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Confused as all getout
« on: September 21, 2010, 06:43:36 AM »
hi everyone please excuse my lack of knowledge i am VERY new to this i love looking at wiki pages but i have never tried to edit them i seem to be having some trouble editing my user page to make it look nice i could really use a crash course in it if someone does not mind

i have added some userboxes to my main page and that seems to be the limit of my understanding
i would like to add a standard welcome text telling a little bit about myself and then start some catergories about characters, story arcs, and sg info, but i can seem to be able to figure it out also does a moderator add the links to my user page to the rest of the site or do i do that, because i can't seem to figure that out either
thanks for your time


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Re: Confused as all getout
« Reply #1 on: September 21, 2010, 06:59:39 AM »
The easiest way to learn the special wiki text markup is to go to existing pages and click the "edit" text at the top of the page. Take a look at what's in there, and see how those special codes translate into their results.

Ouro is based on the same thing that Wikipedia is based on, so all of their help pages apply here. Although, obviously, templates may not be the same on ours or theirs. :)

These are some common templates and these are our guidelines for article creation.
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Re: Confused as all getout
« Reply #2 on: September 21, 2010, 07:10:46 AM »
ok first big thing that confuses me is this:

i got to table of contents and i click the link "Villain"
that takes me to a page that has an alphabetical list of villians but when i click edit tab to see how they did it all i get is:
and thats it


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Re: Confused as all getout
« Reply #3 on: September 21, 2010, 08:15:21 AM »
That's because 'Villain' is a category. The list of villains is made because each of those individual pages has [[Category:Villain]] at the bottom, which adds them to that list. The reason you see [[Category:Alignment]] when you edit Category:Villain is because the only manually added content is that the category is in another category: one for the different alignments. If you go to the alignments category page, you'll see that the villain category is one of them.


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Re: Confused as all getout
« Reply #4 on: September 21, 2010, 10:51:16 AM »
Right.  Any page that's part of the Category namespace (e.g. starts with "Category:") is a list of pages automatically collected by the server.  It looks for every page with a matching category tag (e.g. "[[Category: CategoryName]]") and puts all pages marked with that tag into a list.

So, if I create a series of pages that are all characters who are mimes and I want them all to be collected in a single categorical listing, I could mark them all with "[[Category: Mime]]".  I could then go to "Category: Mime" and see a list of all the pages that I marked with that tag.

The reason you see "[[Category:Alignment]]" on the Category: Villain page is to further organize that category into a higher level category.  The Villain category is actually a subset of the Alignment category, as are the Hero, Vigilante, and Rogue categories.  The structure looks something like this:

* Categories
     - a list of high level categories
     * Character Traits
          - a list of different character traits
          * Alignment
               - a list of all character alignments
               * Anti-Hero
                    - a list of all Anti-Heroes
               * Anti-Villain
                    - a list of all Anti-Villains
               * Hero
                    - a list of all Heroes
               * Neutral
                    - a list of all Neutral characters
               * Rogue
                    - a list of all Rogues
               * Vigilante
                    - a list of all Vigilantes
               * Villain
                    - a list of all Villains
          * Archetypes
               - a list of all character archetypes
          * Careers
               - a list of all character careers
          * etc.
     * Characters
          - a list of all characters
     * Definitions
          - a list of definitions of terms, abbreviations, etc.
     * etc.
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Re: Confused as all getout
« Reply #5 on: September 21, 2010, 11:26:28 AM »
Cool thanks for all the help. I think i am getting the hang of it now.
now i just gotta get all my toons on here... and my slots are all full... gonna take some time. :'(