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HERC Activity Rules
« on: February 20, 2018, 07:30:52 AM »
As this was requested by several folks in the last few months, here are HERC's policies concerning all of our events.

1. Be nice.  Please demonstrate civility at our events.  If someone asks you to stop doing something that disrupts others, please oblige, even if you disagree. 
  • The use of emotes with the intent to interrupt the contest or call attention to yourself before or after an event or activity (such as "/emote disablepcm") may result in you being /ignore-d, even if you're a contestant.
  • Booing a contestant or discouraging participation may be met with /ignore from the audience, players and hosts.
  • HERC is staffed with volunteers and are NOT Titan Network staff, however, the use of harassment, griefing tactics, or other 'attack' behavior in Paragon Chat will be reported to Titan Network Management for further action.

2. Eligibility.  Eligibility to participate, win, or compete in games and activities is determined by Event Staff.
  • Event Staff, whether you are a part of HERC or not (this includes Titan Network Staff at any time, Radio Stations ONLY WHEN covering the event such as The Cape Radio, Paragon Radio, etc.) will not be permitted to 'win' at any event.  Event Staff may enter a contest to compete for "Honorable Mention" where possible or appropriate (e.g.: for a notable costume), but this award does not have any prizes other than a screenshot.
  • Out of fairness, members of the press (Massively Overpowered, MMOSite, etc.) will be considered Event Staff for this rule if they are present in a reporting capacity.
  • As HERC Events are live and intended for user participation, you must be present to win.  AFK users who do not return may be disqualified at the judge's sole discretion. (Disconnections happen, but within reason, we have a show to do.)

3. Qualification.  Please follow Event Staff instructions when participating in an event. 
  • For example, in a Player-Ran Event, if the game master asks you to report to a location for instructions, please do so.
  • You may ask for clarification if needed, but understand that a game master is busy at times and may not get back to you quickly once an event has started.  Use the backscroll of chat if you can.
  • If an Event Staff member disqualifies you for not listening to instructions, their decision is final.
  • Remember, no one is paid to be here, so please demonstrate civility and sportsmanship (again, see Be Nice above); requests to appeal or take back a winner will not be honored.

That's it for now.  There'll be more to come when needed.
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