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Map of Paragon
« on: July 24, 2018, 03:07:40 PM »
Has anyone else looked at the map of Paragon City and wondering 'what if they expanded the zones?'

If you look around their zones, you can see lots of space not 'protected' by the walls, so theoretically, each zone could be expanded and new zones added on in the outskirts.

For example, Steel Canyon has some pink areas to the top, lower left, and lower right you could add in to the zone.  Atlas Park has some green you could expand into; Galaxy City has a little green to expand; Brickstown can be expanded into the brown area around it.  The green peninsula, brown and green left of Steel Canyon, and gray at the top middle, all could be new zones to explore.  Imagine the gray being a 'rich people zone' with historic houses (imagine Savannah, GA, or Riverside/Avondale in Jacksonville, FL style houses), with beaches, docks, marinas, yachts, and cruise ship missions.  Siren's Call being expanded to the entire purple area.  Galaxy City and Atlas Park both growing in size.  More missions and new places to explore.


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Re: Map of Paragon
« Reply #1 on: July 24, 2018, 03:14:04 PM »
I always assumed that a lot of the "unique" mission maps were taking place in the spaces outside and between the established zones.

Jacaranda Vista, in particular, was a mission map that made me really want to try and figure out "where" it was on the larger map since it clearly didn't fit anywhere in any of the existing city zones and it always struck me as having its own kind of somber beauty.

On an unrelated note - It always bugged me that on that map, they referred to each of the city zones by its actual name as opposed to the nicknames that player characters knew them by: Baumton rather than Boomtown, Overbrook rather than Faultline, etc... Yet, they labeled Salamanca as "Croatoa" instead of using its given city name, and apparently nobody at Cryptic Studios caught that or thought it was worth correcting.
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Re: Map of Paragon
« Reply #2 on: August 07, 2018, 08:20:34 PM »
That was always something talked about. What's interesting is that in one of the comics, you can see a train line going through the "expansion" area, and a view of the city outside the walls. As I recall, it was the first issue of the Freedom Phalanx comics, and it showed the city zones as sort of "islands" of city in a sea of greenery. I think it would have been fun to show the city "reclaiming" that area from the wilderness, with lots of very interesting missions. Clearing wilderness, taking out hidden enemy bases, preventing enemies from bombing supports that hold the train lines up... or the opposite for red side folks.
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