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Level 50 Stories
« on: February 10, 2018, 12:35:52 AM »
Do you remember what your characters were doing when they got to level 50?

Panthera Knight: scrapper (claws/sr/body)
Panthera Knight was my first character and my first 50, he was my main for the majority of my time playing.  He was created back in issue 3 and got to 40 in issue 4 before City of Villains went live, and more importantly while hasten was still able to be made permanent (before IO's and before incarnates).  I was playing a pickup group after work in the shadow shard.  This was exceptionally memorable because this was my first time in the shadow shard.  Everything was new and interesting even though my character was level 49, this was something I'd never experienced before.  The massive expanse of the zone(s) was astounding.  And I was in awe of how the zone seemed both desolate, yet full of color and places to explore.  Panthera used superspeed at the time and my last power to finish his character was going to be super jump.  Super speed in the shard is not recommended :) I was pretty much at the mercy of my teammates and recall friend.  I had fun though, exploring what I could with the jump geysers. And being teleported around.  Panthera Knight hit 50 in the middle of an island in the middle of the shard: basically in the middle of nowhere getting free exp from teammates.  It was a very quiet, private, exhilarating celebration.
I made many more stories with Panthera Knight as the years went on.  Hitting 50 was just one highlight in the hero's career. 

Prime Knight: controller (mind/kin/psi)
Prime Knight was my second character and my second 50.  He was my character that got all the powers I would have personally loved to have.  He was my first character to fly.  He was my secondary character until incarnates came into being and that's when I switched mains and Prime became my main.
 Like Panthera, Prime was created back in issue 3 as well.  He got to 50 maybe a year after Panthera (I don't even remember the issue) and it was a long hard road as a mind/kin that liked to solo, but after figuring out a style I liked things smoothed out.  I also had to change my plans after enhancement diversification and the area control power changes (hasten became essential).  The moment that Prime Knight got to 50 might be my favorite though.  I was doing some "pretorian" content back when they were all Portal Corp missions with my favorite group of guys to play with.  A guy named Tennyson had a SG that just steam rolled over content and whenever I was online I got an invite to join the fun.  Anyway: I was having a blast on one of the outdoor destroyed city maps, fulcrum shifting, mass confusing, and just dominating everything I could when fireworks happened.  Prime Knight was a 50!  He was my my second stringer for years: if the team didn't need more damage dealers I dusted off Prime and took to the skies raining down holds of doom.  Then he went incarnate and added lightning: I'm not sure he was arresting the bad guys at that point :)

Pshun Keru: peacebringer (triform)
I made Pshun or as I liked to call her: Sunny soon after Panthera Knight got to 50.  So she was made around issue 4.  I think of the few 50's I had, I was most proud of making it to 50 with her.  It took me years of on and off play.  I loved the peacebringer concept, but I never quite got into how they were executed.    Playing her could be slow and boring at times compared to my sr scrapper with a built in speed boost, and my controller who used siphon speed every chance it was available.  It was sometime after issue 10 and the Rikti Raids, and Recluse's Victory when she finally got to 50.  The day she got to 50 I was pressed for time and had just logged in for a few minutes.  I ended up joining a team with someone and duo'ed because they needed a little help and they didn't mind that I couldn't stay or that I was planning on leaving the moment I hit 50 (if I did).  Sort of feel bad about that still: i didn't like to leave someone hanging, but I digress.  We were in one of his maps fighting in an instanced outside city map: one of the generic ones that looked like Steel Canyon where all the enemies were positioned in a U or half loop: straight out to the end of the map then around the block and then back around the other side of the buildings you'd been just fighting.  Anyway, we were fighting random villains, Sunny hit 50.  And I bowed out of the mission.  I didn't play her much after that: I always liked to play her for fun, but she was always just so weak and slow.  I always thought someday I'll get around to mastering her.  Someday...  :-\

Anway, those are a few stories from back in the day.  What are some of yours?

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Re: Level 50 Stories
« Reply #1 on: February 23, 2018, 07:10:39 AM »
Usually the ITF, before that started, Portal Corps mission-after-mission

One time I found an AE-Exploit, and got a toon to 50 by killing Rikti Monkeys, boring though.
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