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Costume Texture Testing
« on: February 19, 2019, 06:10:35 PM »
Lately, I've been experimenting a lot with textures and masks and how they're applied to various geos. I've found that Cape textures are very versatile. I've applied them to great effect on the geos for face masks (Face Detail 1 & 2), Chest Detail, Jackets, Jacket Sleeves, and Skirts.

Recently, I made what might be Majadi's ultimate costume. It uses many NPC pieces and now with these cape textures.

Hair: Lilitu geo w/ afro texture
Chest: Yakuza 2 (had to manually do this, as it wouldn't work with Jackets)
Belt: Numina skirt w/ the Dagger cape texture
Chest Detail: Vanessa (CoT) belt with the original texture removed and just a gold color applied
Back: Diabolique DevOnly cape piece
Jacket: Classic Steampunk 1
Jacket Sleeves: Gunslinger 2 w/ Dagger cape texture

Majadi's recent Winter Formal dress used the short Cabal skirt geo with the special DVD cape texture and her mask was a CoL Face Detail mask with the arctic cape texture.

Again, I've found most of the cape textures work really well with these pieces. Textures for other things often don't come out so well, and it's very trial and error. Also, often, textures are applied to geos "crookedly" and don't look right.
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