Author Topic: Paragon Times: What comes after the Darkness?  (Read 355 times)

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Paragon Times: What comes after the Darkness?
« on: March 01, 2018, 10:51:31 AM »
We were all there in late November 2012...suddenly the world went dark. Through glimpses and fitful images of nothingness we lost all grasp to the passage of time.
At first just occasional flashes, giving way to a foggy smeared window of view upon the world. Gradually the world came into focus and we realized that it was not quite the world we once knew. The city was now empty save for a few, here and there, both heroes and villains, wondering about trying to adjust to this new reality.
It did not take long to determine our Heroes powers were gone, and the infrastructure of the city was disrupted. Most headed to Paragon City Hall in the hope that someone knew what had happened. Unfortunately they did.

The following is a statement from senior City Representative Dakota Walker:

" Good Morning, As you all have become aware we have experienced a City wide disruption. What you may not realize is that it is much more serious than most think. The entire city has been pulled out of sync with the outside world for over 4 Years. Information we had acquired before the "Darkness" revealed a Conspiracy between several of the Cities Most Diabolical Villain Groups to permanently remove all barriers between them and their Ultimate Goal, Domination over Paragon City. That barrier was our Cities Heroes. Most of the Cities residents are missing, along with most of our Heroes. The known Villain Groups involved were Arachnos, Crey Industries, The Cabal, Freakshow, Fir Bolg, Nictus, and Clockwork.
We have determined our Heroes have All been Depowered, regardless of Origin. This was accomplished by unknown means, but we have found that it was a Convergence of Magical, Biological and Technological disciplines. Our Very best people in Each of these fields are working on this and expect some more information soon.

Heroes who have salvaged items of power or weapons from any of the aforementioned groups may find them functional, Use them if you can or bring them to City Hall. A Travel Power Nano-Virus has been released into the cities water supply and you will begin to see this take effect soon. Meanwhile we will endeavor to restore the Rail and tunnel systems as soon as possible.

For now, remain calm, and stand by for further announcements, Thank You "

Now the search begins to find the Tools to Restore our city. Finding these Items, and utilizing them is our only hope. We never needed our Heroes more than now.

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Re: Paragon Times: What comes after the Darkness?
« Reply #1 on: July 30, 2018, 05:49:56 AM »
I wish I could send ...
Super Fire DragonFireWillpowerTanker
Dr. WosBroadswordRegenerationScrapper
KolissaArachnosNight WidowVEAT
Umbral SchrumbralWarshadeHeroicEpic
The Paragon AvengerIllusionKineticsController
The Paragon ComptrollerEarthRadiationController
Dr. X-RaysEmpathyRadiationDefender

back to the city to rescue it.
I don't know when City of Heroes will return, or do I?