Author Topic: I’d like to submit missing CoH contact dialogue to paragonwiki, possible?  (Read 799 times)


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Does anyone know if is frozen in time and basically just an archive or still active to changes?

There is some amount of missing dialogue and such I would love to contribute to as I go through story arcs.


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Paragon Wiki is both frozen in time (as of Issue 24) and is still active to changes. As long as the content you want to add didn't happen with the Issue 25 --> Homecoming development it's fair game.

Thanks for taking an interest in helping fill in the holes. Don't be afraid to ask if you have any other questions.


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I'd like to as well, and I'm not sure the right place or method to do so. So here is the information I have that is not reflected in the current wiki page for Mr. G (Primal Earth)'s story arc --

In 4.2, Sweeps Week: Character vs. the Rogue Isles, mission 4.2.5 Part Four: All in the Family, if you have already completed all of Crimson Revenant's missions (he's a contact that opens up once you get the Hammer Down badge (by defeating the Ghost of Scrapyard)), then rather than having to fight him, he will become your ally. Here is the alternative dialogue:

[NPC] Crimson Revenant: Well, Enormity, I've been hired to take you down.
[NPC] Crimson Revenant: But, you know what? I enjoyed our little time together.
[NPC] Crimson Revenant: So, why don't we have a little fun and take down the Family?
[Caption] What a twist folks! Enormity has gotten Crimson Revenant to be an ally!
[Caption] Let's see what the two of them can do against the forces of the Family!

This isn't reflected on the wiki page,

So I wanted to let someone know. I apologize if this isn't the place to do that, I couldn't find anywhere else to submit it.