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Dual Blades / WillPower
« on: July 25, 2010, 06:56:21 PM »
The third and last for this batch, is a build I made for a friend in our SG. This is a little old, about 1 yr ago, but still valid, I believe.
Personally dont like /WP as much as /SR for Stalkers, (it does rule for Brutes tho) - as /WP is mostly resistance-based, so it tends to scrape well, but tends to lose the AS/hide kinda easily in crowded fights. My own MA/WP tends to do so and hence I dont play it as often. But perhaps the fault lies mostly with MA/ as its a little slower set and Im used to faster Stalk.
Nevertheless, he was entirely happy with it, and indeed was a powerful teammate once he completed slotting the build.


Suggested is attached.

This will provide good defense, excellent resistance, very good speed and height, relatively good regeneration and recovery.
Does not include Teleport capabilities (Recall friend/ TP foe) which I fnd useful, but you stated dont like them.
It is a middle-expensive build. Does not include the Hecatomb Set for AS, whcih will cost by itself about 300-400M. The rest of the build should be available by around 500M

It does have a change of order in slots, and note the Nimble Slash power moved from 1 to 40.
Does not provide enhanced stealth for WB at 38
It is actually slightly over the regen cap for a non Regen toon, so you may want to change this but in my opinion the difference is not worth it.

I have NOT reviewed the order of all the slots as the character levels up; You shold re-review those and adjust accordingly; By the same account, you should review the levels of globals/procs depending on what you want to do. But this would be a strong 'base' build to grow and tweak from.

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