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Unable to activate Paragon Chat
« on: September 24, 2018, 05:32:53 PM »
I posted this on the Technical Support forum a few days ago, but have received no reply as yet.  I was hoping there might be some greater volume - and quality - of response through this venue, so the original post is copied below:

I have been unable to get on to Paragon Chat for the past several months.  Whenever clicking the icon, I get "Some critical Issue 24 files could not be found.  Please check your 'COH Install Folder' setting on the options page."  Doing so gives a HUGE list of files that are defined as "missing", with no instructions or indications given as to how to install/replace them.  Wondering if this is anything the Tech team has encountered previously, and what - if any - steps might be taken to finally get the frick back on.  All thanks for attention to resolving this difficulty.

Like to be able to get on again and see my boys and how they're doing after several months in isolation.  All appreciations for any attention given to this issue.


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Re: Unable to activate Paragon Chat
« Reply #1 on: September 25, 2018, 02:20:38 AM »
In the Paragon Chat launcher, click the gear icon to open up options.  The box that says Issue 24 install location, copy that address.  Open an Explorer Window (Press WINDOWS-R, type "explorer" and press Enter.)  Press CTRL-D for the address bar, CTRL-V to paste the address and Enter.

Is the Issue 24 client in that folder?  You should find the Cityofheroes.exe file in the folder, along with Icon.exe and Paragonchat.exe if it was installed with Tequila.  Folders in there include "costumes", "data", "logs", "piggs" and "screenshots" among several others.

If those files aren't in the folder, then the install location needs to be corrected.  Several ways to do this.

1. Use Explorer.  Open My Computer/This PC and use the search box to find cityofheroes.exe.
2. Use Tequila.  Open the Tequila downloader, and click Options.  The Install Path should be where the files are.  (You can't copy it and paste into Paragon Chat, but you can open it side-by-side with Tequila and copy the Install Path into the Issue 24 Install Location.
3. Use Command Prompt.  Try the following:
Code: [Select]
cd \
dir cityofheroes.exe /s
It'll scan the hard drive from the folder you're currently in (which is why CD is needed at the start) and search for the file.  Each occurence of the file, it'll report what directory (path) you can find it in.  If you use more than one hard drive, you'll need to switch to that hard drive  (substitute d: for whatever drive you have files on, like e:, g: or even z:) and repeat the above:
Code: [Select]
cd \
dir cityofheroes.exe /s
This isn't any different than using Explorer, except I find that Command Prompt works faster since it doesn't care if the drive is indexed for search or not, whereas Explorer searches all the drives in one shot.  Take your pick.

If cityofheroes.exe isn't found, then Tequila can bring it back.

I hope that helps.  If the Issue 24 files are present where Paragon Chat is looking for them, and Tequila validates the files are in place, then this is something new to me.
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