Author Topic: warshade, PB, and soldier / widow archtypes not in list? EDIT - NEVERMIND  (Read 54 times)


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Hi all

NEVERMIND -- I had been selecting "Going Rogue" so it showed me the archtypes available for Praetorians.
Once I selected the CoH / V choice, I was able to access the PB, WS, and soldiers

silly me, i saw red = villians, and just clicked it without reading.....

sorry everyone!

i only rediscovered paragon chat a couple days ago.   so far Ive remade a few costumes on my scrapper, and was starting to create some of my other toons from old screenshots

when i realized, i dont have the "level-locked" archtypes in my list.    even if I select Natural origin, even if skip the "playstyle" and go straight to archtypes, I dont see:
* Warshade
* Peacebringer
* Soldier of Arachnos
* Widow / fortunata (fortunada?) not sure of spelling anymore

I can make everything else just fine.

for the moment, I can't remember the name I used on my Fortunata, so she's on the back burner anyways til i can remember her proper name.   but still, it seems like its just me, other people in chat have said they can access them.

also, i had googled, and there was an old bug from like 2010 or 2012, during the actual game, where "some accounts would become unflagged"  the workarond at the time was merely to log on with a level 50 (or later, level 20) toon.    but I cant do that in paragon chat, unless there's some way to earn levels???

and muchas gracias for paragon chat!
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