Author Topic: Summer Block Party 3.5: Let's Try This One More Time! - July 28th  (Read 97 times)


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Coming July 28th at 4pm Eastern/1pm Pacific!

Costume Contest Themes:

Back to The 1980s - Individual Costume Contest - Dress up in your favorite retro ware, big hair, and day-glo flair!  1980's heroes and villains welcome!

Group Costume Contest - Any group of 2 or more heroes.  May be multiple players or multi-instanced.

Costume Race - A theme will be announced at the start of the race, you'll have 30 minutes to put together a brilliant entry and run back to the beach to show it off!

The Summer Block Party will be at Peregrine Island this year: exit the Ferry, then head to Vanguard HQ.  Follow the street to the NW, enter the parking lot and we're the first beach on the right.  (AKA Rikti Beach)

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Re: Summer Block Party 3.5: Let's Try This One More Time! - July 28th
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Glad I didn't throw out my 80s costume! ;D
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