Author Topic: Characters and non-standard encoding (IE: non-english words)  (Read 2267 times)


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Characters and non-standard encoding (IE: non-english words)
« on: March 29, 2011, 07:21:31 AM »
Ok, so I am NOTORIOUS for picking alts with interesting backgrounds that create headaches for me, Word, and the ingame text boxes. I JUST updated all of the 21 alts' backgrounds this weekend and had everything from french to russian and even some japanese (the Roman phonetic version) words/names etc in the Bio's. I had a hard enough time getting the game to like what I put (IE: what was originally in Word matched the game), but now I see that Sentinal's importing of said Bio's shows another layer of screwed-up-ness. Besides doing the obvious and writing Bio's in english from now can I get CiT to show what I've managed ingame?
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Re: Characters and non-standard encoding (IE: non-english words)
« Reply #1 on: March 29, 2011, 07:26:15 AM »
English or non-English doesn't matter, it's the non-standard letters that matter. There are English words that use special characters (i.e., façade).

The easiest way to show bios in CIT without errors is to not use non-standard letters. If you're writing "façade", write "facade" instead. Accents can be written with the grave mark ( ` ) after the letter, and just "pretend" that they're facing the correct direction.

We're hoping that bios will be better handled with a rewrite of CIT and with the updated Sentinel 1.0 that will be released Soon(TM).
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