Author Topic: Removing built in weapons from mov commands  (Read 191 times)


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Removing built in weapons from mov commands
« on: February 03, 2019, 09:54:21 PM »
Cox has very few weapon animations that can be used for blocking and of the ones it does have these were npc exclusive for random gang wars and street battles. Commands like these:

They spawn a baked in katana/sword after a few seconds. Now I know it's possible to remove things like bombs from rikti dropship npcs so it must surely be possible to make the weapons spawned in mov commands invisible or even replace them with entirely different weapons. Preferably I'd like them nullified because im using weapon fx in costume files and the loadcostume command for the weapons i've managed to get functional.

Does anyone out there know how to edit these commands? Must be a file somewhere... Maybe walk me through how to do it and where I need to place such files after the edit is complete? I really want these for recording fighting scenes in icon.
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