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The Watery Environment
« on: September 22, 2019, 02:58:11 PM »
My thoughts on what the game could have done for exploring the world of the Coralax:

Environment is a new kind of delivery tag, like Melee or Ranged and most similar to Area.  Its effects are applied to all targets with its icon in their effects tray.  While it’s not defined as such, the reactor room from all hero respecification trials is an example of an environment.  A lack of any environmental icons on your character is the normal environment found in City of Heroes. 

A water environment icon is applied to your character when you are knee deep in water (about 1’ to 2’).  It begins with a magnitude of 0.  It increases by 1 for each fathom (6’) you descend, and decreases by 1 for each fathom you ascend.  This value is displayed on the icon.
At magnitude 0, it applies a Slow of 10% to Running, Leaping, and Flying powers.  For Running and Flying, this ends as soon as the water icon is removed; but for Leaping it ends 3 seconds later. 
At magnitude 1+, the Slow debuff becomes 60% and your perception radius is reduced by (water Magnitude) x 2’.  You also gain 30% resistance to knockback effects.
If Shrinking or Growth ever become a thing, the definition of fathom might need to be scalable.  Indeed, even with the standard 4’ to 8’ height range it could need looking at.

This is an inherent toggle power.  Basic swimming starts at 4.5 MPH.  Like other movement toggles, when activated all other movement toggles deactivate and your travel mode becomes ‘swimming’.  It is similar to flying in that you can alter your vertical direction and remain floating at that depth when you stop.
Unlike other movement toggles, it has requirements to be activated and will thus normally be greyed out.  The requirement is to have a magnitude 1+ water icon (remember that 1 icon represents 2’ of water or less which is difficult to swim in). 

Because air and water have different densities and refractive properties, when you and your target are in different environments, a 25% accuracy debuff is applied to your attacks against that target.  ‘To Hit’ is not debuffed, so the surface mostly impacts ranged combat. 

Being underwater is a condition.  It is based on the location of your head relative to the surface. Note that is possible to have a magnitude 1 water icon but not be underwater, just as it could be possible to be underwater without having a water icon (if there was a way to be upside-down).
Being underwater causes 3 effects: 1) ‘Rest’ is suppressed if you cannot breath water, 2) a 50% debuff is applied to Recovery rate if you cannot breath water, and 3) all powers have their ranges debuffed 25% (note this does not affect the radius of any area powers, just the range at which it can be used). 

Once the magnitude of your water icon reaches 5, you have 15 seconds before you gain a depth condition icon.  Once you have a depth icon, these two events happen:
1)   Cold and Smashing attacks are made against you every 10 seconds (doing (water x 5 damage),
2)   Each water magnitude removed generates a DS (decompression sickness) icon, which can stack to any amount.  Each DS icon lasts 15 seconds and causes 10 Toxic damage per second.  If you descend again, each water magnitude removes your newest DS icon.
The depth icon is removed 2 minutes after removing the underwater icon.

The Swimming Pool
Water Breathing (Auto) – You can breathe underwater.  You also have a small improvement to Recovery and Recharge rates if you have a water icon.   
     End Modification, Recharge
Grant Water Breathing (click) – Allow an ally to breathe underwater for a short time.     
     Range, Endurance, Recharge
Super Swimming (toggle) – Greatly increase your swimming speed.   
     Swimming, Endurance
Water Affinity (toggle) – Increase your resistance to Cold, Smashing, and Toxic damage, as well as Slow(movement).  Regenerate faster with a water icon.  Increase the number of water icons needed and the time needed gaining a depth icon.
     Endurance, Resistance, Regeneration
Group Water Breathing (toggle) – You and nearby teammates can breathe underwater.  This power suppresses any depth icon while in use.
Endurance, Recharge

Swimming Enhancement
This enhancement can be applied to any movement power, not just those of the swimming mode.  Obviously, when applied to swimming powers or the Fitness pool power Hurdle, it increases your swimming speed.  When applied to other movement powers it reduces the Slow(movement) effect of a water icon.