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The Power of Warlord
« on: June 23, 2018, 08:07:16 PM »
You know... when they changed Warlord so that you have to defeat....every....single....mob on the map, I thought that was really cheesy and dumb. Warlord's had all kinds of little nerfs, like the Loot Nerf that I know wasn't *supposed* to be aimed directly at Warlord. Then, I came back and played after not playing for awhile and Warlord was up so I ran it and thought 'It's not that bad. You don't have to twist my mouse hand too hard to get it in Scrapperlock'.

Now, I'm back to not liking it. The defeat all mobs change.

One of the funnest (yes, the F word, not the L word - Lewt) things about Warlord, used to be, getting in the teams that knew the most secrets about it. The secrets to getting to the final fight in like 2 minutes or less.

Now it's just carnage. Which I never thought I'd complain about, but, it's just not as sexy as Warlord used to be.

Warlord used to be about getting to the end fastest, selling that yard trash lewt for G's and getting some G's for completing Warlord (fast..), and maybe getting an uber lewt at the end - but first, we have to race *to* the end about a billion times, each time trying to shave off a second from the impossible run that came before. *That* was fun.

It's still fun but there really was no need to change the thing. no one ever gets the lewt anyway (I have twice, but, twice in a few billion runs.

Still always think of Brou answering one of my first posts here about how to Survive Warlord with my Unleashed when I see Warlord shooting fire. "When you see the flames shooting towards you, block. If you are standing in flame, move"

hehe so simple but true.
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