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The return of!
« on: December 17, 2008, 05:25:28 PM »
Hey all, just thought I'd make kind of a neat announcement.

As a lot of you probably know already, around three months ago, the Paragon Wiki parted ways from Wikia and has since been affiliated with the Titan Network.  The only problem was that Wikia was still in possession of the domain name we had used since 2005, and had it redirected to an old copy of the wiki on their site that was no longer maintained by the administrators.  Well, yesterday, that finally changed as we have re-obtained ownership of all rights to the domain name!

That means that that the domain name is once again pointed to the correct place, and you can once again use the name that the wiki is arguably best known by to access to the site.  The Titan Network URL ( still works, is still just as official, and will remain so.  You still use your Titan Key to log into the wiki, which is the same as it has been since September.

With the loading tip having the old domain name and some old links still pointing to addresses, though, I just felt that this was something that was really important to do.  Also, it opens up a few more possibilities for expanding the wiki that I'm hoping to announce Soon™.  In the meantime, though, which URL you use is completely up to you.

Thanks for your continued support and coolness!