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There are a few things in my head that I consider canon, though it either has been confirmed is not the case, or is undetermined.

1) Ace McKnight, from the Willy Wheeler Arc is the cousin of Ashley McKnight. While in one of the Positron AMA's it was outright said they were not related after I asked, it offended my literary senses that two people with rather unique last name in the same City were not related for any reason. Not only because it was just not appropriate according to the "Chekhov's Gun" principle, it didn't fit with the head-canon I had established for one of my characters in his storyline to get it to fit. I'll own that, but I still think it applies.

2) I think in the Who Will Die Story Arc, Sister Psyche did NOT actually die. Knowing that *something* was going on, she had Justin (Manticore) release her from her physical form to follow that lead. According to the story, Darrin Wade took that essence into himself (details fuzzy been a long time) but I choose to believe that she "Mind Rode" him (since that's like... you know, her signature power and all... to use her own will to restrain his power so the player could defeat him. Manticore, who was deeply attuned to her (according to the comics, and indicated in lore) knew why he had to do what he did, and is waiting for a sign for her eventual return.

3) Penelope Yin: I only played *part* of the second arc Pandora's Box on the test server before it went dark. The first mission or so, really... and I know she took over the old Sister Psyche TF. Basically, she was 'adopted' as a new member of the Freedom Phalanx with little to no question, and I remembered thinking that she influenced at least the first mission or so of the new arc quickly. Now, this I never asked because there's no real threads or indications to it one way or the other... but in my mind (and a lot of other players) she didn't deserve that honor really (Aurora Borealis probably deserved the spot as the 'senior psychic' more - power or not).

However, I'm inclined to believe, with that amplifier device she was hooked up to... I think she *thought* it was such a GREAT idea to be part of the Freedom Phalanx, that subconsciously everyone *decided* to agree with her.

It would explain some of the less than rational behavior they exhibited, as they were having their minds messed with by one of the most powerful psychics on the planet (even though *she* was not aware that it was happening). I just remember thinking that was the only way that the SSA's would make the *best* sense.

So, is there anything anyone has in their minds that's 'head-canon' even if it was never *official* or *clarified* by the Dev team?

(yes, a little bit of this is a desire an inspiration in folks to have some questions for any possible AMA... barring that, defining aspects of the future of Paragon among ourselves. ;) )