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night widow build
« on: November 03, 2011, 10:38:36 AM »

ok, i'm getting my toons back from shelves, and i got my hands on my night widow...
and sofar, i really don't know how to play it... i've laid my hands on all the "auras" but i get this huuuuuuuuge stamina consumption... so no attack... and that's a little borring.

so i'm aiming for a respec, but that's where i'm having a lot of questions :
- are the tactical training powers really necessary ?
- if i get foresight, do i have to get indominating will ?
- is mind link so great ?

here is what i get, sofar to lvl 41, no IOs.
question is : do i have to rely on the tactical training, or can i move on to Patron powers (i think i'll get Ghost)

Code: [Select]
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thing is, i mainly play on vigilance [french server] (i'm still playing free), and i find it difficult to group, so most of the time, i play solo.
so i don't know if i get group powers, or attack powers.

well, if you have any info, i'm willing to take.


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