Author Topic: I need help getting info out of a .geo file, any help would be appreciated.  (Read 1546 times)


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Hey all.  I've recently picked up icon again and got the costume file editing bug.  Anyways I'm trying to figure out what the part and texture names are for the Goddess Hequat model.  I've extracted the GEO file from the PIGGS, but it seems to be one of the few toon .geo's that cant be opened by Codewalkers Geodraw app.  I've tried multiple other methods including searching through the bin files and using Demorecord, but none of them list individual parts, just her costume aura fx.  If anyone knows of a way of getting this information, or someone can get it themselves and post it here I'd appreciate it, thanks.


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Here you go:

Version: 5
ERROR: Could not unpack data for GEO_Eyes_V_Texas_Long_Horns_03
Loaded V_Goddess_Hequat.geo
ID = V_Goddess_Hequat

Textures: 10
    0  white.tga
    1  Gloves_Goddess_Hequat.tga
    2  Boot_Goddess_Hequat.tga
    3  Legs_Goddess_Hequat.tga
    4  Chest_Goddess_Hequat.tga
    5  Head_Goddess_Hequat.tga
    6  Hair_Goddess_Hequat.tga
    7  Hips_Goddess_Hequat.tga
    8  Hair_V_Viking_Helm_02.tga
    9  Feet_Goddess_Hequat.tga

Models: 28
    0  GEO_LarmR
    1  GEO_LarmL
    2  GEO_Hips
    3  GEO_Chest
    4  GEO_Head
    5  GEO_Hair
    6  GEO_SpadR
    7  GEO_Eyes_V_Texas_Long_Horns_03
    8  GEO_LlegR__Tattered
    9  GEO_LlegL__Tattered
   10  GEO_LarmR_LOD1
   11  GEO_LarmR_LOD2
   12  GEO_LarmL_LOD1
   13  GEO_LarmL_LOD2
   14  GEO_Hips_LOD1
   15  GEO_Hips_LOD2
   16  GEO_Chest_LOD1
   17  GEO_Chest_LOD2
   18  GEO_Head_LOD1
   19  GEO_Head_LOD2
   20  GEO_Hair_LOD1
   21  GEO_Hair_LOD2
   22  GEO_SpadR_LOD1
   23  GEO_SpadR_LOD2
   24  GEO_LlegR_LOD1__Tattered
   25  GEO_LlegR_LOD2__Tattered
   26  GEO_LlegL_LOD1__Tattered
   27  GEO_LlegL_LOD2__Tattered

I have no clue what the "Texas Long Horns" or "Viking Helm" are doing in there, but that seems to be what's causing Geodraw to give up.

FYI - I got this list by disabling the error code return in the geodraw source code and recompiling it. That lets it process all of the models, though it will unsurprisingly crash if you try to display the "Texas Long Horns".


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Thanks a lot I really appreciate this :)