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Issue 24 Base Editor Cheat Sheet
« on: July 30, 2018, 06:20:15 AM »
Left Click: Drop an object when in Place Item menu an object is selected/Select an existing item in the base.

Right Click: While an item is selected, rotate 90 degrees.  Without an object selected, rotate camera and character.

SHIFT - TAB: Cycle through visible objects in the current room.  Cycles with each press of TAB, holding this does nothing.

SHIFT - Drag: Move an object on the Z-Axis.  You can only move up and down with SHIFT held down.  To move laterally, place the object on the floor where you want to raise it first before SHIFT - Dragging.

CTRL - Drag: Lock an item on the Z-Axis while moving horizontally.  (Erratic at best, not advised to use this except for a small movement of floated objects.)

ALT - Drag: Spin an object.  While holding ALT, tap Right Click to rotate 90 degrees as well.

Home/End, Scroll Wheel of Mouse: Advance/retract camera depth.

Del - When an item is selected, deletes it from the room. ("Sells" it for Prestige, technically.)  Items can also be deleted using CURRENT ROOM mode, but there is some lag before it updates.  (Using the mouse and DEL is faster.)

PgUp - Move camera around character.

PgDn - Reset camera position and distance to default.

Camera changes to overhead, but all the above commands still work.

Stacking: For lifting an object, place on floor and use Shift-Drag to raise it.  To build a floating object, use the following --
Desks - Plain Rustic, White, or Wood Desks
Counters - Gray, Rustic, or Wooden Counters
Accent Lamps
Floor Tiles

All of these objects have a top plane where other objects can be stacked on them.  Be careful that certain objects have no bottom plane, so when using counters to make pseudo floors, Wooden Counters are "invisible" when you look at them from the bottom for example.

This thread is meant as a quick guide to tips for the Issue 24 Editor.  There's allusions to a "Relaxed" Editor later, which will have a separate Cheat Sheet posted. 

Feel free to make suggestions for other quick advice.  (This isn't meant to be an exhaustive tips list, just quick and helpful.)  For more detailed info, visit Paragon Wiki's article on Base Editing.
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Re: Issue 24 Base Editor Cheat Sheet
« Reply #1 on: April 08, 2019, 12:29:25 AM »
If we're giving tips, may I point out that the "counters" found under desks can be seen from all sides, although the counters found under cabinets are inconsistently invisible from below. This unfortunately limits your color choices if you want your floor to look like a ceiling to a lower story. *smile*