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Ninja Blade / Regen
« on: July 25, 2010, 06:36:31 PM »
Well, since I see poor Stalkys don't get much love, and I promised to Steiner a couple days ago I'd give them some love, I decided to post 3: 2 of mine and one of a friend (made by me for him) both to help if anybody is looking for these, and to get suggestions for further improvements.

The first one is my 1st and Main, IceHeart  (Ninja Blade / Regen  @Triumph)  the post below is roughly the mejor V3 of the toon, as posted to our SG site; there are a couple other build there if any wants to poke around, but it's hardly a large Library:  / Forums / Builds.

Note that I slot mainly for PVE, looking for decent PVP work, but I dont usually slot for PVP as I dont do PVP that often, and the Sets are exceedingly overpriced.


Sooo.. time for another update for IceHeart

The previous/current version is pretty good, and I was generally happy with it, but I noticed a few things that I wanted to improve on:

1- Teleport: While TP, and particularly Recall Friend was very useful for a long time, allowing me to either ghost to end and tp teammates, or to get them out of a nasty situation, I find myself using that less and less, either because teammates can ghost on their own, or because I find the role of a Stalker is not to be the team's taxi.  The TP self travel is ok, and occasionally useful to get out of trouble in PVP, but other than that, difficult to handle and pretty much useless in closed environments, so I think I'll stick to SS only. So I have decided to get rid of these and use those slots to my advantage.

2- Defense: I find that the build was lower on defense than what I'd expected. Even considering that the trick of a regen is, well, regen.. I still find I like a little more defense to allow to go back to hide etc.

3- I noticed and re-learned I had made a mistake in the levels and placements of globals and procs, so I actually wasnt having all the benefits I wanted at lower levels. This new build corrects that.

4- I felt I was a little 'short on damage' by having only one of the 3 basic attacks, particularly when SK'ing at lower levels, and generally at the whole range; even using temps/vet powers (whose accy sucks, btw) , the DPS felt somewhat low and depending too much on AS; I wanted to add again one of the lower attacks in order to be able to scrape better.

That related to the previous/current build; Now, some notes on this new build:

As usual, this is a PVE based build; It should provide decent PVP as well, but I dont do that often enough to warrant (nor I can afford) the PVP IOs. I may do another build later, fully PVP oriented, once I can scrape some more inf.

- As noted, removed both TPs, this allows me to add back in one damage power and likely an Epic. Since this is mostly PVE, i have decided to use Soul mastery in order to add Shadow Meld. for a PVP build, I would likely change that for either Soul Storm, or the Spirit Shark/Hibernate combo from Leviathan

- Travel: I wanted to move Integration sooner, as well as have some of the other healths lower in the scale; as such I have delayed SS until 26; Instead, I'll add Ninja Run for travel at low levels. (plus the always trusty jetpack if need be)

- As noted, I have 'recovered' Flashing Steel at lvl 22; Not completely sure about this yet. but if anything, I suppose I could swap this for either Maneuvers, Combat Jumping or others at that lvl.. Guess we'll see how it works...

- Interestingly, I have decided to remove Resilience: while this was an awesome stun defense, It didnt do much more; I am thinking the tradeoff for a little more defense is worth it; I'll be trying to recove part of that with an extra Impervious Skin/Status.

Overall, a slight reduction in regen, but still quite respectable at 769%; some improved defense, as well as wider mez def/resist; slight addition to base haste and damage some minor loss in accuracy.

Poke some holes and let me know what you think....

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