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Tomax offline
« on: May 15, 2018, 01:19:26 AM »
Hey all, just a quick note to say that I have taken the Tomax site offline, which includes City of Data.

To be honest, the code base for that site is kind of a mess, and looking through the access logs, almost all traffic are search bots and script kiddies trying to hack the site. Fortunately, we don't store any user data in the database for that site, and all of our databases are neatly segregated using different admin accounts for each site, so I'm not too worried about anyone getting access to the data back-end to the Tomax site. Worst case scenario, a skilled hacker might be able to download all of our info about powersets and missions. Neverthess, I don't like people poking around like that, and I'm just not convinced that the site is useful any more.

There were other problems with the site too; stuff like not being able to be hosted under our SSL cert that gives us access to all the other sites because it had to be hosted on its own server, thanks to incompatibility issues with current versions of PHP. I have spent literally hundreds of dollars over the past few years on hosting for that one site that I really don't think anyone uses.

At any rate, almost all of this info is in the Paragon Wiki. In the coming weeks I'll take a look at the code base and see what might be worth preserving. If anyone is actually using this site, let me know. I might consider making a data dump of all the info available if anyone is genuinely interested in it.

I'll post follow-ups if and when the status of the site changes. I'm not saying that we'll never turn the site back on, just that it might be a while.