Author Topic: Dice bag emotes and macro suggestions for use in table top style RPG  (Read 536 times)

Ron P

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First is it possible to use the various dice bag emotes as a slash emote command or in a macro?
Also how possible would it be to share a macro or better yet have them available through an in game vendor somehow (probably not likely)

The idea is for those that want to do Role playing game scenarios people could have characters with stats (possibly based on the Mutants and Master Mind table top RPG) they could click on the macro, it could trigger the dice roll, emote an ability bonus number, an animation if you wanted to get fancy etc.

It's not much but a standardized role playing system would help give some content. Obviously, something based on Mutants and Mastermind or a homebrew version of it would be the best fit. To make things go smoother the use of macros, dice rolls etc would make things go smoother, and animations would add flavor inside the  macros. And being able to trade macros or have them in a vendor would make it easier and more user-friendly.

Thoughts? ideas? is some of the technical parts possible?


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Re: Dice bag emotes and macro suggestions for use in table top style RPG
« Reply #1 on: September 26, 2018, 09:30:14 PM »
The dice emotes are really limited, but since early beta (0.98), Paragon Chat does have a /roll command that might be useful.

A /roll command for rolling dice has been added. By itself, it will roll a 20-sided die. The results of the die roll are shown to players in local chat range. It takes parameters in several different forms:

/roll 100
Roll a 100-sided die
/roll 3d6
Roll 3 6-sided dice and add them together
/roll @global 2x12
Roll 2 12-sided dice and send the results only to the player @global (not to others in local range)
/roll 4 8
Roll 4 8-sided dice
Roll a 20-sided die

The maximum number of sides of a die that can be used are 100,000. The maximum number of dice that can be rolled at once is 100. Keep in mind that large dice pools have a higher probability of rolling totals in the middle of the possible range, approximating a bell curve distribution. For multi-die rolls, the individual results can be seen by the player who issued the /roll command in the Combat To-hit roll channel.

As Paragon Chat is a cooperative program it is impossible to guarantee that rolls have not been tampered with, so it should not be used for anything serious that the honor system is not sufficient for.

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Re: Dice bag emotes and macro suggestions for use in table top style RPG
« Reply #2 on: September 26, 2018, 09:38:15 PM »
Thanks!! I was trying to figure that one out they work.  I will post a test make macro command or two once I got some prototypes made!

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Re: Dice bag emotes and macro suggestions for use in table top style RPG
« Reply #3 on: September 26, 2018, 10:30:40 PM »
Ok I got it to work. But I had to do some fiddling because I could not create a multi command macro by itself on it's initial creation. I had to edit the macro to include all the commands after the fact.

Basically my prototype macro is this

/macro DblFist emote koblow$$Local (Fighting: 5)$$Roll 1d20
For those rusty or don't know how to make complicated macros basically the $$ allows you to put another command after. 

When I First made the command all it did was locally say (fighting 5) and the macro just contained the first part of the macro "emote koblow" the animation.
To fix the macro simply right click the macro, select edit and copy and past the full macro command above into the typing box but delete the "/macro DblFist" part.

You can change the name of the macro if you are creating an original one by changing the DblFist part to whatever you like. Just keep in mind the macros can only display 4 or 5 letters.
You can also change the animation (the name after emote above) to anything you like. Some of them don't seem to work and the ones with dots or spaces you basically just remove. For example the KoBlow one in the chat emote (under the chat icon/melee Combat) is called "K.O. Blow"

So the idea is this. in a game mastered table top style fight you can just hit the macro button, it generates the animation, the dice roll and sends your stat ability out in chat. In this example it is a modifier of the roll which you add together.

A simple widely used role playing set of rules can be made or just use the rules for the tabletop RPG Mutants and Mastermind. If your character levels up you can edit the macro and change the ability on it. you can make it more elaborate by adding any damage rolls that might be needed depending on the rules being used. The animations of course just add visual flare and eye candy. Over all it would make this kind of role playing go a LOT smoother, cleaner and speed it up.

It might be possible to use the power sets in City of heroes if people can figure out what the damage levels are. The stats of the character and powers can be put right in the character's bio.
If people go for this we can all post a series of macro commands up here in some way so people can cut and paste and easily make their macros

Thought's? Ideas?

Ron P

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Re: Dice bag emotes and macro suggestions for use in table top style RPG
« Reply #4 on: September 26, 2018, 11:05:31 PM »
Here are a couple other macros for people to fiddle with for Scrapper/Tank types

/macro FtStmp emote Footstomp$$Local Foot Stomp! (Fighting: 5)$$Roll 1d20

/macro SprAttack emote SpringAttack$$Local Spring Attack! (Fighting: 5)$$Roll 1d20

/macro Punch emote Punch$$Local Punch! (Fighting: 5)$$Roll 1d20

/macro FlrPunch emote shadowmaul$$Local Flurry Punch! (Fighting: 5)$$Roll 1d20