Author Topic: IMPORTANT: We can't help with issues concerning Rogue Servers.  (Read 8248 times)


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As a polite reminder, we cannot assist with issues concerning the Rogue Servers anywhere on the Titan Network Forums.  Titan Network doesn't have the resources to support players on Rogue Servers.

Our help is limited to the following products:
  • Paragon Chat
  • Titan Icon
...and other Titan Network services on the Home Page.

And unofficially, Tequila.  If there's an issue with Tequila SPECIFICALLY other than "I can't login to the game" or "I can't use Homecoming!", you can post in the Tequila thread for assistance.  Island Rum is a Mac program that serves the same purpose as Tequila, and is made by Manga.  For both PC and Mac, if your computer is able to run Paragon Chat, save for network or account issues, it should run the real thing just fine.

Paragon Chat is not the game, therefore, asking for support about any Rogue Servers, logging in, or technical problems will be moved elsewhere.  Put simply, it's off-topic in here.

(This is likely the final revision to this post, as new developments have slowed since the "Rogue Servers" are mostly stable and all rolling along as intended.)
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