lap, your race is over.  We all get bad luck.  Doesn't mean you can't try again next time.

Any ideas?  Suggestions?
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Re: Badge Races
« Reply #1 on: January 11, 2017, 05:13:43 PM »
Even on slow loading puters, Fort trident loads rather quickly. And with all the portals, it might be a good place to start.
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Re: Badge Races
« Reply #2 on: January 19, 2017, 07:31:58 AM »
After additional trial of badgy things today, I've come up with --

Badge Race Tips:

The character does not matter. With every character having the same travel powers and the same speed (there's been a recent boost in power speeds in Paragon Chat 1.1X releases) any new character will do.  You can save your primary character's costume and reload it on your next new badge racer if you like.  Only one character slot is needed to do a Badge Race.

Avoid large zones.  The Hollows, Independence Port and Peregrine Island will sap your time with travel over collection.  There are exceptions to the rule, such as Rikti War Zone.  Sure it's large, but there's 15 badges in there (16 if you didn't collect Thrill Seeker already).  Might be worth the extra time running around.

Avoid mazes.  Places like Eden, Sewer Network/Abandoned Sewer Network and Echo: Dark Astoria (Three dimensional) will only waste time if you don't know them like the back of your hand. Speaking of both three dimensional and large...

Shadow Shard.  No.  Just no.  34 badges in 90 minutes.  There are faster places to go.

Find smaller zones.  Yes, Perez Park has a tree maze.  But all  eight badges can be collected really quickly since six of them are within reach of the lake.

To Accolade or not to Accolade: collecting all the Exploration Badges in a zone grants a free badge, but in certain cases, it might be more productive to collect the "low hanging fruit" and skip completing the accolade if there's one or two badges that are difficult to grab.  This is a game of numbers, not who did all the zones 100%.  In addition, zones like Rikti War Zone and PvP Zones do not grant accolades at all, so if that's a deal breaker for you, you know in advance.

Achievements are back! The five achievement badges for collecting up to 200 badges have returned.  You won't get as far as 200 badges in an hour (that's not a challenge, past 200 badges an hour is a legendary pace), but three of them are realistic to get in 60 minutes.  Three freebies (10, 25 and 50) just for collecting!

Plan a route.  Take a new character and do timed laps in a zone.  See which zones are your shortest times and put them together to plan your route through Paragon City.  You can even prep in advance by making macros of your map route.

Example - Don't use this list, these were picked at random!

The Chantry
Perez Park
The Hollows
Atlas Park
Peregrine Island

Using /mapmenu, you can find their map numbers:

The Chantry - 66
Perez Park - 12
The Hollows - 62
Atlas Park - 1
Peregrine Island - 61

And from there, you can make macros to transport you with the click of a button.

/macro B1 mapmove 66
/macro B2 mapmove 12
/macro B3 mapmove 62
/macro B4 mapmove 1
/macro B5 mapmove 61

or if your prefer keybinds...

/bind numpad1 mapmove 66
/bind numpad2 mapmove 12
/bind numpad3 mapmove 62
/bind numpad4 mapmove 1
/bind numpad5 mapmove 61

Either way.
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Re: Badge Races
« Reply #3 on: February 14, 2017, 07:13:10 AM »

For HERC Quarterly Events, race types would be the Event Class or Team Class only.  The other classes of race would be held during the monthly contest on Sundays due to their longer time frames.

Event Class
  • Duration: 60 minutes or less.
  • Result: Individual, Three Places.
It is a simple race that is under 60 minutes and the most straightforward contest.  Collect as many badges as you can before the time runs out.  An event class race is what is ran for most HERC Badge Race events, both for monthly contests as well as Quarterly Events.

Endurance Class -
  • Duration: Up to 2 hours.
  • Result: Individual, Three Places.
An endurance class race allows for higher badge counts and more elaborate routes to plan.  But it is demanding; every restroom break or pause is time that your other players could be outrunning you.  Due to the length of time that contestants would be out, we won't run these during HERC Events.

Fixed Class -
  • Duration: Unknown.  It runs as long as it needs to.  Typically under an hour, but not guaranteed.
  • Result: Individual, Three Places.
A Fixed Class race is reversed: instead of counting how many badges you have, you are trying to be the first to collect a fixed number of badges and return to the finish line to be the first to arrive AND THEN send a private tell to the judge.  Players do not need to keep track of time in a Fixed Class race, the contest continues until all three places are earned.  The fastest time to return wins (in the event of a tie, a judge will use log timestamps to determine the winner.) Fixed Class races are not ran during HERC Events, as there is no set time limit.

Team Class -
  • Duration: Under 60 minutes at Events.  Up to 2 hours on a Race Day.
  • Result: Team.  One winning group.
This race turns things on their head: instead of an individual race, you are in Team Red, Team Blue or Team Green.  Each team of three to seven players are working together to try to out-collect the other two teams. 

It's a co-operative contest, as you determine before the race what method works best for your group.  Some ideas (if you have a different strategy, go for it! These are only suggestions.):
  • Guided Collection- A team leader guides all of the team contestants through a preplanned route to collect badges as a unit.  This delivers the most consistent results (by the end every teammate should have the same count of badges) at the cost of spending time guiding teammates to badge markers or helping lost teammates get back on track.  This is best for new teams starting out who don't know the game well yet.
  • Independent Collection- All seven teammates run independent routes.  This makes for inconsistent results, as best teammate in the group is carrying the weight of the others if they're not as fast or well-organized as the best player is.  But with a good team of people who have experience running this kind of game and can collect around 50-80 badges an hour, this has a higher potential of producing a high badge count.
  • Hybrid - Experienced players run their own routes, while one of the experienced players leads the others in guided collection.  The experienced leader would collect slower than they normally would, but the offset is that each visit to a badge is multiplied by how many players they are leading.  This is a middle-of-the-road answer combining both guided and independent strategies.
The single team that has the highest badge count as a group wins.

For this to work, there has to be enough people to fill three teams (a minimum of nine needed at three per team, with a maximum of 21 for 7 per team.) Team Races MAY be ran in either HERC Events or during the Monthly Race. 
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