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Valiant, The Vanguarding Living Legend
« on: November 21, 2017, 10:57:14 AM »

Real Name: Harper Grant

Age: 100 (Physically 30s)

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 250 lbs.

Hair: Strawberry Blonde

Eyes: Blue

Powers: Valiant has no superhuman powers, he has extremely good physiology and has peak human perfection at the highest level at his normal state. He has Peak Human Conditioning. He can lift 550kg (1,200 lbs.), he has shown he can bend steel doors and punch as hard as a superhuman. When his adrenal activation actives, his strength and endurance enhances at the level he can lift a ton off his back. He has peak human speed, agility, durability, stamina, reflexes, endurance, and coordination. He can run 40mph like his normal speed, he can dodge any attacks and has good durability to have high physical damage resistance. His regeneration cellular system has giving him accelerated healing and metabolism. Because of the genome healing enhancer and his supergene he is born with. This caused an unique cellular disturbance because of his structure is different than any ordinary human's. Since his genetic is different because of the reactions to the genome healing enhancer.

Equipment: He has not so much equipment to carry but has his helmet that protects him from telepathy, his suit does not carry or feature any protections but simply an suit for show and disguising, but has thermal temperature resistant to hot and cold, he has utility belt that looks like an simple belt, but he has his mighty shield that is near-unbreakable and can create force field for the user and generate energy, including the attack absorb any kinetic energy based attack and use it as his energy projectile.

Abilities: He is mastered hand-to-hand combat and is an proficient at shieldmanship, and he has sheer willpower.

Strength Level: He can lift 550kg (1,200lbs) at his normal state.

Valiant is the superhero who has lived for 70 years without a sleep. He has been in World War II and has been in many wars as the superhero as the world recognize him as. He has fought along with Statesman and other among heroes. With his sheer willpower and his mighty shield. Valiant continues fighting for justice.